Remnant: Radio Drama


Summary: An archaeologist in an abandoned radio station tells her experienced and inequitable treatment that she gets after barely got out from a peculiar town.

[Are we already in?]

(Buzzing Sound)

Ah finally! Good day people. Yes, it’s me. Lilian Morgenstern. You might have heard about me and my team through rumors which spreading around like a disease lately. Please don’t make a ruckus I am not going to take much of your time.

You call me a queer subsister because I manage to speak here whilst your favorite one failed. That’s so rude, considering how many times I’ve been put my life in the front line for you people. As an archeologist, here, my job is to find every substance that can reinforce our municipality’s defenses and to cure your ‘illnesses’. You know what? Years ago this is not an archaeologist supposed to do. We do not need to do our job for anyone else behalf; to digging, analysis and interpreting remains for your safety. But we do it anyway, because we believe in you. We believe… that we’ll be a hero and this is a heroic sacrifice, you folks will be waiting for us on the sidewalk and we’ll wave with hope in our smile. But apparently that’s only our foolish fantasy, because human tend to forget the virtuous side of their own species but they will always remember the error.

Do you think death is the cruelest fate? Think again. There are things that much worse like torture or eternal loneliness. Having thought like the only survivor whilst everyone else’s fate unknown is painful and the guilt is slowly eating me inside.
Here I am, to tell you what’s really going on that day. Darn! Those people keep banging the front door like mad mutants in heat.

(Shrieking voice)

I see… (Pause) No time left folks; I will start from the beginning of our misfortune then. Never had we felt such utter exhaustion like that day, we didn’t find the substance we were looking for and the fog blocking our view as usual. We planned to move to another town that time even though it was already dark outside beside we didn’t want to go back to you with empty handed. The road was so bumpy and the air felt so thick perhaps because we sweated so much, it’s been days since our last bath. Folks, you probably already heard the trouble began when we stumbled into this town from those people… this town was entirely different. I am not talking about normal, deserted towns which we visited every single time. There was something off about the atmosphere. This was out in the sticks.

Do you remember Marco? He was so excited. He insisted to stay for the night; he thought that maybe we could find a new substance for help you guys. What a dumb decision. So, we trekked through about a half mile of the ruins until we found a humongous tree trunk lying in the middle of the street. We were so surprised not only because it is a tree, you know with our condition like this… (snicker) but also because the tree looks freshly hewn. The sky was so beautiful that night; it was a surreal sight seeing all those stars and the moon whilst we could barely have light in our town. Oddly, there was not foggy there but it was suffocating. We were looking thoroughly in that trunk; five of us couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the familiar black liquid in the edge of the cut. In ten seconds, it was as simple as that until an ear-splitting voice broke the silence.

(Shrieking Voice Increasing)


[Can you hold them for freaking five minutes?! I just… Please…]

Sorry folks those people are so persistent. I don’t understand how they could find me in the first place though. Where were we? (Clicking voice) Oh yes that part, everything happened so fast and the next thing I knew is Marco already gone from my side. Well, most of him. In that kind of situation what would you do? The rest of us were looking at each other in confusion. We were focusing about the thing which blazing around us and how to catch it. Can you believe that? Things we do for you folks.

We were still on winning side until the stars and the moon disappear behind the clouds. It was pitch black and quiet. This kind of quiet is not my most favorite thing because I feel like I can hear everything that’s going on. But worst of all, I feel like everything can hear me. I turned on my flashlight and there was he, Marco, who’s face had been torn to pieces, chunks of flesh hanging off, but despite being mostly disconnected from his skull, both eyes still moved and what was left of his mouth still grinned. In his hand my heart beating rapidly.

(Deeply sighing)

They said I was found alone with blood all over my body and my hollow red eyes. For heaven’s sake! The blood was only on my bottom and my left hand. The point is I did what I need to do. You guys need to know the truth, that’s why I need to come back alive or at least fit enough to tell this discovery. Those people thinking that I kill my own teammates because I have been infected. Screw them and screw you for believing them.

(Sounds of smashing windows)

Darn! These people surely love to surprise me, I don’t have time to get heart attack now (laughing)
Folks, I think they don’t like it me speaking here to you…

(Sounds of people fighting something)

(Shrieking Voice)

And yes for who is wondering now, that thing is still out there maybe with Marco and the others.


Folks, they are coming… I… I am sorry… (Breathing heavily)
I hope you find a solution to help yourself. I really do.

Oh, no.

(Sounds of something heavy hitting an object)
(Static Voice).

Thanks to Audia Dinda Prametasya as proofreader and Intan Artika Putri for the support.


DreadOut (An Indonesian Horror Game)

Radioactive-Imagine Dragons

Demons-Imagine Dragons

Word Count: 999

Dramatization Link:

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