True Love Called Friendship : A Poem

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Summary : A girl who have a true friend, but eventually they are separated by distance.

It is rain in January..

Seeing clouds not being bright

That is not eliminate the sense all of this

You are present in my life

Unexpectedly on your birthday

You come to accompany me

You never look at my ugliness

All it seems no longer important

You are present in perfection

That I have never before

Completed me with all abilities

Rain in the afternoon just ended

Leaving a miracle and beautiful shimmering rainbow

Illuminate my day, the two of us

We never missed periods

Where the lovely things adorning my day
I always spend time with you

All the seconds never be my sadness

Opportunities like this..

Could never be purchased by anything

All the memories that we have been through

All desires that we have achieved

Always be a memory in the later

I already loved you so much

You’re beautiful as your favorite flower

Always cheerful like flowers in the garden

Which are always pleased when the breeze

You protect me with your heartfelt

Emit all the happiness that you have
It seemed all so perfect

Just little things you do

It is always something special for me

The more we got closer, the more I feel scared

Afraid you go and leave me

This sport feels fragile when it happens

But.. It turns out that time has arrived

The period in which you’re not by my side anymore

We are now separated by a distance

Distance which makes me hard to see your pretty face

It is hard to hear your sweet voice

Like lightning that came in broad daylight

You did not go ..

But you’re not here ..

I can no longer devote all that is in the heart

Your real cheerfulness is no longer now

The sky became dark

There is no rainbow to decorate my day

All are no longer the same

Without you by my side

The distance makes a difference, I’m not as myself
I do not know what to do
Tears are no longer unstoppable

Flowers is no longer bloom in the park

You’re the one and only..

Best friends in my life is very imperfect

I’m not a person who good at choosing

I would not get a person like you

I was not easy to forget

All the memories are intertwined so beautiful

Words can never tells anything about you

How important is you will always be,

Always will …

All the usual things we have done.

That makes me can last forever

What a shame to end it all like this

Against the limitations of all
Although less likely to be able to see you again

Now I will not surrender to face

Until this sadness will not come again

Do not ever change ..

You and me ..

Will always be together and forever

I am very happy with all that God gave to me

Someone like you..

God knows that you will always..

Being one of the chosen few!

– My own experience
– Song titled ‘Sahabat Kecil’ by Ipang

Afgan – Bukan cinta biasa (piano version)

(Word count : 495)

Link for work dramatization :

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