Love is (Not) About; A Poem


Summary: A girl’s ideal about love.

Love is not about you
Love is about you and me
It’s about us

Love is not about quantity
Love is about quality

You see,
Love is not about meeting each other all the time
Love is about a meeting
That you will remember all the time

Love is not about being blind over other things
Love is about seeing the most important ones

Love is not about giggling all the time
Love is about being comfortable in silence

Love is not about
“let’s go here today, there tomorrow”
Love is about being with the loved one,
Wherever the place is

Love is not about going out to fancy dinner
Love is about eating self-made food
In the cozy living room
With fancy atmosphere

Love is not about sitting prettily
Nor eating slowly, gracefully,
That’s manner
Love is about sitting in the most comfortable way
And eating everything you like
Without the need to try hard to look good

Love is not about dolling yourself
To look “prettier” than you already are,
That’s self satisfaction
Love is about being brave to go bare-faced,
Knowing that the loved one
Is going to like it

Love is not about hiding your freak
And trying to be someone you’re not
Love is about freeing your freak
And being comfortable to be the freak you

Love is not about two people with one mind
Love is about two people with two minds
Who know how to compromise

Love is not about erasing the difference between two people
Love is about trying to tolerate the difference
And make something out of it

Love is not about sweet nothings
To be whispered every day
Love is about sweet things
To be done in the right time

Love is not about physical needs
Love is about psychological needs

Love is not about praising everything the other does,
That’s ignorance
Love is about pointing out the wrongs
And trying to correct them

Love is not about agreeing to everything the other says,
That’s also ignorance
Love is about speaking out your own opinion
And trying to make a deal
From two different opinions

Love is not about saying yes to everything,
Because you’re afraid to hurt the other
Love is about saying no
Without hurting the other

Love is not about talking formalities,
Like “how are you today, what did you do today, have you eaten”
Love is about talking what you really want to talk,
And forced shall it not be

Love is not about showing off to the world
When you (think) found your loved one
Love is about enjoying the time with your loved one
On your own

Love is not about kissing each other
Until it feels hard to breathe
Love is about being content
And feeling grateful for each other’s presence

Love is not about cutting yourself from the world
To be just with the loved one
Love is about conquering the world
With the love you both share

But above all,
Love is not about being perfect
Love is about feeling perfect

Thank you to:
My classmate, Enjelita Puspitarini for proofreading my work
My best friends; Joice, Fanny, Ravenski for proofreading and supporting me during the process.

“Love” by John Lennon

Word Count: 510

Link for work dramatization:

2 thoughts on “Love is (Not) About; A Poem

  1. 180410120107 / F

    From my own opinion about your work, I must say I like the way you describe the real meaning of ‘Love’ in this poem. But I don’t see any words that build the story in this poem, and I can say this poem has no story inside and the rhyme of this poem is also not good. The setting in this poem is also unclear, and I think it will be great if you put background music on your dramatization in order to bring the atmosphere to the listener and reader. This poem is seems to me like an imagination of a girl about how a relationship should be. Overall, I like this poem; I like the idea of this poem.

    (121 WORDS)


  2. Tasha Rizka Putri
    180410130071 / A

    I was attracted to read your poem because of its title. It is a good poem and the title really matches with it. I love how you describe what love is about in a simple way, but still beautiful nonetheless. However, I am sorry to say that I think two aspects of the story triangulation (plot and setting) do not really exist in your poem. Basically, there is no plot in it; there is no beginning-middle-end that builds the story and there is no setting where the story takes place. Meanwhile for the characterization, I think the girl is characterized pretty well because you picture how she thinks love is supposed to be.

    (113 words)


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