Twilight : A Poem


Summary: A girl who find a soft glowing in her life. And success to find a boy that can change her life to be a nice life.

The twilight always comes in my mind
And never gone in my mind,
Had been staying in my brain
With a silence rhythm and white.

The soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon,
Caused by the refraction and scattering of the sun’s rays from the atmosphere.
Star light is always smiling at me.

Twilight comes with more of colors
But, always give the same color to me,
The light color is as always.
Light is the symbol of the truth,
But the truth is sometimes,
Give the different meaning about a colorful of life.

Bear dancing in a snow floor,
In the middle of the night with a nice costume.
But he cries and cries,
With a nice face to me.

My life now in a bad condition
And I don’t know for now
What I can do for now
I know and I don’t know what for this condition

Heavy rain comes like a storm
Cold weather wrapping my body
I hate this so much
I hate this part
I hate this part right here
I hate all of this
What should I do for now?

I’m sad
I’m so sad
Somebody help me please
Anybody can help me?

Today a nice rainbow smile to me
A dolphin comes dancing and singing, beautifully.
Now, I find a boy
At 3 marches I am with you
Is that you my twilight??
He was in the twilight of my mind
But I confused
Is that true or false?
I try with him and try to knowing him
He comes to me
He comes to my life
He comes like an angel
He comes with a nice smile and face
When I was in a trouble
Then I’m crying
He comes and wipes my tears
He comes and tells about something
He comes and gives a joke that makes me laugh
And I forgot about my problem
How proud am I with him.
He always can be everything to me
He is my soul
He is my man
He is my life
You are my everything.

Now, tomorrow and the next day will be a nice moment
Now, I can’t sad again
I can’t crying
I can’t feel lonely
Because I have him
You give me a spirit
Your soul ran in my soul
You give me a wonderful life
Your positive mind change my bad mind
You change my life to the right way.

Of course!
God give me a true way with this boy
He makes my life different
He makes my life wonderful
He makes my life unique
He makes my life colorful
He makes my life
Yeah. You are my twilight!
Thank you so much god
Thank you so much of you, my boy!
I’m very proud of you!
You are my TWILIGHT!

Thank you to my Muchlis Anshary for checking my diction.

Depape’s Music
James Russell Lowell poems
Emily Dickinson Poems

Word count: 518

Link Dramatization:


Additional dramatization link.

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