Time and Love: A Short Prose

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Summary: This is a story about a professor who wants to marry his girlfriend in the future.

Once upon a time, there was a professor named Jack, a professor who worked at London Institute of Technology. He planned to make a virtual time machine because he wanted to know about his future. He was so curious about his fate and his relationship with his girlfriend, Mary.

On the morning of February 14th, Jack went to a gift shop at Queen Mary’s Garden. He looked for a flower bouquet and a box of chocolate. He would visit St Mary’s Hospital, Mary’s father’s newly established hospital, where she worked.

He wanted to congratulate her.

After he arrived at the there, he saw her taking care of a patient who had just given birth to a baby boy.

“Good morning, my dear!” He greeted her.

“Oh, Jack, I am surprised you are here.” She smiled happily.

“My dear, you seem to be enjoying your new job.” He said.

“Yes, I love it, I feel happy to take care of the patients who need my help, especially taking care of a mother who will give birth to a baby.” She replied.

“I’m happy if you like it, congratulation for your new job.” He gave the flower bouquet and the box of chocolate to Mary.

“Thank you, Jack” Mary received it and hugged him.

“Doctor, you are very lucky to get a man like Mr. Jack, he is very kind and handsome. I hope you can get married and have a handsome baby boy like your husband to be.” said the mother who had just given birth to the baby.

“Thank you Ann, I hope so.” Mary and Jack smiled happily.

“I’m sorry I can’t stay much longer, I have to get back to the laboratory. Take care of yourself. I love you.” He said.

“Okay. Well, take care of yourself too. I love you too.” She replied.

On the next day, Jack continued his project to make the virtual time machine and it was almost finished. Jack believed this project would succeed in sending someone to the future. He spent many years for it. The virtual time machine that he was making resembled a helmet. It would be able to set the desired time and place of the future.

A few weeks later the project was finally completed. Jack planned to show off the device in International Technology Exhibition which would be held at London next week. Jack believed that Mary would be proud with the invention and he would be the first professor who made a virtual time machine. But, he would try it first before it was shown to the public.

On the morning of April 1st, Jack tried the virtual time machine. He put it on his head. He set the time to 14 December, the date that he planned to hold his wedding with Mary. He laid on the bed and closed his eyes. Then he turned on the power button.

A few minutes later, Jack arrived in the future, he woke up from his bed and then he looked for a calendar and looked at the date. He was shocked and speechless for a moment because the calendar showed 14th December. He looked out of the window. It was winter. Suddenly, Jack heard the sound of someone coming to his room and knocked on the door.

“Good morning sir, are you prepared to go?” Mr. Parker asked.

“Oh, Mr. Parker. Well, wait a minute.” He replied hastily. Jack closed the door.

Jack sat on his bed for a moment and then he opened the wardrobe and saw a wedding outfit that he would use to go to the church.

After he did all the preparation, he went to Mr. Parker who was waiting in front of his house. Jack got in the car and then they went to church. On the way there, Mr. Parker asked him.

“Why do you want to marry her now? Why do not you marry her before you finish your project? I think it is not good for someone who you love waiting longer for a man to propose her.”Jack went silent.

Suddenly there was a baby cat crossed the road, they were shocked. Mr. Parker lost control. And the car moved fast without direction. Jack panicked and then he closed his eyes to get back to the real world.

“Nooooooo ….!!! He shouted and felt scared.

Jack shocked and pulled off his virtual time machine device that attached on his head. He woke up on his bed. He was unconscious.

“Oh My God, what happened to me?”He talked to himself.

Jack took back the device and then he slammed and broke it into pieces. Jack cried. He decided to forget what happened to him and he would not tell the incident to Mary.

On the morning of April 2nd, Mary came to his house. She asked him to have a date. He was very happy that she had come. Then, they went to Queen Mary’s Garden by a bicycle.

When they arrived there, they walk around the park and told many things to each other. Start from jokes, job and things that made them happy until told serious things.

