Silent Love- Script Film


Summary: this movie is about a silent love, because the character only use a phone to make them closer and cell phone technology help this couple who not closed at all became closer than before.

Silent Love
Scene 1

Setting: At the book store, daylight.

Back sound: Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance

When Yudha reads a book at the book store, he accidentally meets his college friend, Neysa, who is looking for a book at same bookstore. They make eye contact, and smile. Then Yudha directly takes his cell phone in his pocket and sends a short message to Neysa.
Yudha (text)
Looking for what kind of book?
Neysa (text)
I was looking for Pramudya Ananta Toer’s “Gadis Pantai”
Yudha (text)
It’s on two racks above you, its color is tosca.

Neysa looks up. Then she finds the book she has been looking for. Meanwhile, Yudha goes out from the bookstore.
Neysa (text)
Ooh yes, I can see it. Thank you

Neysa looks at where Yudha is standing, but Yudha has gone from the bookstore.

Scene 2

Setting: in their room, around 9 pm.

Back sound: Iron & Wine – New Mexico’s No Breeze

When Neysa is lying on her bed. She remembers what has happened yesterday afternoon when she was looking for a book and met Yudha in the bookstore. Holding a cell phone, she intends to send a short message to Yudha.
Neysa (monolog)
Why did Yudha know where the book is that I was looking for? Oh, maybe he is often going to that bookstore.

Neysa (text)
Why have you gone yesterday? (Unsent)

Before she has time to send the short message to Yudha, Neysa gets a short message from Yudha first.

Yudha (text)

Have you finished reading the book?
Neysa (text)

Not yet, I just want to start right now
Yudha (text)

While reading “Gadis Pantai” you’d better listen to this song. (Sent a song) Mad World – Gary Jules
Yudha sent a song that he recommends to Neysa.
Neysa (text)
Ooh, okay I’ll try to read the book and listen to the song. By the way where are going yesterday? Why did you just leave me?

Yudha does not answer Neysa’s question.

Scene 3
Setting: on College, three days later, afternoon.

Back sound: Foster The People – Fire Escape

Neysa sits on a blue bench; she has just finished reading the book “Gadis Pantai”. Yudha suddenly comes and sits next to Neysa. They looking at each other and smiling. Shortly Neysa’s phone rings and she takes the phone out of the bag, it turns out she gets a short message from Yudha.
Yudha (text)
Have you finished it?
Neysa (text)
I just finished reading the book
Yudha (text)
Are you busy tomorrow?
No, why?
Would come to the garden tomorrow afternoon? There is something that I would love to show you
Scene 4
Setting: at the garden, afternoon.

Back sound: Abdul & the Coffe Factory – Aku Suka Caramu

That afternoon Yudha and Neysa go to the garden, and there are only both of them in that garden, Neysa wonders to herself, finally she takes her phone from her bag and sends a short message to Yudha.

Neysa (text)
What do you want to show to me?
Yudha (text)
Now you need to close your eyes around ten second, and feel it.

Neysa sees Yudha with a puzzled face, but Yudha smiles to convince her that she will be okay. Then Neysa eyes begin to close.

When Neysa opens her eyes, Yudha makes her face so ugly and Neysa laughs out loud directly, and they make jokes and spend time together in that garden.

Scene 5

Setting: At the Café, afternoon

Back sound: Arcade Fire – Morning Talk / Supersymmetry

That afternoon Yudha and Neysa is having a dinner at a café, Yudha takes his phone out of his pocket and starts to send a short message to Neysa.
Yudha (text)
How about the place? Do you happy?
Neysa (text)
Yes I do.

Then Yudha long pauses it as he lowered his head. It makes Neysa feel worried, and sends a short message to Yudha
Neysa (text)
Do you feel alright?

Yudha gets the short message, and he reads it when his head is lower, then he raises his head and smile to Neysa. He starts to talk but with a sign language.

Yudha (sign language)
I Love You
Neysa (speak)
I love you too

Then they put their phones on the table and they start to hold each other’s hand, and smile to each other.

Neysa (monologue)
People say that technology can make someone, who is close with us, become far and make someone who is far from us become close.
Yudha (monologue)
But technology can make someone who is close with us become closer.

The end

Thanks to Prasetya Pandu and Yoga Mahardika who share their mind and help me. Thanks to Aprilia Hanifa and Monique Ariica who was review this script.

Word count: 770

link dramatization:

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