Love on Bus: Song Lyric

180410130055 / A

Summary: A girl falls in love with a stranger on a bus but the boy doesn’t notice her because too busy with his mp3 player.

Song I

Oh baby are you somebody new?
‘Cause I didn’t know that there was you
On this bus that’s going to
The 20th avenue

Do you know that I’m looking at you?
I know you don’t
Cause baby you’re too busy with your mp3
So many songs to listen to

I think im falling in love with you
But Im not sure if it is really true
Baby I don’t know
Cause youre just somebody new

The way you dress
Your body
Your hair
Make my heart feels something strange
Your eyes
Your lips
Oh, baby..

I know i have this feeling
And I think its real
But not sure if its for you

Is this the destiny?
That you and me here
On the bus
Oh maybe it is

But you have your own world there
You don’t even care
That ive been for so long stared

Baby please look away from that
Cause im here im right here close to you
Please look at me

Song II

If I were your girlfriend
I’d cook your favorite dish everyday
Cause I love you

If you were my boyfriend
I would treat you right
And never let you go
Forever I’d stay with you

But I think that’s impossible
Though the life’s unpredictable
Nobody knows what will happen in the future

But I have many sweet dreams
Sweeter than vanilla ice cream
because everything is meant to be
Just for you and me

My heart is as blue as the sky
Because I feel I just want to cry
And there’s one thing that can make me smile
it is of course your “hi”

If we were meant to be
Just go with me
New York City, Germany
Take many photos, be happy

If we’re not meant to be
I want to ask god
“please tell me that he’s the one”
So you can really be the one for me

Oh I don’t have so much time
Cause baby I have to go
So please I’m begging you
Turn your head and look at me…

Song III

My time is almost over
Then youll become the one I have to get over
Cause this is where I have to go
Though my heart says it cannot let you go
Should I just stay here?
Waiting for you to look at here

Darling I think I should go
Im sorry I don’t mean to leave you
Cause my heart is tired of waiting for you to notice me

My time’s finally over
This is time for me to leave you
I can’t help I want to cry baby
Cause I have to let you go

Goodbye darling, im leaving
But I’ve left my heart on the bus you’re on
Cause you are my heart
And now it has gone

My heart gone along with the bus that’s now leaving the bus stop
And im standing here all alone wishing I’d meet you someday
And when that day comes please look at me

And don’t bring your mp3

Thankyou for the proofreaders:

Noviyanti Katerina
Jasmine Zarasani
Tiara Fariza

And for my piano.

– One of Avril Lavigne’s songs (forget the title)
P.S: THIS WORK IS NOT 100% FROM MY BRAIN (except the lyrics), I MAY HAVE ACCIDENTALLY ADDED RANDOM SONGS (but forget the names)

Word count: 507

Dramatization link.

4 thoughts on “Love on Bus: Song Lyric

  1. 180410110009/A
    I like the story tells by the writer in this song with simple music that well enough to listen. But in the line “I think im falling in love with you” the girl even doubt with her feelings and before the writer told the girl just look at him. is she falling in love suddenly? in a first glance? Or with his appearence and may be anything else? I am curious with the girl. I think it is reaching a climax when the time of the girl is almost over, she still hope he could turn his head and look at her and the resolution when she decide to go and left him in the bus. Why the girl not pretending to take mind of him/ disrtact in order to make him look at her. (135)


  2. 180410090016/F

    This is song about love. I found the words interesting this song lyrics Such as “If you were my boyfriend.I would treat you right. And never let you go. Forever I’d stay with you”. her mention is seems like personal experience even she is really expect man in the bus became her future husband. even if it is only met in an unintended moment. She fell in love at first sight. In The last song explains that even though only a short time, but he always there in her heart. though she realized though was gone. She want to see again if she was on the bus again. The great song lyrics. I love this meaning word of the lyrics song.


  3. Noviyanti Katerina
    180410130039 / A

    In my opinion, you made cliché stories. Someone falls in love with someone in the bus and others. To be honest, it is amazing. I enjoy reading cliché stories, seriously. But I am in love with your songs! You make good songs, you are a true songwriter. I am a fan now. But, I feel a bit guilty and a bit distracted with some words from the lyrics that sound a little ‘awkward’ with the tone you picked. But, the good news is, I did not find tones from any possible song recorded in my head so far. So, good job!


  4. 180410130051/A

    I was suprised on your ability to make three songs with a continuing plot. The plot was easy to read, so I did not found any difficulties to understand the lyric. However, I feel that the story was too predictable. Also, the second song was about the girl’s imagination, which for me was too far. Contrast, the words you are using and the analogy was sweet and powerful. Your tone and voice inside the dramatization also match with the lyric. I really like the voice and the way it sing the song. This lyric is about a shy girl who is secretly admiring a boy, so her voice must be soft and sweet. That’s why, the lyric and the dramatization is a perfect match.

    (124 words)


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