Riko’s Feeling: A Short Story


Summary : Riko does not understand her feeling about her study

A girl named Riko wants to be a nuclear expert, who can give the understanding to the wide of society that nuclear does not always about its danger but having is assorted of benefit. But God’s desire that she have to learn to become a doctor. At first it’s true that she doesn’t have many knowledge about medicine, or something else that related to doctor.
But now although she has known most of the knowledge which she has been studying, She still have found many difficulties to comprehending it. So that her grades does not well enough for her yet.

She have to be more struggle and continue to be struggle and also trying more harder from the other. But again she still find many difficulties, she hasn’t understand her lessons. Is it because the influence of her personality?
At first, when she was in high school, she was an active person to learned her lessons. Trying harder to maintaining her rank which she earn. In the school, when its lunchtime, she repeated the lesson which is just studied.
And at home, she did the same thing. But this time, she has try from beginning, why is it ? She felt very difficult to do it.

Is it because in her home there’s her parents who always watched over her and observe her lesson? And in her dormitory, she feel so free because there are no my parents to observing her? Although she has this situation, she has to try more harder again. She remember when she was a high-schooler student, she was a student who often asked question to her teachers, everything which she hasn’t understand yet. She asked her teachers until she really understand. Before she was getting satisfied, she didn’t desist to enquire. She often having discussion about her lesson with her friends in school. And also made a group-study, learning together about their lessons, and doing homework together. But, since she moved to her dormitory, she doesn’t know why her confident is losing away from her self.

She became a person who always kept quiet in class, do not ask to her lecturer about everything which she does not understand. She became a person who does not know about her self anymore. Not only in her course but also in her organization. She prefer to be quiet, sit, listening and studying altogether by her self. Sometimes she feel depress and confuse. How can she has to face all of her problem? She does not willing to be like this.

Actually, may be she has not ready to look full in this condition. This conditions are totally different from her life before. But she has to passed this condition during this two years. Since she moved to her dormitory, she does not want to become like this. She wish she could come back again to her true self who always enthusiastic. She does not want this condition happened for her lifetime. But she has no idea about this.

Word Count : 501

6 thoughts on “Riko’s Feeling: A Short Story

  1. Rizki Puji Gustian

    Reading this short story is like reading a part of diary which is told by a third-person point of view. Everything that Riko feels, thinks, and experiences is told in the view of the third person. The narrator seems to know everything which happens to Riko. The narrator even uses flashbacks to reveal what Riko felt in the past.

    Reading the story in the way of the narrator is also like reading a description text. The point of view is an omniscient one. However, the story becomes grotesque since Riko does not really say anything about what happens to her.

    It feels inadequate to read this story from the third-person point of view since the narrator does not provide clear characteristics and plots to the story.

    Words: 126


  2. 180410120092/E

    In my opinion, this story looks like the narration of more main story. I cannot feel the “feeling” like the title says since the character “Riko” even does not state anything by herself. The characterization using “She” brings the reader to understand the main character unclearly. Is it the author or “She”? There is no resolution as well in this story since there are many problems unsolved. I think it will be more interesting if the story is directly presented using the first-person point of view maybe and her desire to be a nuclear expert is more explicitly described with various obstacles.


  3. So, I got confused when I was reading this story. Is moving to the dormitory the main problem in this story? Or, is it the medicine studies? Or, is it her changing personality? I think you actually have a good idea for the story if you choose one from three points that I have mentioned earlier. To be honest, I could not get the feeling. You just describe it, you don’t show it. In my opinion, actions and dialogues explain better than descriptions do. Why is Riko a medicine student at the end? What has happened that she cannot study nuclear? I am expecting the dramatization too. Maybe it would strengthen the story if it were available. But, nice try.



  4. 180410120094/E

    In my opinion “Riko’s Feeling” story has an incomplete storyline because the narrator just tells every case that Riko faced in general way and without resolution, for example in the seventh line. I think it would be better if the narrator could elaborate and present some difficulties that Riko experienced in detail during she studies in the class that is not appropriate with her passion. For example she makes a fatal mistake during practicum or she feels disgusted to touch a corpse. I think by presenting the difficulties in more specific way, the readers automatically could find the point that Riko does not have any talent in the world of medicine. Beside that the obstacles that she got could also be a reason why Riko has a different personality than before. I think by focusing on these obstacles, this story could have a complex storyline with a potential climax.

    Word count: 149


  5. 180410120130

    The first time I read this title, I supposed that Riko was a male, but it was actually not. I think this story very presenting the real life of us. The author tried to relating the character of Riko with her habits in the past, then it become an element in build the main conflict of this story by comparing her character in the past with this time. In other side, this story could be more interesting if the author put some dialogue into it. For example, the dialogue between Riko and her parent. Hence, the reader would be understand clearly with the whole story.

    Word count: 105


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