Recurrent Memory: A Short Prose

180410120029 / B

Summary: A man who suddenly meets a woman who exactly looks like his ex-girlfriend.

The dew drops fall wetting the windowpane beside Danny. Lights from the streetlight just outside the window shine through the pane touching the tip of his face and the table that are already prepared for a beautiful dinner. He looks down to the table making sure for the last time that everything has been prepared well. Yes, he is sure that everything has been prepared well. Tonight, he has a date with a woman named Cecille, his friend at the office where he works. It is not actually a date. It feels more as a runaway-date for him. He just broke up with his girlfriend a month ago and when he asked Cecille out for dinner, he did not think at all. It might be come from his loneliness because of the break up. It does not come from his attracted-feeling to Cecille. For a moment, while he is waiting Cecille to come, his thoughts fly away to the moment a month ago, the moment when he see his ex face for the last time. The rain outside and the dew drops in the windowpane just make it worse.

In a moment, he thinks that he is actually okay if Cecill will not come. He will have no regret or angry feeling to it because at the very first, he is not really that serious to this dinner. ‘’Good evening, madam!’’ the voice of the doorman making Danny turned over looking to the door. He feels a little bit shock. He sees a lady take off her raincoat and walks slowly to the table where he sits. It is Cecille. She looks gorgeus with his red sexy dress, a beautiful necklace in her neck, and wavy brunette hair that swings beautifully everytime she moves her feet walking to Danny.
‘’Oh Danny, I’m so sorry that I’m late. The traffic was so bad. I can’t even move my car back then.’’ Says Cecill while she sits in the chair in front of Danny. ‘’No problem.’’ Danny reply while giving his charming smile.
‘’Wow, this is so beautiful. I did not think that our dinner will be amazing like this. Thank you Danny.’’ And Danny is just smiling again responding to what she just said. The moment is so perfect and romantic at that time. The table that lights by a candle, the room that quiet and calm, the floors that clean and nice, and even the ballad music that plays by the home-musician of the restaurant are making it like ‘’this is the situation where every woman would dream for.’’
‘’Excuse me, Sir! Here is the appetizer.’’ The waiter come and put it in the table along with puring the red wine that Danny had ordered before. ‘’Wow, Danny, you always surprise me. It looks tasty.’’
‘’Well, let’s eat then. Don’t make them cold.’’ He answer it calmly.

They begin eating the food. One or two times she keeps speaking to Danny while eating their food. She tells him about their works, their friends, and even anything that is unimportant at all. It is not atrracted Danny at all, the conversation, the topic, everything that she said is just as if she is talking with tree. He is there but not his minds. He just reacts to it half-heartedly. Suddenly, he feels like he gets struck by lightning when he realizes that there is a woman that looks alike his ex on the next table. His heart thumps so fast and all of the memories about her reappear. He looks closely to that woman. They are alike physically. He begins to think that she is his ex but he tries to deny it because it is impossible, their height seems different.
‘’Hey, Danny, are you with me? You look like thinking about something, do you have problems?’’ She asks him curiously. ‘’Err, nothing, I was just remembered somwthing’’ He answer and smile to her.

She seems understand it and then continue speaking again from where she stops. Danny smiles but he can’t deny his eyes only look to the woman that looks alike to his ex. What becomes his desire now is only that woman. He doesn’t think about Cecille anymore. He wishes that this dinner will be end soon because the longer he is here means the more memories he can remember. As the main course and the dessert come, Danny is still like a man who has no soul. His eyes are empty, so as the conversation between him and Cecille. At the moment, he feels like he wanted to leave Cecill, make an excuse, and when Cecille dissapears, he comes again to the restaurant and talks to the woman. But he realizes that he cannot do that. So he decides to bear with the situation although it feels like it kills him. The air of relief seems like answer Danny’s anxiety. It is the time where they have to separate and end this dinner. She thanks him for the beautiful dinner and
again Danny just react smiling. When they go to the door, he looks to the back and looking to his ex-like woman with thousand feeling. He still want to talk to her, yet his feet keep walking to the door. One thing that he has realized that he still cannot leave his past. And for Cecille, he may not talk to her anymore.

Word Count:904

Thank you to:
RIzki Puji Gustian (180410120028) as proofreader, giving comments, and ideas. Dimas Bimo Prakoso (180410120032) as proofreader, giving coments, and ideas.

Parker, D. ”But The One On The Right”. United States: The New Yorker.

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One thought on “Recurrent Memory: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120056
    Kelas B

    Honestly, I do not really get the climax of the story, is it when Danny sees the woman who looks like his ex? I cannot deny that I expect more than that as I keep questioning what will happen next especially to the main character, Danny. If you really intend to keep the end of the story opened, then congratulation, you make it! Well, I find some grammatical errors but it seems forgotten since the story is packed by the easy-to-read writing style, using the third person narrative that floats the reader. I also notice that your first paragraph is written like an expert; how the prolog tells the situation and characters in very detail way. Good job! (words: 124)


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