The Birthday: A Radio Drama



  1. MUSIC:               (BRIDGE)THE DREAM TEAM
  2. NARRATOR:            Yes, friends! It’s time for Radio Drama Today’s story: “The Birthday.” (PAUSE). Rose and Marry want to surprise their friend on her birthday. Just sit and listen carefully, okay?
  1. MUSIC:               (bridge)the dream team.


  1. sound:               DOOR KNOCK.
  2. NARRATOR:            Marry wakes up from her sweet dream. She goes to the door.
  3. MARRY:               (YAWN) Okay, I’m coming….
  4. SOUND:               DOOR OPEN.
  5. MARRY:               (GOES BACK TO THE BED)Ahhh
  6. ROSE:                Wait! Wake up! Do you remember what day is today?
  7. MARRY:               I knoooow, I remember…Sunday isn’t it? Today is…..time to sleep…
  8. ROSE:                Marry!I know today is Sunday..But, don’t tell me you forget the plan.
  1. MARRY:               I remember that…But come on, it’s still morning. Give me more time…
  2. ROSE:                Morning? Whatever. I will wait you at the cake shop in one hour.
  3. MARRY:               Ok, cake shop…One hour…Cake shop…mmm
  4. ROSE:                See you. Remember in one hour ok?


(NARRATOR, Rose, Marry)

  1. MUSIC:               CLAN BASH.
  2. NARRATOR:            Rose and Marry meet up in the outside of the cake shop.
  1. SOUND                Crowd Talking
  2. MARRY:               (RUNNING TO ROSE) Sorry, I’m late!!
  3. ROSE:                It’s ok. You are always late, so yeahh I’m used to. By the way, Did you bring the things that we have planned?
  1. MARRY:               Yeah, I bring those items. But, I didn’t bring candles.
  1. ROSE:                Why?
  2. MARRY:               Because it’s old fashioned! Come on, put candles in the birthday cake? We’ve gotta do something new!
  3. ROSE:                So, what’s your plan? Hope it’s not too hard
  4. MARRY:               It’s easy, believe me
  1. ROSE:                What should I do?
  2. MARRY:               We’re gonna talk it later. Head to the cake shop first?
  3. ROSE:                Okay…

14. MARRY:               Um…yeahh..We don’t need to buy birthday cake

15. ROSE:                Because it’s old fashioned?

  1. MARRY:               Yep!
  2. ROSE:                So, what’s your plan? You are just make me more curious
  3. MARRY:               It’s a secret. We’re gonna talk it later. Head to the cake shop!
  4. ROSE:                Ok. It’s up to you

20. NARRATOR:            Rose and Marry heads to the cake shop. They buy many cakes, of course except birthday cake

21. ROSE:                What have you bought?

22. MARRY:               I bought everything that I like

  1. ROSE:                What???
  2. MARRY:               Oh come on. We will eat it later. We should buy the cake that we like
  3. ROSE:                (PAUSE) Whatever


  1. NARRATOR             Rose and Marry goes to Marry’s house. They

ready to run the plan.

  1. ROSE:                Are you ready for the plan?
  2. MARRY:               Of course, I’m ready. Hey, when she

will come to this house?

  1. ROSE:                Ohh. I forget to call her. Hehe
  2. MARRY:               Just call her anyway
  3. SOUND:               Dial button
  4. ROSE:                Oh, Hallo……Sorry for disturbing

you. But, you know…Marry, she

lost of consciousness!

  1. ROSE:                YURIANI….I don’t know it happened

suddenly. I was hanging out with

her and..Bumm she fainted. I

carried her to her house.So…Hurry

come to her house! What if she

died, and you aren’t in her house?

  1. ROSE:                …What? I’m too exaggerated?Er..Maybe you are you mind coming to her house?

  1. ROSE:                I wasn’t lying. Ok, see you
  2. MARRY:               How did it go?
  3. ROSE:                Dunno. She might come

13. MARRY:               Might?

14. ROSE:                I don’t know, she seems doesn’t believe me.

15. MARRY:               If she doesn’t come, what should we do?

16. ROSE:                If THAT happens, Our plans ruined!

17. MARRY:               Damn…

  1. sound:               ROSE’S FOOTSTEPS–, STOP.

19  MARRY:               Where are you going?

20 ROSE:                Restroom. I want to calm my mind

21. MARRY                Okaaay……I will wait here

  1. SOUND:               DOOR open, close.

23  MARRY:               (TALKING TO HERSELF) Ok, what should I do?

24. MARRY:               (LOOKING AT THE CAKES) And, I’m hungry too…




1. NARRATOR:             30 minutes later, Rose comes back from the restroom. She looks worried. She afraid that her friend won’t come.

2. MARRY:                Oh, come on. Keep your chin up. Why we don’t play uno?

3. ROSE:                 You brought uno?

4. MARRY:                Yep

5. ROSE:                 For what?

6. MARRY:                (SMILE)For the situation like this

7. ROSE:                 You…Ok WE will play uno

8. MARRY:                Great!

9. NARRATOR:             Rose and Marry plays the uno. They nearly forget about the plans that they have made. And, then.their friend comes to Marry’s house

7. SOUND:                DOOR OPEN

8. LILY:                 What the heck are you guys doing?

9. ROSE:                 We, we…want to surprise you

10. LILY:                Surprise?

11. ROSE:                Yeah, for your birthday…

12. LILY:                And, what kind of surprise is this?

13. ROSE:                We…we think that you won’t come. We bought you, cakes…Your favorite…

14. LILY:                Cakes?

  1. ROSE:                Yeah. Marry. The cakes?

16. MARRY:               Umm..I have eaten it…

17. ROSE:                What?? You have eaten it?!! Why do you always RUIN my plans?

  1. MARRY:               Your plans? We plans! You know, I was hungry. I can’t hold myself

19. ROSE:                It’s not the first time! Remember when you eat your uncle’s lunch. And because of that, I was scolded for a day?

20. MARRY:               I WAS hungry!

21. ROSE:                But…

22. LILY:                Hahahahahaha. You guys are so funny. Hahahaha

22. ROSE:                Lily..

23. LILY:                I knew you guys will throw a surprise birthday party and I knew the plans will be ruined. It’s typical of you guys.

23. ROSE:                And the plans ruined because of.

24. MARRY:               I know! I know!

25. LILY:                But…still…I love you guys. Knowing that you will make a surprise for me, it’s makes me happy. I really really love you guys. Thank you.

26. MARRY:               Lilly…

27. LILIY:               I bought cakes for you and me. Happy birthday me

28. MARRY:               (Smile) Happy birthday Lily

29. ROSE:                (Smile) Happy birthday Lily

30. MUSIC:               OPPORTUNITIES

31. NARRATOR:            And the story ends with happy ending.


Thanks to:

-Audacity for helping me edit the radio drama

Word count: 1000 words

Link for work dramatization 


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