Sorry and Thank You : A Short Prose


Summary: A character named Oh Byun who wants to have a good life.

Sorry and Thank You
There was a man who was sitting on his desk looking out through a big window right to the desk. After while he stood up and sighed. His name is Oh Byun. The sky was grey. He could hear the sound of the water fall dawn. “ Haah, I am dreaming”, he said after he looked at his watch. He has become reserved lately. He got rid of the curtain and opened it. He Looked at the rain that was falling. He walked and he was trying to enjoy the whole. Those memories crossed in his mind where everyone preferred away from him and just used him. The same tears fell down heavily.
9 years ago..
One of the prominent University in Jakarta. The bell rang signaling break has arrived. 
There were two boys who were eating lunch near the class. They were engrossed in chatting and occasionally laughing. Byun started to walk towards them he asked the schedule about football, but those two boys did not answer him. They only looked at him but they did not care. Not long after that two boys came. They are Byun’s best friends, Kim and Kai. Suddenly, Kai shouted to those who were sitting nearby
. “do you deaf ? he asked you but you guys did not listen and answer him”. 
Kai gave a glare to them. 
“Sorry, we do not know about that”.
And they walked away Byun, Kim and Kai. Kai still looked upset to see his friend ignored by people. 
“Kai that’s okay, just move”. Said Byun.
Kim and Kai were Byun’s best friends. Kim was a rich man because he has a business by himself. And Kai was not from the rich class, he was an ordinary person who was diligent and discipline. Byun’s parents were rich. They were one of the biggest donor parents in his school. Her parents always looked luxurious when they came to school. They only gave him money while they were too busy with their works they did not care him of everything he did. He was smart and he was too kind for his friends. Sometimes his friends treated him arbitrarily because he was too kind. His friends exploited and mocked him. Kim and Kai were different class with him, so they could not defend him. But Byun was patient with his friends who liked that. Byun was a smart and he got the first rank in common department followed by Kai who got second rank. He was famous among the teachers because his cleverness but his friends did not like him because his wealth. They thought he was proud because his parents’ wealth although he did not want to show it. Until they graduated from the collage.
28 April 2014 in the morning, around 06.30; an hour after he felt sad, Kai came to his house. Byun was sitting in the middle of his room.
“ hmm. Byun so what do you want if later you are already successful ? " asked Kai. 
His eyes looked the sky as if imagining what he would do when he was successful.
"Dunno", said Byun was also looking at the sky.
“Once I dreamed of being a singer because I love to sing, buy my parents looked like did not care about my future they only give me money”. 
Byun accepted at one of the famous foreign companies in Jakarta. There was a man who was same class with Byun in his department. His friends in his office did not care about Byun, because a man who was same class with Byun talked about Byun’s wealth. And his friends thought that Byun was a vain man. They only treated him. 
Byun asked himself. “why... this is happen to me? What did I do wrong? I never feel proud of my parents’ wealth, I am trying my best for my future even my parents do not care to me, but why people think that I always use my parents’ money so they do not like me like this”.
His eyebrows were creasing, he was confused and wonder. Why his parents did not care him, they only needed money.
His face turned into sad. And he thought he wanted end his life. He tried to control his mind but he could not. He took an insect repellent under his bed. When he would drink, Kim came into his bed room and saw he drank it. He stopped him and Byun already drank a few drops. Byun did not want to be dismissed. So they fought forcefully Kim hit Byun hardly about the window until Byun fainted. Kim took him to hospital and he called Kai and his parents.
Kim and Kai felt sad to Byun.
“Why did he do that?” asked Kai to Kim.“ I do not know, we are too busy working so lately we never ask his condition, I feel bad”. They looked up at the window they saw Byun was lying unconscious in the room. His parents asked the same thing like Kai did to Kim. And they did not answer because they did not know too. 
An hour later Byun woke up and told them what he felt. He said that his parents never cared to him and since a long time ago his friends always stayed away from him because he rich and they thought that he was a vain man. He was frustration until he tried to killed himself. From since then, his friends who was always cruel to him knew that Byun was kind person. And they realized that they only treated him.
“he said sorry to you through me” said Kim to Byun. “And I feel sorry too, I hope you will forgive them and also me”. Kim and Kai shed tears.“ I also apologize to you about it, you are my really best friend, thank you for always take care of me”. His parents did too and they promised they did not want to break a promise and they would take care of him. And Byun smiled sincerely to those that currently exist in front of him.
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Word Count: (1.027)
Link for Dramatization :

One thought on “Sorry and Thank You : A Short Prose

  1. 180410130072/C

    I think this story is interesting. But the climax and conflict in this story was less. If you put some conflict in this stories is better.


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