The Last Poem: A Poem


Summary: When she does not have much time to live like everybody does, what can she do?

In the day she shed tears
Isolated in a room of blue
Stared at a point only, counting years
What else could she do?

She mum for herself
She wished she could revive
She wished she found the answer in the shelf
How long she would survive?

Lied on bed a whole day
Spent hours with no visit
It was fifteenth of May
She could not find it

Spent her hours writing things
Moved from bed was such a waste
Innumerable times she heard a bird sings
But she had no courage to look at her own face

Stilettos were heard along the alley
Felt like she wanted to throw missile
Wanted to throw them to a valley
Or roasted them like barbeques on a grill

She had the anger that made her blind
She didn’t let them shown
She buried them deep inside
She inhibited them to be known

She wanted to sit under the mistletoe
She wanted to open her precious freebies
But it was a long way to go
But she still had her crisis

She knew it was morning
She knew it was night
But all she could do is nothing
But she couldn’t even say it right

She made her lists
With a fate pen she wrote
She clenched her fists
Made it nothing but a note

First list was have a fun vacation
She did not care where it would do
She would do everything for this ambition
She was looking for somebody to talk to

Smells like a smell of rose
A sweater is worn and knitted
With a box of meals she goes
That was the way she pictured it

Flying a kite was the second
In a green field she imagined
She did not mean to be a legend
She just wanted it to be remained

Yelling the third wish she wished
She was not the one who wanted to
To all friends she missed
She hoped nothing but run into

She felt alone all day long
Only the nurses visited her
Convalescent kids romped
She was hurt deeper and deeper

The fourth wish would be hard
She wanted to know the feeling of driving a car
Beside her was a bunch of breads with mustard
She added another scar

She kept writing accompanied by her ached heart
She wrote number five
With the wind she interacted
Looked across the window in her left

It was her most wanted one
It was her most painful desire

It was her last one
It was her one in a million

She wanted her time back
She wanted her memories alive
Some of them had been marked
And new memories would arise

Her wishes were not too much actually
But God gave her another fate
She knew she had to accept it eventually
With her sacred heart she prayed

The things-to-do list was laid on bed
Couldn’t do her last wishes
Every day she looked sad
Missing the life she missed

Her last minutes should be enjoyed in peace
Fulfilled them with hope
Like a glass of tea she sipped with a niece
Enjoyed it every drop

At the end she gave up
Under the blanket she cried
Didn’t want to hear any clap
And threw her list to the cloud

She was me.

Thank You to:
– NKH, 180410120065, for checking my rhymes
– MS, 180410120084, for adding some lines
– My imaginary brain
– You, thank you for reading my poem till the end

– A novel “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green
– The movie “A Walk to Remember” starring Mandy Moore and Shane West

Word Count: (555)

Work Dramatization Link:

One thought on “The Last Poem: A Poem

  1. 180410120065/B

    Before reading your poem entirely, I have listened to your work dramatization to capture the main story line harshly. It was such a touchy work dramatization especially the song ‘Stay’. It was suitable with the story line of your poem. Besides, your voice was angelic so that the message could be well-delivered. Yet, there is one critical comment from me with regards to your idea or big theme or what-so-ever it is called. The perception of mine is to present your 60% personal experience into it to add the different nuance because I a bit know regarding ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ and it seems that your poem only recover and reapply the story line of the novel. Maybe this is my mistake in observing your work. Hopefully there is further comment to make my thought being right. Thank you :)


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