Haunting Pain and Hold On Girl: Song Lyrics


Summary: The first song is about a girl who tries to deal with the pain caused by broken heart and the second song is about the time after she had managed to mend her broken heart, she thinks she found someone new but her mind keeps reminding her to not fall in love again.


Haunting Pain
I fell down to the ground

Then he stepped on me

Stung by the pain

Trying to get back up

Then he drowns me

It fills my lungs with pain and anger

People say I’d better stop

And let time do the healing, I know it well

But every word is deafening to me


I can’t let go of the pain

They linger on

This flame would never find its rain

The silence before I go to sleep

Gets louder every night

I look up to the ceiling

To find nothing

Just help me out I’m suffering now

My self doesn’t worth breaking for

Like a ghost that haunts me every time

Like a hound that follows me everywhere

Hold On Girl
This is a story, about a girl

Who had finally managed to mend her broken heart

And to cut the story short, she met someone new

Let’s see what will happen next

Then one day, they met each other

In the middle of afternoon break time

They share their stories about their life and what they like

And so the talk goes on

She thought he was as warm as the weather that day

She also felt comfortable

Wait, I think I know what’s going on

No no no

Hold on, girl

You’ve only just fixed up your broken heart,

He’s going to rip your heart to pieces you just don’t see it yet!

So wait girl, hold on, girl.

Her eyes stream every corner of the buildings

Wondering “where is he, when we’ll meet again?”

Then she grows confuse now

She goes like “do I love him or not?”

A war between heart and mind

Let’s see who’s going to win

Well, I hope I will win


Thank you to Seruni Morena Rinjani, Opi Audila and Amanda Gita for proof-listening (?) my songs and accompanying me through the process of editing these songs, Dani M. Iqbal for giving me knowledge about sound editing with audacity application, Andina Ayu Pusparini for giving me some recommendations for the lyrics, thank you, again, to Puspa, Moren, and Opi for lending me their phone for my recording purpose, "thank you" for those-who-shall-not-be-named who gave me the "inspiration" to write these songs, and thank you to my guitar and violin.


-Coldplay – Oceans

-Endah N Rhesa – Blue Day

-The Carpenters – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again

-Personal experiences

Word Count: (288)

Link for work dramatization: https://soundcloud.com/rbtyas/sets/midterm-assignment

4 thoughts on “Haunting Pain and Hold On Girl: Song Lyrics

  1. 180410130016
    I could imagine the atmosphere of the girl by reading the lyric. And also I like the modality used here
    ‘Just let me out Im suffering now’
    ‘My self doesnt work breaking for’
    ‘Like a ghost that haunt me every time’
    ‘Like a houndd that follow me every time’


    • Thank you, Haikal, glad to know that the atmosphere I was trying to make can be delivered to you by reading the lyric.


  2. I love it, I think that the heartbreaking message can be heard loud and clear in both songs. Good luck! Keep the great work Tyas.


    • Glad that you love it, and to know that the message of both songs can be delivered to you as a listener. Thank you, Maya!


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