No Title: Short Prose


Summary: This situation is short enough for my life, I just trying to survive.



  • Me

I am 17 years old. I continue to pursue college at English Department of Padjadjaran University after graduated from high school in 2011.  I live with my family in a little village with 6 hours trip from Jatinangor, a place where I spend my college time, a place where now I am writing about myself in my boarding room.

  • My family

My mother is alumnus at same university and same major with where I take my college. Now she works as an English teacher  in a junior high school. My father is working over the ocean, he travelling around the world on cruise line. He has been working there since 1997. I am an eldest daughter in my family, I have one young brother named Marvin Fabiano Assyidiq M. and two young sisters named Olivia Ratu Bahari M. and Fennyta Cantika Azzyla M.



I entered high school, I am not staying with family because the distance between my home and school is too far from school, especially to reach by walk, it takes 3 hours trip by car, so that I stayed at boarding room just round my school and stay for two years there. That is why I feel accustomed whit its situation when I should stay in boarding room again when I take college.

I passed the IQ test and got IQ 380. School offered me to do another tests and become an acceleration class student; it was physics, math, chemistry, Biology, Indonesian, and English test, and I passed it. I have many new friends and they are all just amazingly clever, especially science. Some people are very nice too even some other people are so arrogant, insane, creepy, and so on.

People may think it was amazing experience. I think so, I do think so, but it just does not feel right, it is not normal.



  • August

I now arrived at Jatinangor, at my new boarding house. My new boarding house has a different situaton with one I lived in when I was in high school. The room is smaller, the price is more expensive, and the people are unfriendly.




  • August 11th

It was my 16 birthday and I spent this year birthday party with my friends from same faculty who are also in same group with me in this orientation period. They sang me a Happy Birthday song. One of them even gave a present. We know each other only for daysand the situation become so comfortable easily when I was around them.

  • September

At first, I feel that I am not mature enough for joining with my new friend in my new environment, English Literature. There is something different about our way of thinking, of dressing, kind of music we like, and many things that make me a little uncomfortable with them, but this is not a big deal for me to become friend with them.

  • November

Iam following various activities in my department and faculty. It makes a dense schedule but it doesnot make the quality of tuition decrease. I contribute a lot in any event in my department, I always be apart in committees in every event.

High power of confident makes it easier for me to do everything I want. I have audacity to choose the way of live and ready to take a risk even sometime my mother is being a little over-protective. I was registered as a member of organization in my faculty. The organization of natural activist named Blue Hikers. It is not easy for me to be a part of family of Blue Hikers. Besides, Ihavefill some requirements that not so familiar to such as going to jungle in five days, jogging three times in one week, push up, sit up, pull up, jump from one stair to another, and other education outside academic. Moreover, it was so hard for me to get my parents’ agreement at first, but with a little force and help from my relatives which was organizators in similar organization with Blue Hikers I got my parents’ permition. Blue Hikers has also become a place where I met someone attractive.

  • December

Listening to the music is one of the things I like besides playing guitar, singing, and day dreaming. When I listen to the music, all of my sadness and anger are gone for a while. My boyfriend likes playing guitar too, but I think he cannot sing. We wrote and arranged song together, he plays the guitar and I sing. I think this is kind of romantic; he has his own ‘romantic way’ on his head.

Well, it has been a year long relationship. A cute raltionship with that attractive boy. I have never been ina relationship as long as this one. I always say, “I hate you!” but I do not really mean it. We love to talk about each other, about our family, about everything. We hike mountain together, we walk together, holding hands, we even celebrate our first year anniversary at a mountain summit. He is now become someone who I fully trusted. I am getting closer to his mother, and he knows my mother too, but he never meet her.

  • Rock Climbing

Istart to like wall climbing. It was obtained in Blue Hikers who have direction in Rock Climbing (RC). First, I practice climbing at animal husbandary faculty’s wall-climbing and then I fell that it was interesting. I learn how to manage my energy while climbing, how to use many climbing tools, and many things. Now, I join rock climbing division in Blue Hikers. I hope I can go to Kilimanjaro Mountain and practice climbing more and more there.

I am saving for climbing shoes and any other thing I can use for my activities because if I ask my parents to give me money for buy them, it will instantly rejected.



I am a teenager. All I can think about my relationship now is going out together, watching movies together, laughing together, taking a walk at the park, taking pictures, being with him all the time. I know maybe it is kind of high school student couple’s thinking, a teenanger’s romance. People have their own precious teenage life which some of my friends already passed. I mean, if they are already 20 years old so they are no longer teenager, right? I donot care if I am now a college student or else but I just want to spent my teenage period normally. It only happened once and I do not want to miss it.

But there is some obstacles. He is five years older than me and sometimes it is impossible for me to bring him to my world. He is now thinking about job and most importantly about his thesis to obtain his dokterandus degree.


One thing I hate the most from English Literature is I cannot finish every novel I bought on my own because the lecturer always told me to read another novel; today case, I just try to finish my Cecelia Ahern’s book titled the Book of Tomorrow and a lecturer assigned us to read F. Scott Fitzgerald’sGreat Gatsby, or that time when I just entered this department and bought a Sophie’s World for accompanying me in my boarding room, then many short-stories and novel replaced it.

  • March

It was his 22nd birthday. My friends and I planning in make everything cheerful for today, so we tied his hand and than we having fun. His birthday cake was replaced with three colors and also three flavours birthday ice cream with two big candles lighted up on it.

