This Is How Missing You Feels Like: A Short Prose

180410120028 Class B

Summary: A man madly falls in love to a woman and decides to take an extreme decision.

This Is How Missing You Feels Like

Today minus 10 days

You can say I’m mad or whatever for being in love with her. But, I think I’m not. Although I have just met her in the afternoon, she has already made me like this. Her red smile was so shockingly gorgeous it made me petrified. I want to see you again sooner or later.

Today minus 9 days

I dreamed of her last night. I can’t forget her face. I’m so obsessed. I have to search any information about her.

Today minus 6 days

I got her name. It took me four days. What a difficult work! Although I got a little accident, it didn’t bother me at all. Today, I start to search any information about her on the net. I have to buy new glasses.

Today minus 5 days

I found her Facebook and Twitter account! Too bad they are locked. I can’t see through her profiles. I can’t search any information inside. I can open some of her photos, though. She is so beautiful with her blonde hair and red lips. I want to hug her. I download every photo in her public album. I will see it later.

Today minus 4 days

There is a new movie released. It is a remake but I think I would give it a shot. I will continue writing later.

The movie was great. I am speechless. I don’t know what to say. I miss her. I don’t want her to leave me alone like this. If I were Joe Brody, I would not let my wife died like that. I would rather die with her just like I want to die with my lovely woman.

The movie made me crazy. When I walked outside the cinema, I saw a girl who resembled her. When I tried to reach her, she went inside a café. And she suddenly disappeared from my eyes. Was it her? Or was I insane?

Today minus 3 days

Today, I decided to look at her photos that I downloaded several days ago. Her face looks lovely in every photo that she uploaded. I spend ten minutes to look at each photo.

The day before yesterday

Today I woke up with mixed feelings. I don’t know why. I’m so happy because yesterday I spent the entire day only to look at her photos. I imagined what it would feel to touch her lips. But, I’m also sad because I know I can’t touch her.


I don’t know. The wounds grow greater than my love every time I try to imagine her.

I found a newspaper from seven days ago on my sofa that I have not read yet. I found that she was killed by her boyfriend, John. He killed her just because she beat her high score.

He was insane! John, you are insane!


John! Why did you kill her?! She is too beautiful for you! If you were still alive, I would have you killed by my own hands, John! I can’t hold it anymore. I remember the day I met her. She was brought into an ambulance. I did not think that she was killed by her own boyfriend.

I have loved her too much. I can’t wait. The thought of loving her has made me become this insane. I can’t even touch her. Or kiss her. Or hold her soft hands. I prefer to go with her. I would rather go with her to the afterlife.


We were called by a young woman who reported that she heard a gunshot. It was so hard to open the door that I had to force it. We found a dead body on the floor with a revolver in the right hand. It was the boy that we caught six days ago because he made a scene in the funeral of the girl John murdered.

He left his laptop on with some words written. The keyboard was covered with blood. I looked at his identification card. I looked at his laptop. It seemed that he was writing something. I found his diaries which were typed since 10 days ago. I also found that he was looking at some girl’s Facebook account. I was amazed by her profile picture. I thought I knew her from some place. I later found that she was the twin sister of the girl John murdered.

The Facebook account was also the twin sister’s. I recalled that at the day he made a scene his glasses were broken. Perhaps he misread the girl’s name on the tombstone. It meant that he had been stalking the sister. The wrong girl. It was also possible that he met the sister. The sister was also single at that time. Poor you, Buddy.

Words: 802

Thank You to (Proofreading, Giving Comments and Ideas):

Dimas Bimo Prakoso (180410120032)

Enjelita Pusparini (180410120112)

Muhammad Al Ghifari (180410120038)

Olfath Thoriq (180410120029)

Vera Citra Utami (180410120081)


This Is the Best Sex Scene Ever!

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3 thoughts on “This Is How Missing You Feels Like: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120021/C

    The plot is entirely confusing, there are some parts missing that felt like they are chopped off of the story. Even if the narration is intended to be fragmented per time sequence to make minimum information of characters and the events, it still limits cohesion. The time sequence partition treats the information in it as if they were trivial. The plot doesn’t flow smoothly; it can be found in the narrator switch from the first to the second one which is only parted by the *** and adds the lack of cohesion of the narration. No tension I experienced during reading, moreover the denouement, as well, seemed like another chopped part.


  2. 180410120026/B

    Personally, I think the plot is clear enough for me because I have read This Is The Best Sex Scene Ever! I have to say that understanding this story would be hard without reading the prequel first. I knew you said that you would write a sequel, but I did not think it would be like this. It is quite a smart move to build a whole new different story using your previous work as the reference. Good job!

    Though I love the way you narrate and arrange the order of the plot in those short sentences in a diary, the fact that it is way too brief is quite unfortunate because I think exploring his obsession that leads to insanity would be great.

    And last, how I love the twist! Who would think that Jane actually has a twin sister and he absent-mindedly confuse her with Jane. (148 words)


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