Revenge: Radio Drama


Summary: About a girl who is doing something crazy as her revenge.

Scene 1: At the studio

Luna : Elma! I’m really glad you took my offer to be our new announcer!

Elma : No, it is me who should be thankful for the job you offered me, Luna. By the way, what happened with the former announcer?

Luna : Ah, our program has a new concept, and we need a young and fresh girl to be our new announcer, the former announcer is a little bit old for us.

Elma : Ah, I see. Once again, thank you very much, Luna, for this opportunity. I promise I will work hard to not disappoint you.

Luna : Don’t push yourself too hard, I believe you will be doing fine!

(Song slowly fades out)

Elma : So… that’s the last song for today. Thank you for listening and I’m sorry if I made a lot of mistake; I’m so nervous to death! Also, don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, okay? Goodbye! Elma is signing out! Have a nice day!

(Elma put down the headphone)

Luna : Wow that was good for your first broadcast! You has a talent, girl!

Elma : Ah, thank you, but I made a lot of mistake, you know; I am far from good.

Luna : Everybody makes a mistake, Elma. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

Scene 2: Elma’s house

(Sound of phone vibrated)

Elma : Don’t tell me it is a spam message again… Huh? What is it? (Reread the message) Sweet girl, you better resign from your job soon or I will make you resign from this world forever.

Elma : (Laugh) I swear the world is just going crazier and crazier! I bet threating messages are the new trend these days.

(Sound of phone ringing)

Caller : Elma, you better quit your job soon, or I can’t promise your life will be safe, forever.

Elma : Huh? Who are you? Please-

Caller : Don’t worry we’ll meet soon. You better start to pray hard from now on if you don’t want to go to hell.

(Call ended)

Scene 3: The next day at Elma’s house

(Sound of a phone vibrated)

Elma : What now? (Reread the message) So, you’re ignoring me, sweetie? You better quit soon, I tell you; I won’t be easy on you, though. PS: Prepare yourself, the game will start soon.

Elma : Dear God, I already received ten messages like this today. Maybe I should change my number…

Scene 4: At the studio

Elma : Now we’re opening the call line so let’s have a talk, listeners! In case you forget, our telephone number is 8989777. Come on come on, I want to hear your voice!

Elma : Ah, we got one call here! Hello?

Caller : Hello, Elma. Do you recognize my voice?

Elma : Excuse me? Who are you?

Caller : Ah, wrong answer. I already told you to quit, baby, but don’t worry, I will gladly kick you out of this world soon-

(Call purposely ended)

Elma : Ah, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, listeners, and for today, we decide to close the call line, so let’s have a talk tomorrow. Also, you should be careful, prank calls are getting scarier these days. For now, let’s move to the next song, this is Ain’t It Fun by Paramore. Enjoy!

(Song starts playing in the background)

(Song fades out)

Luna : Do you know who the caller is?

Elma : I don’t know, I don’t recognize- Ah! I think I remember. Her voice is similar with the one who called me yesterday.

Luna : Huh? Are you getting some prank calls these days?

Elma : Yes, it’s not just a prank, Luna, she threats to kill me.

Luna : Maybe, there is somebody who hates you, but you didn’t realize it.

Elma : Umm, I don’t know… Um, Luna, I’m really sorry before, but, is it possible that the caller is the former announcer?

Luna : I bet she wouldn’t do cheap things like this… She is a very nice person as I remember; she even said that she would support this program even though she is not the announcer anymore.

(Song fades out)

Scene 5: The next day at the studio

(The sound of phone vibrated)

Elma : Oh God, what is it this time?! (Reread the message) Prepare yourself, the game will begin soon. Wait, why she knew my new number??? What a crazy bitch.

Luna : Elma, are you ready? We’ll start in 3, 2, 1, cue!

Elma : Good afternoon, listeners! Elma is here. Today, we have an Evanescence special, so for the next two hours we’re only playing Evanescence’s songs! Who’s excited?!

(The song starts playing)

(The studio’s door opens suddenly and someone enters)

(The door is being locked)

Luna : Jean? What are you doing here?

Jean : Oh, Luna, do you still remember me?

(The sound of gun being shot twice)

(Song stopped)

Elma : Oh my God! Are you fucking out of your mind?! Why you shot Luna?!

Jean : The game has already begun, Elma. I told you thousand times to quit, but you ignore me. So just shut up, and enjoy the game. Try to move an inch, and I will shot you.

(Jean take over the mic)

Jean : Greetings, listeners. Do you recognize my voice? Yes, it is Jean here. Yes, I am the former announcer who suddenly replaced by this pretty lady named Elma. Oh, life is so unfair. Let’s keep it short; I have to announce it to you that this is the last broadcast you’ll ever hear. Awww, you’re sad, right? Elma, do you want to say few last words? No? Okay, don’t regret it.

(The sound of gun being shot)

Jean : What a shame she didn’t said her farewell words. Oh, I see a lot of messages coming in and have lots of curses in it. (Laughs) Don’t worry I’ll leave now. Goodbye, lovely listeners, and have a nice day!

Background music:
– What I’ve Done by Linkin Park.
– Ain’t It Fun by Paramore.
– Bring Me To Life by Evanescence.

Thank you to:
Annisa Setyarti, Vidiana Aulia, and Niki Nur Arinda (Class F) for helping me by being the dubbers and correcting the wrong grammar.

Word count: 998

Link for work dramatization:

7 thoughts on “Revenge: Radio Drama

  1. Zitro Alviotti
    180410120125/ Class F

    The drama is quiet unique since the theme is about a psychopathic story. Moreover, how the writer show the characters in the dialogues is quiet brief which makes me easily figured the pattern of how
    the writer represents the characteristics of each characters in the dialogues. But, I felt a little dissapointed for the title of the drama is not represented clearly in the script since I don’t get which parts show the form of the revenge itself. I think it is more likely about envy not a revenge. Overall, the story and the dramatization is quiet amusing to be listened since the idea is creative.

    Word Count: 106


    • Thank you Zitro for your comment! About the title, yes, I also feel it is too simple and doesn’t represent the whole story, so somehow I feel a little bit disappointed too.


  2. 180410120123/F

    I like your Radio Drama. Some sound effects of your dramatization are clear and fit with the story. But, in my opinion, if I hear and read your dramatization the plot seems clear, because there is the description about the time. Unfortunately in your dramatization there are no sound effects which tell the listeners about the time. When I listened to your dramatization without read the script, I thought Elma got all the messages in a day. I think it will be better if you add more sound effect which describing the time. Sound of birds or cricket’s sounds perhaps which describing that this part has already changed to the next day. Overall, I really like your radio drama. And I like the end of your works. Your work is so great.

    Word Count: 132


  3. I like the theme of your work. Although, in my opinion, scene 1 to scene 4 feel a little bit flat. I don’t know if it’s because of the dubbers that are not total in some accentuations of the dialogue or it’s because there’s no such thing as background music which I think would help the listeners to be more lived to your radio drama. But, in the last scene, every time I hear it when “Bring Me to Life” song is being played, I suddenly feel the atmosphere that is getting creepy and tense. That’s a nice touch, though. And, the way the story goes to the end with that kind of atmosphere is really great. Good job, Khansa!

    Word Count: 120


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