I made a present for him. It was originally made by me. The present is a vespa miniature. It prepared in about two weeks.

  • May

We going to Mount Gede together along with 9 others in three days. To walk around edellweis garden and to step on this mountain summit is his dream and he had stepped his foot on its summit with me.

  • July

This was the first time I met his mother. It was still awkward even his mother is so friendly with me. There were also many of his relatives because that day was his cousin’s wedding party. Everyone were busy and I am just sitting and, I am like, awkwardly looking aroung and searching for something fun on my gadget because I had no idea about what I should done, I know nothing and no one. That was so awkward.

  • August 11th

Today is special a day for me because I am now 17 years old. I had never known about someone who celebrates their 17 years old birthday when they are already in college and I little bit proud of it . Most importantly, I can get my identity card now. KTP!

  • December 9th

After times I spent with that boy i mentioned before, we start a relationship which fraught with problems. First, our distance of age is  far enough, it is five years.Second, we start this realtionship when I still on my training for joining Blue Hikers and he is one of the menwho train me which make everything become more awkward. We were acting stiff and not showing about relationship to others.


End of 2012

I have a plan to spend this new year celebration in campus with Blue Hikers and, of course, with him. We will sing, barbeque-ing, laughing, making wonderful memories. 2012 is such a great year. I am very grateful that I have been given so much joy and happiness through everyone around me; my family, my friend, my boyfriend, and my God. I hope everything will get any better and I cannot wait to know what things are waiting for me next year.


Thank You to Miss. Rima and My Little Star.


–          My Little Star life

–          Microsoft Word

Word count: (1.691)

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10 thoughts on “No Title: Short Prose

  1. 180410120077 / D

    It is a good diary book, which gives us your points of view of your life. It is, actually, for myself, it was not for a survival, it is rather to tell the younger generation of “ a way of living”. The story is organized chronologically, which is for me, it is a lot easier to understand. But, one thing, of all thing, it is somehow did not show a characterization of the self, which is after reading this, it was not so much important, as the element of the story which you want to show up is the things that, you are still be loved, cared, and watched even if you are feeling lonely. I love this kind of storyline-creation. It does not satisfy the need of characterization, but it should be, for myself, satisfied the need of plot clearance. Thank you again. I truly love this storyline.


  2. Lenia Iryani

    Wow, I really like your story. The plot is simple and not boring to keep me reading more and more. I have decided to read the whole story until the end because I love writing diary. One of the advantages of it is the plot can be adapted with moods and moments of what we remember at the moment. I guess “I” is a very genuine person who loves her boyfriend more older than her; you have proved it by writing some events which have sufficient details and it makes me impressed, especially in terms of the mindset of “I” to her boyfriend. Overall, I guess the story is very entertaining.

    Word count: 111


  3. 180410090141/B

    Honestly, I have never been writing my daily story or daily activities since I was in junior high school until now. First I read your story, I feel like flying on your own ocean, positioned in “I” by the narrator in the story. I thought the story indirectly picked up the reader to your point of view by what’s happening in the months, years, and the events you tag as your sub-title of the story. But, the story doesn’t show the characterization of “I” clearly. I agreed with Lukaman’s argument that “it is somehow did not show a characterization of self”. And the story also just shows up the self-conflict happening in “I” own life. However this story makes me interesting in writing story in a diary book, because I thought that I can rewind the time that I had ever passed either in a beautiful time or in a bad one. Thanks for your story. The story is entertaining and interesting me a lot.


  4. 180410100140/A
    The story of your life’s journey is enough interesting. Not too much of a problem. Honestly, I am amazed to you because you can get away from the parents since senior high school. Because for me far away from my parents it is a difficult thing, Since college in Padjadjaran University I could not far away from my parents. You started live in dormitory since senior high school is wonderful, because I think when we senior high school it is difficult life if we far away from our parents. I’m salute with your story. You are include an independent person. Your with your boyfriend is quite attractive is a different considerable age. You are quite a young age when entering the university. I quite applaud the achievements you get. This story is actually quite complicated, but you made it so simple. I think your life can be a motivation for the other people. I like your story

    Words : 160


  5. Nadhifi Islami Putri

    Wow, you have an interesting life. It’s different from me who have a boring life. Your diary is so interesting and it makes me can’t stop reading your diary. The idea of making diary into a short prose is unique. There are not many people who do this, I think.

    You have a wonderful teenage life. Loving a man 5 years older than you is not wrong. He is more mature than you and can make you become a better girl. He really loves you because he introduced you to his parents. Don’t break up with him.

    Your story, the structure, I really love him.
    (105 words)


  6. 180410120071 / D

    After I read this story, I have some critiques for the writer. First, I want to criticize about the title. I think the title has no relation with the plot in the story. It would be great if the author write one of specific memorable experience in life. I think this is too general. Then, I can’t find an interesting element in the story. I feel like reading a usual diary book. It’s so boring. I don’t find a conflict and solution in this story. I think if you want to write a story like this, you should learn more how to write a short story which contain a diary, like Eve’s Diary which written by Mark Twain.


    • 180410090141/B

      I do agree with your opinion for the critiques of this story. But, what do you mean for the memorable experience in life? and how is the memorable exprience in your point of view? I think the story that’s written by the author in this work is about his own story in the daily life. And it certainly would be a memorable experinece, that’s why probably the author writes the story in his diary book. for the title, it does or doesn’t has the relation with the plot of the sory, I don’t know a lot, because the author maybe has the reason why he takes ‘No Title’ as the title of his story. (114)


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