Midnight Memories: A Short Prose


Summary: A story about a girl who recalls her beautiful past yet the one she always wants to get over the most.


It was a beautiful starry night, in this cozy café with a picturesque view, I was sitting in the corner , alone, seeking for serenity. The stars shined brightly, I could clearly see the beautiful night view of Jogja from my seat. I kept staring at my phone, it did not stop ringing. I did not tell anyone where I was, they would find me eventually. I had decided to spend this night alone, no family, no friends, no one, though I knew deep down, there was someone that I really hoped was here with me. I took my phone and started typing a text, “I want to meet you, I am at our favorite place now.” I could not think properly at the moment, everything looked vague for me now. Did I really want to see him again? In this night, in this place, after the last time we talked? I starred at the empty seat in front of me, daydreaming, and all the memories I had here suddenly popped up. I felt like calling him and said that it was my fault that we ended up like this. Told him that I had forgiven him and he probably would come here to see me, but I had no courage to do it and in a couple of minutes, I found myself was drowning again in my schoolgirl fantasy.

The wind blew pretty hard, so I wrapped my scarf around my shoulder when out of the blue, someone showed up from my back and shouted “Happy birthday!” Everyone started starring at us. It was Alvin. He brought a white cream cake with candles on it. I looked at him without saying a word. I heard him singing a birthday song and waited me to blow out the candles.
“Come on, blow it, but don’t forget to make a wish first.” He looked at me with his cute smile that I really missed.
I froze. Because I did not say or did anything, he held my hand and said “Want to blow it together?”
I made a wish and blew the candles with him. “Thanks. And what are you doing here?”
“To meet you” he smirked. “It is your birthday and I won’t let you spend this special day alone.”
“Like, you care.” Those words just came out. I did not even understand why I answered like that.
“Don’t be mad. I apologize for many times already. You want to see me, right?”
How did he know it? I thought I did not send him that text.
“Well. Sorry, again. I know it will never be enough for you. But, at least I’m here with you.” He looked straight into my eyes.
“I… I don’t know what is happening now.” My words get trapped and I could not find the right words, it was only my fantasy or not, I could not tell.

Everything was confusing me. I needed time to figure out what just happened. I missed him, but he cheated on me and out of nowhere, he was here sitting in front of me, brought me a birthday cake, and apologized, that was it? That was it and I forgave him? Wait. Minutes ago, I said that I had forgiven him, since when did I easily change my mind? Everyone deserved a second chance, but something was not right, it was weird. It seemed like I took a pretty long time to think, he must be wondering what I was thinking right now and all of a sudden, someone covered my eyes from behind and when I looked back, it was my friend, Lila. Of course she knew where to find me, but I was in the middle of something important here and she really hated Alvin for cheating on me, she must be angry after seeing him. I looked at his seat, it was empty. I thought that I had lost my mind.

“It is March 27th already. Happy 22nd birthday Ally!” She hugged me again and a waiter brought a birthday cake for me. I looked around, but I did not see him anywhere and there was no cake from him too on my table.
“Who are you looking for?” Lila looked at me with a strange look.
I smiled. “Nothing. So, how about we blow out the candles together?”
“Thanks for the cake, I asked you not to look for me, right?”
“There is no way I will do that. Grow up girl, you’re 22 now. I know why you’re here.” Said her while looking at the menu. “Recalling your 20th birthday that you spent with him, right? Where he was late and you’re mad at him. Ah… Please stop telling me that, I’m bored listening to it. It is like I can portray that scene here… Why are you smiling?”
“Nope. Nothing. It is funny, I can’t even tell the difference between fantasy and reality now.” I laughed. She was right, it was not real. It was just an event from two years ago.
“It’s been two years. I’ve told you this million times, but you really have to stop being like this.”
“Yes, I really do need to stop.” I opened my phone. I did not send him that text. I really had to stop here. Right?


Thanks to: Parastika Heavi N.A. And Amanda Alifia for proofreading my work.

Reference: Midnight Memories by One Direction
Someone’s personal experience

Word count: 884

Work dramatization: https://soundcloud.com/amanda-alifia/midnight-memories-a-short-prose

3 thoughts on “Midnight Memories: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120003/A

    What a good plot! I cannot even tell the difference between fantasy and reality on your story. Before I read the last part of my little story imagining what if her friend, Lila, will curse or hit Alvin because she knows that the main character is cheated by Alvin, in fact, Alvin is not there with her and it is imaginary past her with Alvin. I think the state of the wind in the second paragraph tell that the second paragraph is still in one day with the first paragraph so I thought the main character is waiting for her boyfriend and then give her a surprise. Turns out it is just a figment of the main character.


  2. 180410120089/E

    When I was reading, I felt that transitions of the story go smoothly from one notion to another and one scene to the next. When Ally realizes that the previous event is just her fantasy, the writer broke the scene and moved ahead with a quick line that show the change in Ally’s mind. This makes me as a reader wants to follow along, wants to know more, and wants to read on. Sometimes the transition like that can be confusing, but it does not happen in this story as the writer tried informing readers about the shift so they know the story has moved, for example the writer used Lila’s voice to recounts the event that happened two years ago. In other words, the story is not too choppy, so readers can move from paragraph to paragraph and have not intricacy getting back into it.

    (146 words)


  3. 180410120142/G

    This is a good story. From the beginning of the story until the end is very clear. I did not confused when reading this story. That means it has been two years that she waited Alvin at that place. But in fact, he no longer visited her and did not make any surprise when her birthday. Alvin only appeared two years ago. Everything is just a memory, now she must accept the fact that she does not have a relationship with Alvin anymore. Good work!


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