The Real Treasure: A Narrative Poem


Summary: The character “I” who wants to be a treasure hunter and he realizes that the real treasure is his family.

There I was on my bed

I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t

I couldn’t sleep because I was mad

My friend told me that I can’t

I can’t be something that I wanted

I want to be a treasure hunter

I know it sounds ridiculous

I wanted to be a treasure hunter since I was a kid

I don’t care what my friends said

I just believe on my dreams

Because I believe there is something out there

Something very important for me

I hope I can find it

One good day in summer

The birds sang and the sun was smiling

The weather was better than ever

I was in my room and very bored

I had nothing to do

I just kept dreaming

Dreaming about my dream

Suddenly, someone knocked on my door

I was very curious

Who just knocked my door?

I went to the door and I was shocked

There was a letter

A letter with my name on it

I didn’t know who was the sender

I opened it and I was shocked (again)

There was a map there

A treasure map

A real treasure map

I just could not believe it

The treasure map said,

“Find me and I will be yours”

Without any doubt, I tried to find it

The map said I have to go the mountain first

It was a big mountain

A lot of trees were spread on it

I tried to find the treasure

Explored the mountain

Climbed the trees

But, it’s such a waste

I still could not find it

I tried to read the map again

The map said,

“If you found nothing at the mountain,

Just go to the lake as the second place”

Just like the map said

I went to the lake

It was a big lake

With a lot of trees around it

I thought it’s just a piece of cake,

But it was not

I had to walk around the lake

I was very tired, but

I had to find the treasure

Because it was my decision

For 3 hours I looked for it

I still couldn’t find it

The third place according to the map was the river

I directly went there

It was a long river with a strong stream

I was very scared to explore there,

But it was my dream

I looked for the treasure there

Crossed the strong stream

The strong stream of the river

I still couldn’t find it

I started to think,

“Is it a joke?”

“Am I being fooled?”

But I tried to think positively

I looked at the map again

There was one last place to go

It is the sea

Maybe, I could find the treasure there

The sea was very wide and blue

The fish are so wonderful

And the sky was very beautiful

I rode a boat

Tried to find the treasure

I swam among the beautiful fish

The water felt so pure

And I still couldn’t find the treasure

I have done what the map said

And it was useless

I was so sure that the map was just a joke

After my long and useless adventure

I went back to my home

Then I saw my friends from the distance

They were laughing at me

I realized that the map was from them

Because they were laughing at me

When I told what my dream was to them

I was very sad

Maybe they were true about my dream

Thinking of this made me mad

My mother came and then told me something

She said, “Don’t give up on your dreams

No matter what happen and your friends say”

Her advice made me stronger

Suddenly, I realized something

What have I done?

I tried to look for a treasure

From the top of the mountain

To the deepest sea

But the real treasure was already here

It was my family

They are priceless and irreplaceable

My family is the real treasure

Thank you for Anthea Viddie Yudhistira, Imam Ismail, Fidhika Fitrah, Cyntia Valerina, Suci Rakhmawaty, and Fikram Ode

Reference: All Indiana Jones movies

Word Count: (668)

Link for Dramatization:

One thought on “The Real Treasure: A Narrative Poem

  1. Fidhika Fitrah

    This poem is very simple. It is just like a narrative that change into poem style. The poem style is just like Langston Hughes’s style. This poem is quite interesting although there are some parts that make me do not understand. I think the poem does not have a rhythm, it is flat. The writer knows how to bring us into the work. The writer makes us imagine that we are also in that journey to find the treasure. In my opinion, this poem will be more interesting if the rhythm and the plot are tidy. I love the way the writer delivers the message in the last part of the poem.

    (114 words)


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