Tarra and The Dream Fairy : A Short Prose

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Summary : [A story of a girl named Tarra and her moms tales about dream fairy]


Tarra was screaming with a shrill voice, and It makes the all of family members startled especially her mom.

“Tarra!” said her mom anxiously, coming to her. “What happen?”

“I think I’ve just seeing a ghost mom”, said Tarra with trembling voice. Her hands palm was covering her face. “It appears from behind the sofa”, Tarra explaining again. This time, her voice sounds like she was start to crying.

“Hush… hush…” her mom trying to calming her down. “Mommy is here now, dear. Mommy is here”.

Mom calming down Tarra by hugging her while her hands keeps stroked Tarra’s back. While mom was calming her little daughter, there was a voice came from behind the sofas where they sat. A giggling voice.

“Teddy?” asks mom, looking Tarra’s elder brother was hiding behind the sofas. “What are you doing there?”

“Oh hello mom”, said Teddy. He was holding a flashlight and the white blanket veil his head and body. “I’m just…”

“Did you scare Tarra?” cut his mother.

“No, mom. I just want to…”

“I said”, says his mom firmly, “did you just scare Tarra?” Now mom looks a bit angry.

“Hhh… yes mom. I did it”, clears Teddy.

“Oh Teddy! I hate you, really!” cried Tarra.

Teddy stuck his tongue out at Tarra.

“Whatever you say cry baby, I don’t care!”. Mocked Teddy.

“Teddy!” scolds their mom.

Teddy runs away, left her mom and her sister who was still sobbing. Mom could only shake her head for looking her childish son.


That night, Tarra can’t sleep. She keeps remembered about the image of creepy things that caused by her brother’s fad. So, she decided to come to her parent’s bedroom. Her little hand grabbing the door knob.

“Mom? Dad? May i sleep with you tonight?” asks Tarra after opened the door. Her parents were already climbed up into bed, but weren’t already sleeping yet.

“Of course you may, sweetie.” Said her mom, coming close to her, then holding her little daughter.

“But why so sudden? Usually, you’re a brave little girl, my pride. Is there anything happen?” her dad wondered.

“Teddy was just scare her this afternoon”, said mom. “He pretends being a ghost”.

“And now i can’t sleep, dad! Its all is Teddy’s fault!” Tarra murmured.

“Really? Oh my” Dad chuckles.

“Well, now how if we listen to a story?” said mom, trying to distracting Tarra’s attention. “I’m sure you’ll be like it”.

“A fairy tale mom? Oh! I want to hear it!” said Tarra excited.

“Well, here is the story.” Mom began the storytelling

There was a fairy that has tasks to create dreams for every child in the world. Every night, when children starts to slept soundly, the fairy will appears and start sprinkling its fairy dust to the children, giving the children a sweet dreams.

“Wow, how magical!” Tarra astonished. “Can the fairy also give me a sweet dreams, mom?” asks Tarra.

“Of course the fairy will, my dear”, said Mom. “But not if you’re a timid girl”, her mom continued.

Besides the dream fairy, there also a nightmare fairy. This fairy hates the brave and cheerful children, and like the timid and whiny children. So, if there was a child who is timid or a crybaby, the fairy will comes to the children at the night and give them a nightmare in their sleep.

“Oh mom, I’m afraid if the nightmare fairy will come to me and give me a nightmare! What should i do?”

“That means you should be a brave girl, like what you always do before”. Said her dad.

“But now I’m still can’t. I’m still keep remembered about spooky things since Teddy scares me”. Said Tarra anxiously.

“Let me finish the story first, okay Tarra?” said mom, continued her story.

The nightmare fairy also likes a messy room, because it provides them a lot of place for hiding so the nightmare can easily approach the children and give them a nightmare.

“So, if your bedroom is messy with many stuff like toys or books scattered out of its place, the nightmare fairy will comes too you and give you the nightmare”. Said Mom. “And if i remember correctly, you have not tidied your room, right?”

“If it so, there is no wonder you always ask me to tidy up my room. Sorry mom, I always defer to tidy up my room as soon as you tell me to”. Tarra regretted.

“Now how if we go tidy up your room?” asks mom. “I’m sure if you have a tidy room, the nightmare fairy will prevent to come to you and perhaps the dream fairy will come.

“That’s a good idea, mom.” Tarra excited, “well, let’s go!”


Tarra was finished tidied up her room. Her toys now stored in the toy box, books were neatly arranged in the book shelves, and her desk that was full of spitball and crayons flake now was clear. Now she was lay down on her bed.

“I wonder cleaning the room can makes me so tired”, said Tarra.

“It because you did not cleaning up your room regularly, so it makes you now cleaning all it up at once”. Her mother clarified.

“And did you know mom? Now i feel so sleepy”, said Tarra while yawning. She then closes her eyes, starts sleeping.

Her mother was smiling, and then sits on the bed next to her.

“Do you want to sleep here tonight?” asks her mom.

Tarra was not answering, and now she began to snore softly. Tarra finally fell asleep from exhaustion for tidied her room. Her mom pulls the blanket up to her daughter’s chin, turned on her bed lamp before turned off the room light, then kissed her daughter’s forehead.

“Good night my little angel. Sleep tight, and have a sweet dream, dear”.


Word Count : 971

Reference : Fablehaven by Brandon Mull ; novel (2006), Tinkerbell and Pirate Fairy by Walt Disney; Movie (2014), Majalah Bobo ; Kompas Gramedia.

Dramatization Link : https://twitter.com/Uakemut/status/479994577835683840/photo/1

3 thoughts on “Tarra and The Dream Fairy : A Short Prose

  1. At first, I expected the story to be the adventure of Tarra finding the dream fairy and how they become friends. However, the story is still great since it tells more about the moral value that can be picked easily when you have met Tarra’s mother. In the story, Tarra’s mother is depicted as a wise and nurturing mother. Her story about the dream fairy and nightmare fairy can lead to how Tarra sees the situation differently and change her to do her responsibility to clean her own bedroom so that she wouldn’t have a bad dream. The story seems simple but it can teach us on how to handle a child.

    112 words


  2. 180410120036/B

    This story was reminds us about childhood memories. You succeed to describe it again. I like how the mother tell the fairy story to Tarra, also how you describe the mother figure in the story. When I read this story i can feel the tenderness of a mother, but I think the mother figure is more prominent than Tarra that actually is a main character in the story. At the first i think you will write about Tarra and her imagination if i see from your tittle. Your story is very suitable for childrens, and also have moral values that presented in a simple way. It makes easy to understand. Good Job!

    words :113


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