Better Saying than Regretting: A Short Prose


Summary: An attempt of a girl named Mirna, who fell in love for the first time with a guy in her real life, in against her introvert personality.

Better Saying than Regretting

On Saturday night, Mirna made a mess of her bedroom. Actually her bedroom always looked disarray but this time was different. Her clothes were jumbled together on the bed. She was packing her things because tomorrow she would go to her new school and new room. She was going to live in a dormitory during her senior high school’s time because it was a boarding school. It was her mother’s choice. Her mother was tired of her bad habits. She loved to lock herself in her room for hours and came out at the meals time or when she needed to go to the toilet. If no one called her to come out, she would not come out. Moreover, she did not have a good relationship with her siblings. Her mother wished that she would be better than before after entered the boarding school.

Mirna had finished packing her things then she lied on the bed, looked on the wall and talked to a poster of her Korean idol.

“I don’t want to leave. Three years are not a short time. I can’t bring my smart phone and my laptop. I can’t know the most up to date news about you”, she cried.

Mirna could not do anything, she could not refuse her mother’s order, and so she just did what her mother wanted. She just wished for a happy live on her new place.

The day had come. Mirna sat on the bed, and looked around her bedroom for minutes until her mother called her to come out from her room. She sighed, dragged her bags and went downstairs. Her parents were ready to accompany her to the boarding school located in Ciburial, north Bandung. After about one hour, they arrived there.


Actually, Mirna did not want to enter a boarding school and had to stay in a dormitory for three years. She could not go home too often. Moreover, she hated that the school did not let her to bring laptop or smart phone; she could not stay calm if her smart phone was not with her. Besides that, because of her introvert personality she could not do well in making close friend. So she thought that her senior high school life would be the worst time she had ever had.

“I think that I won’t feel at home. No phone, no internet, no Kpop. I want the three years will pass quickly.” she said while a girl was coming.

“Hi! Are you a new student here?” asked the girl.

“Yes, I’m a new student here, seventh grade”, she answered.

“Me too! My name is Dinda. Let’s be friend!”, she said cheerfully.

Since then, Mirna and Dinda became close friend although their personality was very different. Mirna was reticent, introvert, and not pretty while Dinda was talkative, cheerful, and pretty. Sometime Dinda loved to put make up on Mirna’s face when she got bored. Dinda knew that Mirna did not like to put any make up on her face. Even though they were very different, they coud accept all of their differences. Mirna thought her school life won’t be bad because she found a best friend. Besides Dinda, there was someone who also made her school life became better. He is Bagas, a student from the twelfth grade in the school. He is handsome, popular, and active in organization. Who didn’t know him? Everyone knew him and not little of the girls like him, included Mirna. She never fell in love with a guy in the real life before.

“I bet this is your first time of admiring a boy in your real life. Why you just wake up from your deam at this time?”, said Dinda.

“Well… yes… I always think that no guy will like me because I’m not pretty. I’m not like to put any make up on my face. I’m not a girl like you”, said Mirna shyly.

“Yeaaaay! Finally you can wake up from your dream. At least you can stop admiring your Korean idol”, Dinda made fun of her.

“So, you must tell your feeling to him. And I will help you to be pretty and it will make you more confident,” she continued.

“A girl says it first? No, I can’t!”, said Mirna.

“Who cares? You must tell it before someone tells it first”, Dinda gave advice.

After Dinda knew that Mirna was falling in love with Bagas, she always tried to help her best friend not to close herself. However, because Mirna’s introvert personality that made it hard to express her feeling to Bagas. She did not have any courage to get acquainted with him. She started to find out more information about him from Dinda.


Sometimes at the unpredictable moment, Mirna made a little conversation with Bagas. Although he just asked a simple question but it meant so much for her. Day by day Mirna could know more about him, and his relationship with a girl. Before she went to bed, she told about it to Dinda.

“He already had a girlfriend”, said Mirna.

“Where did you know it? Is it true?”, said Dinda.

“I stalked his twitter account when I was in computer room. I don’t know whether they had broken up or not. But how if it is true?”, said Mirna.

“It doesn’t matter Mirna. It is ok, you won’t be at trouble. He will pretend that you don’t know about it”, Dinda advised.

“But my problem is not only that. You know that the seniors also admiring him. And they don’t like me. They demand me to stop admiring him. Should I do it?”, Mirna sighed and mused on the problem she faced.

“No! You shouldn’t do what they want. You have your own right to love someone. I have told you in so many times. You should tell the truth about your feeling to him. Before it is too late and you will regret it.”, said Dinda.

Mirna fought with her own mind and her feeling. She had a dilemma whether to say it or not.


The school bell was ringing. The twelfth grade students finished their final examination. Mirna sat on a bench near Bagas’ class. She felt disquieted. She always remembered what Dinda said to her. “If you don’t tell the truth, you will regret it.” It was almost three months she had buried her feeling and hesitated to say the truth. At the end she decided to tell her feeling to Bagas. Finally she could against her introvert personality and courage herself to express what she felt. Even though she had not known his respond, the main thing was she would not regret it.

Thank you to Isnaini Nur Azizah Rahmadhina, my cousin, for letting me to use your experience to be the story of this short prose.


A Thailand movie titled Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Word count: 1116 words

Link for work dramatization:

3 thoughts on “Better Saying than Regretting: A Short Prose

  1. 180410130026/C

    First thing first, why does the ending stop just like that? I am curious of the ending because it is an “open” ending. Oh Gosh, I do want to know whether Bagas loves her back or not. Moreover, the story’s theme is about a teenage love life which happens to many teenager, I think, so that the reader can easily imagine the plot.
    Then, I would like to comment on some grammar mistakes in this story. In the first sentence of the paragraph four, “Mirna could not do anything, she could not refuse her mother’s order, and so she just did what her mother wanted.”, you could put “so” solely without “and” also the “and” can be put after the first clause to connect with the second clause. “Mirna could not do anything, she could not refuse her mother’s order, and so she just did what her mother wanted.”
    I think the preposition “besides that” are not proper to use because if you write it to get the meaning of “selain itu” in Bahasa, you can write it as “besides” because Oxford says it means “in addition to”. That is all my comment and forgive me if it is too long. Hehe…


  2. 180410130017/C

    Hi Dini!! First, it’s a simple story but it’s the nice one. It reminds me of being a first grade student in senior high school, being 14, being introvert, and being a secret admirer of someone in the 11th grade hahaha just like Mirna. I agree with Andhini, oh my giddy aunt! I want to know if Bagas loves her too or not. How about his girlfriend? And what happen next with Mirna? I think the story would be more interesting if you put some problems for the characters. Not just about Mirna who wants to tell Bagas that she loves him and then the story end, but some fresh problems that she would face in the process of tell him the truth.

    Word count: 123


  3. 180410100079/D

    I have read your short prose writing. I think your story is a quite interesting story. It is about a girl who is a secret admirer of her college friend and trying hard to fight her feeling about telling him the truth. But I hate your ending because I am curious what happen next with Mirna. I think it is a good idea because the reader will wait for your following story. You let the reader to decide what happen next based on what they might think from their background experiences. I have read novels and watch movies written with an “open ending” as well as what you did.
    Overall, I enjoyed the way you set the scene and how you put some descriptions. Keep going! :D

    Words count: 128


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