When Bia meet Jena


Summary: This short prose is tells about a boy who met a girl in unconceptable situation, and it was only one night date.

I was 21th years old and single, every single night I only studied. I was studied from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Jogjakarta and I took Faculty of Law, sounds nice ha?…

When Bia meet Jena

(New roommate)

Nothing I can do but reading, studying and do my assignment. It is early morning in November 8th, I surprisingly awake, a new guy from nowhere greet me and say “hey, I’m your new room mate..”

After a year I was alone in this creepy room, finally I have a room mate. He ‘ s a big with tattoo on his left arm and klimis hair which is makes him look very handsome and fierce. Call him Deva, Devario Bhaskara . He’s studying in Faculty of Economics and he also a rising star in his campus. He is one of the best basketball athlete in our University.

One day Deva asked me, ” do you have a girlfriend? ” Deva said.

I was speechless and answered with a low voices, “I have never to get close enough with a girl” … Deva laughing to hear my answer

“you never had a girlfriend? what did you doin all this fuckin year?”

“Me? I just learned …”

“Look bi, there are a ton of girl waiting for you out there, you just have to try to get a girl, and maybe your life will be more colorful.”

By heard that, I was silent and thinking.

Maybe deva’s right, my life so flat. I was planning to ask deva for this secret.

The next night after go to college, I waited deva home from college. When I heard the sound of his car in the parking lot, My heart is pounding so hard because it is the first time for me to ask about that to Deva.

when he step in the room, I immediately ask deva, ” hey Dev, how to approach a girl? ” Deva also shocked to hear the question.

“hah … finally you wanna try to get a girl? ” deva said, and laughing.

“don ‘ t laugh, just tell me how. ” I said.

The artist called Jena

I was painting on the balcony of my dorm room, suddenly there is call for me

ring! Ring! Ring!

“hello mom .. what would you calling me this morning?” I said

“hello jen, I just wanted to remind you that daddy’s birthday this Saturday, so you have to go home, right Jen.” Mom said

“Yes mom, I would go home.” my responsibility

My name is Sinahtra jenar Mandala Putri, I was a student of the Institut Seni Indonesia. I was very pleased with Art, starting with music, paint and sculpt, everything I gladly did.

But .. I ain’t feel really happy with everything I do, I still want to feel the real happiness.

Jena’s performing

Dev saw a poster which shared by a group of ISI students. Students of ISI wanted to make an Exhibition of Paint and Sculpture on next Friday. Dev saw a perfomer on that poster then he’s found Jena on the music performer. the Exhibition’s theme was a “Udara adalah bagian dari tubuh kita.”
And Deva suddenlly call Jena ..

ring! ring! ring

“halo..who’s this?” Jena said

“hey Jen, it’s me.. Deva” Deva said

“Oh my God, Dev.. how are you big boy? are you have done yet with your study? haha” Jena Laughing

“Not yet Jen … hey, are you performing next friday?” Deva asked

“Absoulutely Dev, watch me there okay..” Jena

“I’d love to Jen..” Deva said

“Okay then.. see you there big boy” Jena

“Okay jen.. see you too” Deva

“Thanks for calling me brothaaa”

“Yups, no big deal you tough girl.. bye bye Jen” Deva

“Bye Dev..” Jena hanging up the phone

The next Friday (first time I meet Jena)

I just layin on my bed in this Friday night, and suddenlly Deva come and ask me to come with him.

“Hey Bi, come with me okay?” Deva ask

“Where?” I asked

“Don’t you worry, just come with me ..” Deva forced

“Eemm.. No thanks Dev, I want to sleep” I said

“What? Sleep? on this Friday night?… Geez, Come on, get up and change your clothes you pussy” Dev pulled me out of the bed.

Dev bhrought me into the Exbhition of paint and sculpt of ISI students. I walk around and looking for something interesting, but I ain’t find any yet. Then dave call me “Hey Bi, come here.. I want to introduce you to my cousin Jena” Dev drag me ..

