Universe Conspiracy: A Short Prose

Summary: A love story of a girl who was far from the bottom of her heart, always linking every things that happened in her life to Universe Conspiracy.

If love was like a bus… It was worth waiting for it. If the bus kept going, then I had to pursue it, sometimes we got the right bus so the trip would be as fluent as the plan.

The bus stop – Afternoon

“What is the meaning of his words two weeks ago? Why does he prefer to go with that girl?”

I was getting sad and unstable. Yes, he’s Brandon, a man that I had known since senior high school. His sweet smile and neat appearance, of course weren’t something that’s easily forgotten. Secretly I was constantly looking at him although I knew he’d never know. Two weeks ago he expressed his feelings, but why? He suddenly went away with another girl and left me alone at the bus stop to wait for a bus that never came. Yes, that girl was Sandra. She was my best friend since I was at junior high school. Her skin color that was almost equal to mine and her curly hair became something special. She was a good listener and humble, but lately there was something different. Does Sandra and Brandon pretend to me?

Flashback On

“Can I talk for a while?” said Brandon


“Don’t worry! I know you’re waiting for bus and it is going to be the last one”

In my heart, I wondered what he wanted to say. Fifteen minutes passed, he did not even expressed it and the last bus went by. I didn’t want to get stuck in this condition and I dared myself to start it.

“Are you okay?”

Brandon nodded, he breathed slowly and began to speak.

“I’m sorry, I’m not sensitive to your feelings, but I’m trying to convince my heart that you are the best for me, nobody else. And now I’m sure. Would you be my girlfriend?”

I could only smile. Maybe it sent all signal that I want to accept it.

“Hmm… I…”

Hasn’t had time to continue what I said, suddenly someone whom I know appeared. Yes, Sandra. Brandon asked for permission to go home first because there was something important.

Flashback off

The sky was already dark. Lightning was snatching each other while I was still faithfully sitting at the bus stop. Two hours passed by, but none of the bus came. The rain’s even drenching the empty streets. I decided back to home by walking because there was no other public transportation than the bus.

Bedroom – Night

The night wore on, cold air permeated my body, gently touched my forehead, felt so hot. Maybe I had a fever because of the rain that afternoon and my body also felt weak. I tried to close my eyes and hoped when I wake up, I would be fine. When I was almost asleep, suddenly I heard someone whispering close to my ear, and then felt the hand touching my forehead gently.

“Are you okay, Nadia?”

The voice was familiar. That was Brandon’s voice, is it true? Ah, it looked like my hallucinations, he might not be here.

“Nadia, you have a fever?”

That voice reappeared, he’s here. Although my heart’s still hurt because of him, I have tried to open my eyelids because I really missed him. His smile’s so charming and his neat appearance made he seemed masculine. A few seconds later my eyelids opened perfectly, he was looking at me and making me blushed.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to forget you these days, Nadia”

“But what? Are you going to have fun with Sandra, huh?”

“Please don’t be prejudiced like that, Nadia. I’m not lying. At that time, I went with Sandra to buy it. I think your finger size is almost same with Sandra.”

Brandon put out a ring box.

“I know this is not a diamond, just a simple ring, but this will be our wedding rings. Do you like it?”

I nodded. Apparently I was wrong. I held out my hand even a little limp, he tried to pair the ring. Tonight has changed, like there were a thousand butterflies that adorn the sky. I even couldn’t imagine how he could get into my bed.


After all started to work on, our families met each other, wedding date has been determined, invitation cards have been disseminated, everything is going well. Have you ever heard the stories about the couple who were ready to get married in a few days, then one of the partners died because of an accident? That’s what happened to me. Exactly three days before we were getting married, Brandon had an accident when he picked up his brother at the airport. His car crashed into a truck and he died immediately. That incident made my heart broke into pieces.

Cellar Cafe – Night

“You have to move on! Nad…” said Sandra

“I just still can’t believe this happened…” “I need him, Sandra.”

“Nadia, some of beautiful things is not realistic. All of this will pass. Life is rotating, we won’t always be at the down side.”

Sandra as usual, issued her advice that never failed to make me a little quieter.

“Somehow I think, the universe isn’t conspires. It’s not fair for me, Sandra.”

“You just haven’t run it and haven’t been able to ensure, Nad.”

“Sandra, thanks for being here. Maybe if you’re not here with me, I’d kill myself.”

“That’s what friends are for, Nadia”

We spent the night with a lot of things. About brave choices in life. There were several events that sometimes we couldn’t ask why. We just had to understood and related to the universe conspiracy. A farewell was not a pleasant thing and losing someone we love was a painful thing. God surely has chosen this way to me and Brandon for another reason. I prefer to stare ahead and tried to think positive about all that has happened.

Thank you to Twi Wulan and Yuliana for correcting my grammar and proofreading my story.

– Save My Soul a novel by Falla Adinda

Word count: (980)

Link for dramatization: https://soundcloud.com/ika-n-permanasari/universe-conspiracy-short-prose

2 thoughts on “Universe Conspiracy: A Short Prose

  1. 180410110213/B

    Wow, the title is quite interesting and intriguing, Universe Conspiracy. After I read your short prose, I got the story with the title. The story about Nadia and Brandon, can be regarded as a conspiracy of the universe does not approve or want them to get married. I agree that God always has a reason to define our way of life even though we have been trying. And universe conspiracy reminds us to always think positively with all the things that have happened, good or bad.


  2. 180410110208/B

    Universe conspiracy, such a great story that I ever read, simple but have a certain satisfication when I read it, I love your story. In flash back off, you make the story more depressing with the weather around Nadia, like ‘the sky was already dark’ I think it can be describe that Nadia felt so anxiety when she was waiting for the bus that never came and that situation strengthened by the lightening which made her more worried if she left the shelter bus alone. It was about two hours she stayed there, she decided to went home by herself, that condition made this story more active that Nadia really felt sad with whole sorrowful condition.

    word count : 116


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