Running University – The Brooklyn Game : A Short Prose


Summary: This story inspired by South Korean variety show ‘Running Man’.

29 February 2012. 04.30 AM. Ciseke, Jatinangor.

It was still in the middle of the night inside four boarding houses. There were four people who still slept after watched World Cup Open Ceremony 2014.

In Nobita’dreams, he entered into the white room.“Today, you and your friends are going to play The Brooklyn Game. Youmustbecome the winner.”

“Can Doraemon help me?”

“No, you can’t. Everyone will have the powers. To get it, you have to come to Brooklyn, Jatinangor University before 07.00 AM. Someone who comes earlyis able to choose the power for every person.”

“What do you mean?”

29 February 2012. 07.00 AM. Brooklyn, Jatinangor University.

Where do you go Charlie?

“Hi Ran! You may choose yours and your enemies’ power.” A mysterious Charlie that appeared in front of her. The three other people also arrived at Brooklyn; the game was on! “Because we have odd numbers, there is a challenge. For your information, Ran will fight in the final round. There is a name tag written your full name which affixed behind your back. You have to rip off another name tags. You have 30 minutes to eliminate all people.”

Now that the first game for Hatori, Conan, and Nobita. Hatori wanted to ripp off Conan’s nametag. Conan would never give up on Hatori. They had fight and kept running as fast as they could. Nobita’s mother was calling when Nobita ran into Conan and Hatori. “Do you study at your boarding house? Make sure you have done your assignments for tomorrow! “

“You can stop the time for ten seconds!” Ran screamed out to where Nobita stood. “What do the thing you talk about?” Nobita confused.

SREEEEK! Nobita was out!

“Darn! My mother’s calling is more important than you!” Nobita felt very angry to Conan.

Five minutes ago, Conanand Hatori wantedto eliminate Nobita. Conan had the microphone behind his tie, so he called Nobita by Nobita’s mother voice.

“Good job Conan! It is the real battle! I don’t need my power!” Hatori had full confident; he knew what Conan thought for ten minutes. Conan still couldn’t keep Hatori’s back. Hatori wanted to hold Conan like a baby. They kept running and hiding each other as fast as they could do. “I lost him!” Conan talked to himself. He didn’t want to lose in this game. “I want to use my power!”

Suddenly the sky was dark and there was a flash of lightning. Ten seconds later, the weather was sunny.

SREEEK! Hatori was out! Conan used his power; he could find wherever Hatori would hide. “You have betrayed me, Conan!”

“Come on Conan!” Ran suddenly appeared in front of Conan. They faced each other. Conan felt very dizzy; his tiny body enlarged as an adult.

“Shinichi!” Ran screamed hysterically. “Why do you leave me for so long? I miss you. I love you!”

They were getting closer. Not in vain that Conan always drinks improvement body medicine every day. Now they would be kissing. “How sweet they are! I called it true love!” Charlie couldn’t hide his admiration.

SREEEK! Ran ripped Conan’s name tag off when they were hugging. “What do you do Honey? I guess we can win this game together! You have betrayed me!”

“I am sorry. I just want to be the winner!”

Finally, the game was up. Ran was the winner of The Brooklyn Game. She did not use her power to replicate herself into four. Thus Charlie asked Ran, “Which one will you choose? You may have your own power or you get free lunch voucher for a month at PEDCA.”

Ran muttered to herself. “It is a difficult choice. I will choose.. Charlie?” Charlie suddenly disappeared right in front of everyone. Who really is Charlie?

29 February 2016. 1.00 PM. Jatinangor University.

Conan, Ran, Hatori, and Nobita met up at PEDCA. Ran and Shinichi have engaged. Shinichi promises that he will never leave Ran forever. Now Hatori is a lecturer at Ninja University in Japan. How about Nobita? He is a professional Japan shooter and still receives a call from his mother.

Word count: 687

Thank you to Indri Mayasari.

References: episode 193-194

Doraemon, Detective Conan, and Ninja Hatori cartoons.

Link for work dramatization:

7 thoughts on “Running University – The Brooklyn Game : A Short Prose

  1. 180410110208/B

    Link dramatization is really help me when I did not understand what the story about. This problem was in this story but your dramatization is great and I like your dramatization. Your dramatization have a good concept and suitable when you put the sounds or instrument music background into the story. For example, in the first paragraph you gave slow instrument music and I think it’s suitable with the intoduction story. When you moved to the next story (at Brooklyn) you put bird sounds, blowing wind and I think the situation at Brooklyn are having fresh air, clean and large areas, and making someone who come, feel comfortable and that’s why in this story take this place for play the game. The game will play, you took ‘mission impossible’ instrument song it’s suitable because they have to break the rules to get the right mission for winning the game.

    word count : 149


    • Thank you for reading my story :). I’m sorry if you don’t understand my story at first. I fully adapt the concept from ‘Running Man’ and I am sure you don’t even watch it, so it’s okay. The main story is about some people who have to finish some missions to get reward in the end; I guess my story is clearly enough about it.


  2. 180410110202/B

    Actually, when I read this short prose I can’t imagine how this story takes place in the game. But, after I listened to the link dramatization I can imagine a little bit what’s going on in this story. I was a little disappointed because on the link dramatization didn’t give instrumental music with the character of each player (as Nobita with instrumental music Doraemon’s movie) and on the end of dramatization didn’t use instrumental music as the closing. But it’s not a big deal, I still like this short prose. The plot that created in this short prose really funny. Especially on the scene when Nobita who received a call from his mother, I couldn’t stop laughing. It seems stupid, but funny. Laughing for no reason, just because reading this story.


  3. 180410110213/B

    After I read story of Running University – The Brooklyn Game until the end, I just understand your story, and I have been helped by your dramatization. I think South Korean variety show ‘Running Man’ as your inspiration, inspired from the movie ‘The Hunger Games’ about unusual game and endanger. Yes, one of interesting films and I like it. In your dramatization, sound a little “kresek kresek”, probably because you are too close to the recorder or you may use a tape recorder is in trouble. But overall, I like your short prose, so creative.


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