“Hey .. I’m Jena” Jena said

“Hey.. I’m Bia” I said

“Bia is my room mate, he’s pretty good right Jen?” Deva joking.

“Hahaha.. what is it Dev, stop it” Jena laughing.

In Indonesian words call PDKT

I think Jena is rare, different from another girl in Jogja, she is gorgeous and she loves art, that a possitive point of her. But she is Deva’s cousin.. eew fuck that!

It is gonna be awkward if I tell Deva I really adore Jena.

Jena is on the stage.. hear she sing a song (undescribed)

She is smiling at me, kidding me?Nooo.. she smiling at Deva, her cousin. Me? just another guy from Mars which know nothing about life, love, art.. and more. Mean: I’M WEIRD.

After Jena finish her performing, Deva and me come to her.

“What a beautifully voice Jen..” Deva praised

“Oh .. thank you Dev” she hug him.

“Well done Jen..” I said

“Thank you, Bia..” Jena said

“Do you want to have some drink Jen?” Deva asked..

“Yeah sure.. I’m thirsty by the way” Jena

Almost 30 minutes we sitting together, but no one words out from my mouth to talk with them, I’m just freezing by lookin at Jena’s smile… Goosshh!

And there’s come Vinny.. Vinny is Deva’s girlfriend.

“Hey guys..” greet Vinny

“Oh hey, babe.. you come?” Deva surprised.

“Here babe.. this is my lovely cousin Jena and my room mate Bia” Deva Introducing

“Hey.. I’m Vinny.”

And they’re talking again.. I’m freezing again.

40 minutes gone by, Deva stand and want ride Vinny’s home. And what about me?

“Bi, can you take Jena’s home tongiht?” Deva asked

“No.. no… no.. I can home by my own.” Jena

“Hey tough girl, just this time please…” Deva begging

“haha okaay then… if Bia says okay, I’m okay” Jena said

“Okay.. I’m okay .. I’m …..” I just speechless

Oh My God, Jena and me?walk home together… this is a very pleasant chance.

In the way back, we’re start talking, finally!!

“What do studying Jen?” I asked

“I’m studying Seni Pertunjukkan jurusan Musik, what about you?” she asked me back

“I’m studying Law” I said

“Law?Wooow… that sounds cool” she praised

“Do love any music Bi?” asked Jena

“Emmm.. not much, I only love 70’s music, like Bob Dylan, Rolling stone, and more of that, you?.” I asked

“Me?same as you, I’m not much loving a band or some kind of artist, but I love music so much, and it is a good pleasant to make them” She smiling.

Dark night with a full moon as an umbrella of both we are, the silent of Jalan Suryodiningratan, Jogjakarta. Gamelan Music which so softly I heard along the way is a beautiful mix song right on my ear now.

Time goes so fast so does the momment of this night will almost over, we’re right in front of her dorm.

“Well.. Thank you so much for walk me home Bi.. it is pleasure to talk with.” Jena said thanks

“Haaa.. you’re welcome Jen.. pleasure to talk with you too.” I said

“Do you wanna to get some coffee inside.. or something warm.” Jena said

“Emm.. No thanks, I’m good, I just have to back home.. it late at night.”

“Okay then.. Thanks again Bi” Jena

“Yup, no problem Jen.. bye.” Bia

She walk inside to her dorm, and I just watch. I stepped back and walk home, but in the middle of my way, I realize that is the first time I can get close with a girl, but at the moment I forgot to asked her number. Oh Gossshh.. is there any way to get close with her again?I think Deva has the answer.

Note: Thanks to Ibu Rima as the lecturer of this mata kuliah, to my friend Undira who helping me so much, and thank you to my Internet connection.

Dramatization link : https://www.flickr.com/photos/92858128@N08/sets/72157644851420287/

Word Count : 1.399

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