The Great Leader: An Unrhyme Poem


Summary: An unrhyme poem about The Great Leaders and their influence

Part I: The Beginning

World, a place where human lives,

The place where human rules

Ruling all creatures that live in it

Among them there are some men.

Who have passion within their blood,

Passion to kill others

To rule and to conquer

Make world to a better place to live

Or maybe worse…

Part II: Alexander the Great

When talking about leader

Especially the great one

The named of Alexander is always be remembered

Born in Macedonia

The son of Philips II, King of Macedon Empire

Tutored by Aristotle himself

Makes him a perfect man that was ever born

When his father died through the assassination,

Alexander was arouse becoming the new king of Macedon Empire

A young king with vision for the future,

A future lion roaring to the whole of Greek empire,

Bear his father vision to defeat the great empire of Persia.

Now his eyes look to the deep of Asia to take his glory

March with 50.000 men against 700.000 men

Conquer all of Asia in his hands.

Part III: William the Conqueror

Soon after Alexander died

There was a man born

A man that conquered the land of England

Born in Normandy

The young William struggled for his life

Against rebellion that interfered Normandy

But, he survived

When king Harold of England reigned

He felt being cheated

He gathered an army from Normandy and France

All against King Harold

When he marched his army to the land of Britain

Defeating the army of King Harold in the battle of Hastings

Made a lot of difference in the kingdom of England

The bastard, the man from Normandy became the new king of England

Part IV: William Wallace

After the death of William The Conqueror

England become a great kingdom

Kingdom who invaded other nation

Scotland was one of them

But, when the invasion happened there

There was a man,

His named was William Wallace

The man who fought for the freedom of his nation

Son of Scotland

Yielding against tyranny

Fighting for the freedom of his nation

Gathering all of Scotland and Ireland together

Fighting against Edward Longshank of Britain

Won in the battle of Stirling Bridge

But, lost in the battle of Falkirk

Being captured and executed

A man of freedom died

Part V: Adolf Hitler

When it came to the cruelest man in the history of humanity

The named of Adolf Hitler is the answered

Born in Austria

Came from nothing

Move to Germany for better future

Dreamt for becoming a painter

Failed accomplishing his dream

Joining the army of World War I

Again, failed and lost

Made him depressed

When all his dream about was failed,

Felt angry to everything that obstructed his dream

Angry to the government, other country, and Jews; especially the Jews

Rose as a leader of Nazi party,

Took over the government in a blink of minute

Raised a large army that never have seen before

Feels strong and supreme

Conquer every nation in Europe except…..

Britain and USSR the nation that he could not defeat

When every country together tries to defeat him,

He suffered of losing but…

Never saying “I surrender”

Suicidal is the answer

With her beloved wife Eva Braun

Part VI: Joseph Stalin

When Adolf Hitler almost conquered all of Europe

There was a man who could stop him

The man was Joseph Stalin

Born in Georgia

Son of a poor farmer

Suffered in most of his life

Made him thinks

To Join the Communist party

Together with Lenin made a great nation of USSR

Ruling with his iron-hand

And made the people suffer for slavery

When Hitler army began to attack

He survived and repulsed it

Won the battle and conquered the East German

Part VII: Closing

A great leader

Sometimes fought for good

For freedom of his nation

For humanity they fought

But, sometimes they fought for ruthless

Invading other nation

Killing people sadistically

Made people suffered

When a great leader dies

Would this ever to be end

Of course not

The new leader will reborn to this world

Born to rule and conquer.

Word count: 682

Thanks to :

Zulfikar Fauzi for correcting my grammar

Syahrul Rohid for proof reading


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Music background: Chopin – Berceuse in D flat major

Link for dramatization:

3 thoughts on “The Great Leader: An Unrhyme Poem

  1. 180410120044/C

    When I see the title of your works, I thought it would be just only telling the great leaders, but it turns out that you put a prologue and epilogue in your poem. I like the idea of yours to tell the great person who had conquered some parts of the world, but to see your explanation about these people is just like reading other books that tell about history. It’s boring, I’m sorry. And if I may, I want to correct the part of Alexander the Great, in the end Alexander did not conquered all of Asia, he can only managed to conquered India and failed on his attempt to invaded Thailand.

    words: 113


  2. 180410120053/C

    I think your poem is unique because rare young people who make a poem about the great leader which famous in their era and have an important role in the history of the world, but when I listen your dramatization I feel like someone is reading a history book because in this poem telling the reader about the great leader in history book and the BGM does not fit with the poem. I feel sleepy while listening to you dramatization. I just suggest you should look for a BGM that could describe the poem or makes the reader carried away by the atmosphere of the poem.


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