Thessalonikki: A Radio Drama


Summary: A radio drama script about a girl who is afraid for being herself. She just does everything people tell her, yet she do has ambitions. Then, when her wants opposites people’s desire, she can’t decide well.

Part A

Kavala : United Flight D3048, De Fretes, Thesalonikki, Departure Gate A22, Boards at 3:15PM December 19th 2022 Boarding Zo–

Nikki : Oh God, is that my name? Is that for me?

Kavala : United Flight D3048, Parvez, Kavala, Departure Gate A22, Boards at 3:15PM December 19th 202–

Nikki : For anything’s sake. I’m going with you?

Kavala : Can I finish my line first? But anyway, yep and its tomorrow, less than 24 hours.

Nikki : Sorry, too excited. Where will we go?

Kavala : Where do you think it’ll be?

Nikki : It can’t be Prague

Kavala : Yes, it’s Prague, dear.

Nikki : You must be kidding me.

Kavala : I’m serious, candy.

Nikki : I thought you never heard me, my stupid dearest boy

Kavala : So, are we going or not?

Nikki : You bet.

Kavala : Then, why are you still here?

Nikki : (sigh) does it mean you don’t need me for helping you packed yours?

Kavala : No, it doesn’t. (laugh) let’s move.

(Sound of packing)

Kavala : Thank you, dear.

Nikki : That should be, “Thank you, my dear Kavala”. You don’t know how this means a lot to me.

Kavala : I know. I know it baby. Let me take you home, so you can pack yours

Nikki : Aye Captain!

(car sound)

Kavala : Nik, you are the loveliest stranger I’ve ever met.

Nikki : So are you. And see you tomorrow. Pick me up at six.

Kavala : I thought you were going to kiss me (sigh)

Nikki : I’ll save it for Prague. (Laugh)

(Gavel sounds)

Part B

(Crowd at Airport)

Nikki : It’s Prague baby. We’re here, far away from condemnatory city, away from that entire sin city and I’m with you. I can never thank you enough.

Kavala : Stop thanking me. You deserve this.

Nikki : But this is excessive, Kavala.

Kavala : Okay, just get some meal, then, before I eat your chubby face

Nikki : (Grimace)

Kavala : Oh my, I forgot something

Nikki : what’s up, Kav?

Kavala : We’re in Prague.

Nikki : You don’t have to tell me that, I’m still sane. (laugh)

Kavala : That ain’t my point. I mean, where’s my kiss?

Nikki : (laugh) (mumble) after lunch.

Kavala : (Sigh) okay.

(Gavel sounds)

Part C

Nikki : Is that okay if I order bacon?

Kavala : Pardon me?

Nikki : May I order a packet of bacon?

Kavala : Sure you may

Nikki : Okay

Kavala : Nik…

Nikki : Yes, Kav?

Kavala : Can you stop asking my opinion about the food you’re going to eat?

Nikki : hmm… I just worry you’re going to leave me, if I gain my weight.

Kavala : I love you, okay? So stop worrying, Thessalonikki.

Nikki : Sorry, my bad. Can we continue our lunch?

Kavala : (laugh) absolutely

(Moment of silent)

Kavala : Oh ya, where are we going tonight?

Nikki : Tonight? How about Old town or New town? Charles Bridge or Prague Bridge? Wenceslas Square or Old Town Square? Lesser Quarter or National Theatre Národní divadlo.?

Kavala : We only have two days, Nik. Pick your most favorite place.

Nikki : I don’t know. I doubt you can enjoy it, if I choose the place in our very short time in Prague.

Kavala : No, honey. It’s alright.

Nikki : How about… (Mumble) we go to National Theatre?

Kavala : Wait… I’ll check the schedule… Oh okay, there’s a show at 07.25 PM. We’ll go there.

Nikki : You know that I love you so much, don’t you?

Kavala : I do, dear.

(Gavel sounds)

Part D

(Door knock)

Nikki : Wait a minute

Nikki : (door open) how do I look?

Kavala : beautiful as always

Nikki : did I put too much?

Kavala : No, you are nearly perfect

Nikki : I think I need to change-

Kavala : And we’re going to miss the show.

Nikki : Wait Kav wait. I change nothing, let’s go.

Kavala : Can you stop doubting yourself about everything? You’re going to miss chances in your life, if you don’t change.

Nikki : It just feels wrong to be myself.

(Gavel sounds)

Part E

(Sound of theater fades away) (Sound of applause)

Deputy : Your Honor and ladies and gentleman of the jury; the defendant, Thessalonikki De Fretes, has been charged with the crime of murder and theft of the car belonging to Kavala Parvez. The evidence will show that a 2020 Nassin Jude was stolen on the night of December 18th 2022. The next day, the defendant was arrested driving the stolen car. And the Parvez’s body found on the defendant’s backyard. The defendant’s fingerprints were on the keys used to steal the car and on Parvez’s polo shirt. The evidence I present will prove to you that the defendant is guilty as charged.

Public Defender : Your Honor, Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: Thessalonikki De Fretes was unlucky girl that has no choice to join with the gangster. The gangster asked Nikki to kill the man and get into Parvez’s car because she had mental illness, Atelophobia which means she has the fear of not being good enough, she would absolutely do whatever she ask to do. Thessalonikki De Fretes is an honest person and was only trying to do whatever she could to help the gangster that once had saved her life. One of the things they must prove is that my client had no concern to kill Kavala Parvez. And Nikki loves Kavala, anyway.

Clerk : The defendant would come back to court on another day to find out what the punishment would be. If the verdict is not guilty, the defendant would be free to go home and would not have to come back to court any more for this case.

(Gavel sounds)

Thank you to Armelia Safira (180410120021), Nadira Dhaifina (180410120103), Vinnie Maestro (180410120141), Raafi Syahidan (to pick the name) and Fadhil Nugraha who inspired me while I was writing the script.

Thank you to Bella Yasmin Merhnissa as Nikki and Hazmi Trilaksono as Kavala

Thank you to Garage Band (even though I still cannot use it well)

Thank you to Nadira Dhaifia, Armelia Safira, and Tiara Fariza (class A) who are my proofreader.


Tyler, David. (Producer). (2008, July 2). Cabin Pressure, Abu Dhabi [Radiobroadcast]. United Kingdom: BBC Radio 4.

Tyler, David. (Producer). (2008, July 9). Cabin Pressure, Boston [Radiobroadcast]. United Kingdom: BBC Radio 4.

word counts: 983 words

Dramatization :

2 thoughts on “Thessalonikki: A Radio Drama

  1. The funniest radio drama, I think. The story is present how extremely important character is. I can see the setting and the plot deciding by character. Besides, Nikki is perfectionist person avoiding tedious conversation and she makes more colorful of the radio drama. Additionally, your dramatization is creatively unique as much as I recognize that taking a record has a lot of difficulty, some words of conversation is not same with the script but the speaker well done worked. One thing I doubt, why there is a metronome as long as the conversation goes? Nevertheless, it is not lose its humor.

    #finals #kelasD #radio_drama


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