Sciamachy: A Film Script


Summary: The dream of a troubled girl.

Screen is black. There is a sound of typing in the background, and with each type appear a letter. Finally it read “Sciamachy” and its definition. Then CS to black. The typing sound continues.


ECU a stack of papers on the desk, silhouette of G1 typing in the background.

CS ECU clock on the left side of G1’s desk showing it is around 6 in the morning.

MS G1 typing on her laptop. She then exhaled out of exhaustion. Her eyes look tired with bags under them. She grabbed the clock on the left side of the desk to look at the time. She exhaled out of desperation and then bowed and put her head on her arms upon her desk.

CU G1 looking sideways with sleepy eyes.

CS ECS the clock ticking.

BACK TO CU G1’s eyes slowly closed and she fell asleep.


MS G1 jolted up from her sleep. She held her head like it was in pain. She grabbed the clock on her left and looked at the time. It was around 7 in the evening. And then G1 turned her arm and there were the letters “LET ME” written in red marker on the other side of it. The camera moved along her left arm to her right, with the letters “OUT” written on it. G1 looked at her arms, and then she turned her head up and looked at the whiteboard in front of her.

MS ZOOM OUT of the back of G1 looking at her whiteboard. It is covered with pink post-its on the edges and on it and in the middle of the whiteboard was the writing “LET ME OUT”. She jolted up from her seat and ran to her left.

MS G1 arriving at the door, she tried to open it, but it didn’t budge. The light above her suddenly died. G1 stopped moving and breathed heavily.

MS G1 glancing to the right side of her back. Then she looked straight back. She then turned her whole body around quickly. The figure behind her moved, stabbing her as she turned.


MS G1 jolted up from her sleep. She was a bit annoyed, but then she calmed down. She noticed her room was dark and got up to lit the lamp.

ECU G1 flicked the switch, but the lamp didn’t turn on.

CU G1’s face looked confused, and then she noticed there was something near her door. She turned her head.

MCU G1 turned the flashlight on and slowly aimed it towards the door.

LS the light of the flashlight slowly moving to show a body with a stab wound on her left chest lying in front of the door and blocking the door. It was also G1. There was a puddle of blood near her body, around her chest. Her fingers slightly touched the walls beside her.

MS G1 stared at the dead body with a straight face, but then she smirked.

ECL G1’s right hand holding a bloody pair of scissors. Blood dripped from the edge of the scissors.

ECS drops of blood landed near other blood drops on the floor.


ECU the window showing the light coming into the room.

ECU G1’s clock on the left side of G1’s table.

ECU G1’s cellphone ringing. Showing that a friend named ‘Cila’ was calling.

MCU G1 grabbing around the top of her desk. She touched and turned her laptop on by accident, and then she grabbed her phone, which was on the right side of the laptop. She answered the phone.



(waking up from her previous sleeping position)

No, I’m up now. Okay, I’m on my way.

G1 hung up the phone, and then put it back on the desk.

ECU G1’s keys, with G1 moving in the background. She got up from her seat, grabbed her phone, then walked towards her keys and grabbed them from her table.

MS G1 grabbed her bag from the top of her refrigerator. She walked towards the door, but then stopped when she looked at her desk.

ECU A pair of scissors on the right side of the desk, half on half off. G1’s silhouette on the background moved closer, and then grabbed the scissors with her right hand.G1 moved towards the door in the background.

ECU A post-it stuck on the left side of her desk. It said “DO NOT LET HER OUT”. Sound of the door slammed shut in the background. Few seconds later, CS to black.

Thanks to Dimas Arbrianto and Muhammad Rizky Harahap for proofreading my work, Chairani Permata and Febriyanti Dewi for lending me their cameras to shoot the dramatization Rizki Maulani Mawardi, and Armelia Safira for helping me shoot and the dramatization, and Vinnie Maestro for helping me shoot and edit the dramatization.

Dramatization Link: Sciamachy

image Sciamachy
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Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 2 “The Day of The Moon” written by Steven Moffat

Chan-Wook, Park (Dir.). 2013. Stoker. Los Angeles: Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Nolan, Christopher (Dir.). 2000. Memento.

Word count: 773 words

2 thoughts on “Sciamachy: A Film Script

  1. I’d like to share my opinion about the climax in your film, which I cannot easily understanding, I know the theme of yours is about troubled girl, then when I read and wacched it twice, I know the climax is on the way when one by one of the keywords appear. Then, what I got in your work is about the power and the strong words even in short, can make a story keep moving, it just like a clue for me. It won’t be easy to fully catch the climax with that style, but the arrangement of the words need to establish constantly, like what you do with your words by put them each to the setting or some.
    +-100 words


  2. 180410110082

    This is an interesting short movie. You can develop a conflict in this film without dialogue and only by one character. The amazing point is how you build an atmosphere tense with the sudden light off, the broken lamp switch, the using of the flashlight in the blackout, and the best one, the character’s own self corpse lying and blooding. With less dialogue and only by one character, you have done a good short movie. By the way you choosing the shooting angle and sizing the duration of each shot, of course you’re an experienced film-maker. But, I cannot get the points of the letters written “LET ME OUT” and “DO NOT LET HER OUT”.

    115 words


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