The Sugar Tale – EP: Song Lyrics


Summary: a triangle love story between two men and a woman seen from different perspective and told by different narrators.

The Sugar Tale

There you lay in sorrow
At the empty space you made
To hide yourself from birds’ singing
To heal you from pains

R: Come out and play with me
Let me tell you the sugar tale
About the king and the queen
Having a sweet ending story

I could reopen your door
You will see me coming
And when that day comes
You will run leaving the sorrows
And having your own sugar tale

Back to R
I see you starting a step
Began to leave the sorrow
Began to meet the prince of your tale
The new air lightens you
One holds your hand, the prince of your tale
No sweet ending left for me

I Love You Like I Love My Breakfast

A charming face appeared from a door
Resembling the beauty of mother
Smiling genuinely
Greeting like a duchess

I was bound to the smile
Could not let it go, could not forget it
I was attracted to her eyes
Could not stop staring at it

R: I love you like I love my breakfast
You are the beginning of a story
You complete me the way sweaters do
You are as tasty as the scrambled eggs

Telling parents the story of her
They said I could have my breakfast
Every time at every hour
Without time limit and without rules

Now, she is there under the sun and sky
Standing gracefully in her white gown
Holding a bouquet of colorful flowers
Saying I do without any doubt

Back to R

I am bound to the smile
Could not stop smiling back
I am attracted to her eyes
Could not stop looking at it

The White Stork

R: The monochrome sky without clouds
Welcomed the coming of
A white stork carrying bliss
To the family blessed by god

The storm came suddenly
Woke up the people from their dream
Scared the children under the blanket
Distracted the flying white stork

It crushed the ground and broke
The package sent by the angel of joy
To the house next to mine
To the new committed couple

Back to R
Now, the white stork has no wings
Taken from him by the angels
In the heaven where all creatures
Are meant to be happy

Different from other white storks
It is meant to stay
Different from other packages
That one could not breathe

Beginning of the Tale

You walk only by yourself again
Losing things no longer bothers you
Back to the empty space
It is the end of the aisle

He let you alone yesterday
You are crying today
The monochrome sky stays
The sugar never remains

R: Let me hold your hands
Guide you to walk out the door
Now please let me tell you
The sugar tale you love

Knocking the door, waiting outside
I want to tell you the tale
You open the door
A smile was created

Back to R
There the princess meets the prince
Of the sugar kingdom
Of the sweet ending story
We will establish one day

Thanks to:

1. Muhammad Iqbal Al-Ghifari, for helping me on the work dramatization. The work would not be finished without you.

2. Mia Sofianingsih Arief, for proof-reading my work.


1. “Fireflies” by Ed Sheeran

2. “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran

3. Why Storks Are Associated With Delivering Babies

Word Count: 510

Work Dramatization:

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