“My Dear, will you marry me?” Jack asked to Mary.

“Are you serious, professor?” She replied.

“My beloved doctor, I want to spend my whole time with you.” He said.

“I want to spend my whole time with you too” She shed happy tears and hugged him.

And then they spend a lot of time there until afternoon.

The evening of December 13th was beautiful and snowy. Suddenly, Jack remembered the past incident that happened with his virtual time machine. He was afraid if the incident really would happen tomorrow. And then, he tried to eliminate those feelings by writing a love letter for Mary.

On the morning of December 14th, Jack woke up earlier. After he did all the preparation, he went to Mr. Parker who was waiting in front of his house.

“Good morning sir. Your family is waiting at the church. Are you prepared to go?” Mr. Parker asked.

“Well, wait a minute. Mr. Parker, would you like to give this letter to Mary?” He replied.

Jack gave the letter to him. He got in the car and then they went to church.

On the way there, suddenly there was a baby cat crossing the road, and they were shocked. Mr. Parker lost control. The car moved fast without direction and then the car crushed a tree and jumped down to the riverbank. Mr. Parker bailed out of the car and save himself but Jack got stuck in the car because the door was damaged. Unfortunately, the car exploded and he killed in the tragic and dramatic car crash.

A few hours later, Mary worried that Jack had not come to church but he saw Mr. Parker just walked into the church. Mary asked him why he didn’t come with Jack. Mr. Parker went silent and then he gave a letter which Jack wrote for Mary last night. She read the letter soon.

“Mary, there are two things in this life that can’t be stopped, there are time and love. Don’t hate me Mary. I know we love each other…. But, please don’t love me anymore. Because my love is a time, time when I spent my life to love you until right now. I love you Mary….”

Thank you to Dika Satya Kameswara (the proof reader), my ex-girlfriend (who gives me the inspiration), my girlfriend (who always supports me) and Mei (my little sister who helps me to make the dramatization).

Word count: 1230 words

Link for dramatization:



– Kawahara, Reki. Sword Art Online. http://www.swordart-online.net/ (Accessed 2014-06-20)

– Kawahara, Reki. Sword Art Online.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sword_Art_Online (Accessed 2014-06-20)

4 thoughts on “Time and Love: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120050

    I personally like your work. The diction you chose makes the story easy to understand. Since Mr. Jack invented the time machine, I did not even guess that the story will end tragically. At glance, I kept wondering why Mr. Jack could not prevent the incident happened while he had already known what would happen. Then, the last paragraph answered all of my confusion. For the dramatization, you and your little sister have worked hard to make it as you included not only one picture but eight chronological pictures. They really help the readers to imagine the story. Overall, good job, Diki!

    Word count: 103


  2. 180410120048/A

    This story reminds me of Sword Art Online, one of best anime I ever
    watched. The writer changed concept of virtual reality massively
    multiplayer online role-playing game (VRMMORPG) to virtual time
    machine and then he tried to expand the story development with his own
    imagination. It is really amazing. He writes about science fiction
    filled with love drama and I really amazed by the writer’s way to
    determine the title and date. The title of “Time and Love” described
    in this story with Jack’s virtual time machine and Jack’s love. Then,
    about the each date in the story, I think it also have a meaning. For
    example, on 14th February, Jack gave a flower bouquet and a box of
    chocolate. (Valentine’s Day), on the morning of April 1st, Jack got an
    incident at his virtual time machine (April Fool’s Day).

    Word count: 140


  3. 180410120053/C

    In my opinion, your short story good because the plot is easy to understand. It arranged in chronological and the dramatization make the story is easy to understand for the reader. I like the concept of virtual time machine and the helmet in this story resemble with Nerve Gear from Sword Art Online. The title “Time and Love” properly explained in the story. It can be seen when he go to the future when the wedding being held at 14 December and when he give the letter to mary via parker in real time. It explained the meaning of “Time and Love” especially in the letter.

    Words : 106


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