The Last Words: Poems


Summary: Four poems about a final farewell for Frans, who died because of his illness, and one poem from Frans for his relatives and friends who sent him their farewell and still thought on him.

An Unfortunate Loner: Ale

He was a loner. Unfortunate loner
Tried so hard to change his life
Didn’t give up, change a better
Tried to fight unfortunate life

A loner who gained popularity
A loner who gained recognition
A loner who gained a lot of money
A loner who gained everything he wants

He had forgotten important one
The happiest thing in life: love one love
He felt lonelier and he did not want
The saddest thing in life: being alone

He is a loner. Without a woman.
Pathetic. Such a true fool man.
Is she really not there?
Or does she never there?

A boy like my own brother
Hardly to understand you well
I am not a good brother
I can’t treat you so well

Wish you’ll meet passed real father
Treat him well, say my farewell

Thank you, Frans: Safira

He is a person I firstly respect
A person who inspiring me at spring

Paris, were our first meeting
The summer was heating me much
Impressed a lot by your playing
It gave me inspiration, a bunch

I came to you who coming back
Begging you like a spoiled brat
You just give me your back
But I am not a spoiled brat

Begging, and begging, and begging.
Begging, begging, begging, begging
Until you was sick and said yes
I jumped and jumped, said yes

Frans, I said a lot of my gratitude
Being a teacher, whom I liked most
Being my brother, like my own brother
Being a life-guider, teach me a lot

Rest in peace, say hello to heaven
I am here, with your entire message

Thank you, Uncle by No Means be My Uncle: Azle

The uncle who never be my uncle
The man who never be the real man
Teacher who never be a teacher
You who never be alive again

You still alone, until black angel comes
Firstly know him, he’s always being alone
Even the angles show, no one he wants
When I know him, he’s always being alone

You were alone, but I’m not alone
You were abnormal, but I’m normal
You were say not, but I said yes
You were refuse, and I wasn’t accept

That woman here because of him
My true love, for the last
I am here, thanking him
Thank you. This is our last.

A Goodbye: Jennifer

A man whom I love
A man whom I care
Suddenly he left me alone
While I was eating abalone

The call was so sudden
Made me chuck while eating
The belly was getting beaten
Like I had a tough fighting

Actually, I was not ready
Even now, I am not ready

You shocked me by your news
You said you weren’t permitted
The lungs were no longer fit
To blow hard yours inside airs

So hard to said goodbye
I think you are still alive
It’s hard to say goodbye
To someone I really love

Finally I say goodbye
I said goodbye to my love
Came to your ultimate grave
Just saying a final goodbye

Answers from Sky: Frans

The pain had taken away
I head to the sky, fly away
I’m taking my peaceful way
I heard some issues on the way

My love, that almost being my lover
Be fine, and go find another lover
Don’t ever think me, the loner.
Don’t ever pity me Jennifer, the loner.

For all whom didn’t know me well
I will sending myself to the hell
Don’t ever send me your farewell
Heaven would kick me out to the hell

Keep an eye on my nephew, dear Safira
Go forward to seek your dream, Azle
Never think it was your fault, dear brotha
It was all my fault, not yours my bro Ale

From sky, I sent my pray
Final farewell, our last in this world
May the pray will like my hairspray
Will be there, in my new world


Thank you for Hanna D. Elsa, my sister, for helping me made dramatization. Dini Rahmatiar, for your comments about one of my poem. Meutia Mirzananda, for being my proofreader.

Reference(s): These poems are inspired from one of my unfinished project, and because of my sickness, being alone.

(Words Count: 647)

Link For Dramatization:

4 thoughts on “The Last Words: Poems

  1. 180410120107 / F

    I found that your work is interesting since you have built the story which connected in each poem. The words that you chose made the reader feel close to your poems, the setting seems clear enough, the circumstances which covered with sadness; moreover these poems are all rhymes and honestly it is easy for me to feel enjoy in reading your poems. You have successfully brought the reader inside these poems; feel the sadness that every character in these poems felt. The dramatization is also great I must say for you draw all items that you have mentioned before in the poems that complete your work.

    (106 words)


  2. 180410120069

    Firstly, I want to share my personal opinion about your poems, Hanny. I really like the way you present a single story by dividing it into five poems. You use different point of view in each poem. I think this way succeeds in showing the characterization of Frank very well because the person of each poem describes him in details. Besides, this technique also shows that there are narratives in narrative in your work. I mean, each poem is a narrative because it tells about a relationship between a person who writes the poem and Frank. This is indeed a narrative.

    Nevertheless, in these poems, I found some sentences which are grammatically incorrect. I wonder whether you were aware when you wrote them, or you deliberately did it since you wanted to create a style in writing a modern poem. However, your work is still interesting, Hanny. Good job! :)

    Word Count: 149


    • Thank you for your comment, Lidya :) By the way, his name is Frans, not Frank. Well, I do aware there were some grammatical errors in my poems. Some of the grammatical errors actually I did consciously because I thought I had to write the poems in that way. Anyway, thank you for letting me know about this. Hehehe :D


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