Payback’s A Bitch: A Poem


Summary: Having enough of being bullied, she finally makes her revenge to the queen bee.

How come a school becomes the scariest place in the world?

Go through the safe route without passing them,

The queen and her ladies in waiting,

The beauties with whom you don’t want to deal ,

The fly-higher on the top of the pyramid in the cheerleading team.

People cheer and praise and esteem,

But call them bitches behind their back.

Then who am I?

I am one of them who walk near them with head bow.

The leader straighten her leg making me tumble down,

Giving entertainment to the other guys.

I brave myself to look at her in the eyes,

Sending a glare though my hands tremble.

She smirks showing her damn dimple.

The worst thing is you can’t stop it.

No matter how people pity me,

They can do nothing under her tyranny.

Even her friends grimace at her being bully.

What is a leader without any followers?

You can make people fear you

But you can’t make people love you.

You are, Alison, a monster with friendly appearance

With your golden wavy hairs,

Your innocent barbie-looking face,

But has ability to create enemies.

I don’t know if you have a human heart,

Having fun by spitting at the nerds,

Having us wipe your sneakers.

Do you know what it’s like to walk every single day

And look at some shrine to an evil doer?

You have made my life a nightmare, Alison.

Stop dissin’ me or you will get a taste of your own medicine.

Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too.

They live inside us, inside me too,

And you are the one who let it win

One night at Halloween party

Gothic finery, and unnatural decorations

Which they term ornaments, are conspicuous in hall and dress.

Creepin’ along the corridor with lifted chin,

The witch has come in Lady G,

Cockily swaying her hips, taking a sip of gin,

No idea of what is waitin’.

Surely I am not invited, yet here I am.

Because I know how much you like the game,

I will see how much you will enjoy it;

It is more fun than ‘trick or treat’.

Karma doesn’t come with a menu;

you get served what you deserve.

I want to hurt you as much as you hurt me.

Here she comes to the haunted house.

I watch her every step behind Halloween mask,

Barely visible with all the black clothes.

She screams and laughs by the fake ghosts.

I slide my hands through the black gloves.

I am now standing behind her, heart beating fast.

She turns around seeing the knife in my grasp.

Her eyes widened to inhumane size.

She looks flustered and her movement stutters.

A twinge of happiness in my chest seeing horror in her face.

I lift the knife high into the air

And then plunged into her chest.

A sick smile came across my face

As I watch the blood ooze out of her ribcage.

She coughs out blood, the soul flying out.

I take off my mask revealing a smile of triumph.

She mouths my name before let out her last breath.

I tilt my head to admire the pool of dark red.

Wait until they know the queen bee is dead.

They’ll know she’s been killed;

The bitch probably deserves it.

Thank you to Annisa Hida Robbiani for being my proofreader, Arina Pramudita for giving me advice to improve my story, and special thanks to Nurina Azzyyati for always supporting me and giving me idea when I was stuck.


– King, I. Marlene (Dir.).2010. Pretty Little Liars Season 1.United States: Warner Bros Television.

– A quote from Stephen King <>

Word count: 550

Link for work dramatization:

3 thoughts on “Payback’s A Bitch: A Poem

  1. 180410130044/A

    It is an interesting poem. What I like about this poem is how the narrator aligns herself with the antagonist of the story. The characterization in this poem dominates how the story goes. First of all, the reader is treated to an atmosphere in which the narrator is bullied. Then the narrator tries to align with the antagonist by stating his frustration that she could do what is done by the antagonist towards her, as quoted ‘I want to hurt you as much as you hurt me.’. Then, the narrator holds the power in the story and shows her power by killing the antagonist. Verse by verse of the poem brings the story to a climax and to a completion. Although completion tragic, it makes this poem so dramatic.

    Word count: 129


  2. 180410120067/A
    The first time I read this, I wonder what the poem would talk about. The words used in the initial parts succeed to build my curiosity to read this poem until the end. Focus on the first to seventh stanzas, the poem is introduced well since it gradually builds my curiosity in knowing more what will happen next. Besides, I think the best part of this poem is on the fifteenth to twenty-first line, where Alison begins to be introduced, because it attracts my attention with its very interesting part of Alison description. However, the poem will be easier to understand after watching the series of: Pretty Little Liars since this poem mostly talks about this.
    Word count: 116


  3. 180410120074/D

    You did a great work because I can feel the hate of that nerd by the way you choose the words. I want to emphasize the great words you choose which shows the hate towards the queen-bee. First, “Having fun by spitting the nerds. Having us wipe your sneakers”. Wow, it is a great hyperbole! Wipe someone’s sneakers? Only a queen can do that! Second, the way you actually admit the beauty of her but still you hate her in, “She smirks showing her damn dimple.” And the third is, “Stop dissin’ me or you will get a taste of your own medicine”. I love the words dissin’ and medicine here because it makes such a cool threat. And you did the best in the last part when you narrate the death of that bitch. Congratulation!
    (136 Words)


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