Scary Night: A Short Prose


Summary : A girl was left home alone by her parents due to their promise to attend their old friend’s party.

“Are you okay to stay alone?” asked the mother.

“Yeah, I’m okay. I will make sure that I will lock all the doors, Mom”

“Take care, dear. We leave”, her father replied anxiously.

“Okay. Bye Mom, Dad. Have a nice party!” She replied while showing her attractive smile.

Her parent moved away and left the house. Now that Sylla was alone she checked the entire door to make sure it was locked. She walks across the room joyfully. She is so happy since she could enjoy this night as she please without hearing her parents’s nagging.

It was a bright night and the stars were embellish the dark sky. So do as with Sylla, she was happy, even though she was left home alone. She seemed so glad that she walked across the room while dancing and smiling. She took some snacks from refrigerator and bought it to the table in her dining room. Feeling uncompleted, she back to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee so that she would not easily fall asleep.

She set the whole dining room as the most comfortable room for her to spend the whole night. There, it was heaps of foods and snacks, a cup of hot coffee, and also an USB contained some movie that she just got from her friend that day. To complete the comfort, she impatiently prepared a pillow and blanket in the sofa.

She turned on the TV and plugged in the USB. She grabbed the remote control from the cupboard beside the TV while she walked back to the sofa. Then, she was picking out the movie that she wanted to watch through a remote control in her hand. It played on a recent horror movie. Sitting quietly in the sofa, she watched the movie without any fear.


At the time she was watching the movie; she saw from the corner of her eyes a black shadow passed the kitchen door. Then, she flinched and twitched to see if something was there. But, there were nothing, not even a single creature. All she saw was a blank door. She continued watching the movie and considered that it was just dejavu. When she took a snack from the table and tore its wrapper, she saw an odd creature was watching her intensely from the corner of the room. Sylla could not see its face clearly. Even, it could not be distinguished whether or not it has a face. When she looked into that direction for second time, she realized that the odd creatures were similar to the creature she saw in the movie. At the time, the TV screen turned opaque and then dark.

The bright night turned dark and darker and the weather became so cold. The light illuminating the whole room flashed and then turned itself off.

“Oh must be not real. I’m sure it is a dream. I should wake up now,” she tells herself. Then, she closed her eyes and hoped that when her eyes were open, she was in her bed sleeping. But, it was not what her thought; the odd creature was walking towards her instead.

“It is real, dear. I come for you and I will be here with you..,” the odd creature replied with a giggle.

“Noooo, stop there. Don’t come closer!” Sylla begging whiles forward her hand to stop the black shadow.

While covering her eyes with blanket, she sneakily encouraged herself to see the black shadow. It then ran up the wall and disappeared into the air. For a moment, she felt relieved and then she took a sip of coffee to calm herself. However, the odd creature abruptly erupted behind her and whispered in her ears with shrieks.

“You seem lonely. Let me be your friend from now on!” The creature gladly laughed with its scary voice.

“ Never be.. We won’t” Sylla answered haltingly.

Then, she got up from the couch and ran swiftly toward her room. She slammed her bedroom door and then locked it. She squatted behind the door and leaned on the wall while covering her ear. But, unexpectedly the creature was in the room with her. It came closer and closer.

“ Don’t come to me..don’t. God, I beg you, please help me” she was whispered anxiously. But, the creature was not even hesitant to come closer to her.

Sylla was stiffen and frozen in the corner of the room. Her body and legs were not strong enough to take her running away from the odd creature. She was just covering her eyes and buried her face by facing the door. She was so scared that she was breathing irregularly.


While she was out of breath, she heard a gentle voice that she used to know called her name and it repeatedly became louder.

“Sylla..,Sylla! Get up! Move to your room! The voice ordered.

“Mom, you are home?” Sylla answered half awake.

“Yeah, your dad suddenly felt not well. So, we decided to go back home.”

Sylla was on the couch lying as the blanket covered her body. She looked around the room. There was nothing in there; everything was just ordinary. Then, she turned her head toward the tv screen. It was showing the credit of the movie that she just watched. She pensively noticed the TV screen. However, her mother then turned it off while looking into her.

“Oh, Okay. I will go to bad now”

“Okay, dear. Good night, have a nice dream”

“Yup, Good night too, Mom!”

She hurriedly took the blanket and pillow with her and then she went to her bedroom.

Word count: 940

Thanks to:

Mia Sofianingsih Arief, for helping me on drawing the work dramatization.


Home Alone (1990)

Algernon Blackwood’s short story “The Empty House

Link for Work Dramatization:

3 thoughts on “Scary Night: A Short Prose

  1. Yani Purnamasari
    Actually I do not really like horror movie or story, but when I watch or read this genre I cannot take off my eyes to watch or read them until the end. Like this story, even though I fell scared, I read this story until the end. Overall I like this story because the description of situation is really well and me as the reader can feel the atmosphere as there is in the story. I can feel what Sylla feels when the odd creature came closer and whispered to her that parts make me shudder. And the last part that makes me scared when the odd creature was watching Sylla intensely, I do not why, I just suddenly looked at the corner of my room when I read this part.
    131 words


  2. 180410120024/E

    In the middle of the story, where the conflict of the story appears, namely when the main character, Sylla, meets the odd creature, I think you successfully deliver the tension of a spooky story. I think it is because you describe the appearance of the odd creature in detail way and tell what Sylla feels after noticing that there is a black shadow following her. You also repeatedly narrate that Sylla, who becomes frightened, has been followed by the creature. I think it also makes the readers, including me, could directly feel the tension from the part where the conflict appears until it ends.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 180410120030/B

    This short story is amazing, for I could feel the situation of the story, and I could clearly imagine it. The writer described the situation very well. Moreover when the creature whispered to Sylla, and said that it wanted to be Sylla’s friend; this part made me creeps, for I imagined how the creature’s scary voice was. But, actually when I started to read the story, I hoped that the scary story was not only the character’s dream or illusion, yet it was the character’s dream, so the ending of the story was a little bit disappointing for me because it diminished the sense of horror from the story.

    Word count: 109

    Liked by 1 person

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