Leave the true self: A Short Prose


Summary: There is a girl who has a difficult life that made her changed her identity.

[“Look it is the transfer student!” even though she whispers it to her friends, I still can hear
it. I walk away pretend I did not hear it. I think they follow me, because when
I open my locker I hear their voice, gossiping me. “Woahh, she looks like a
boy? Does she have a period like us?” OMG, I am a girl, so I have it every
month just like all of you girls! It is better if I just leave them. There are
a lot of things I have to do. But, before I leave them, I look at them with the
“shut up your mouth” stare. They shock; maybe they thought that I could not
hear their irritated voice. They leave in a hurry. It makes one of them fall
and hit the floor. While I am leaving to the other way, I smile.

Hat, t-shirt, jeans, and sneaker were my style. I
always wore it to make my appearance look like a boy. It made me felt safe.
Maybe it could safe me from the bullying. I hate it when people bully someone
because she/he is weak. So I changed myself in order to make people think that
I am not weak. Not only change my appearance, I practiced so I can protect
myself from bad people. My step father, man who adopted me when I left my
house, trained me. He is a boxer, actually an ex-boxer because he left boxing
after meet with her wife.


I was happy living with the couple. At the first time
I met them I lied about why I wandered alone in the street. At that time, they
had married for three days. Even though I was a stranger to them, they took me
and adopted me as their daughter. After three months they treated me, I told
them about my true story. I told them about my family and the reason why I left
my house.

“I am sorry I lied to you,” I am still crying. I do
not want to see their face because I feel ashamed. “It is okay. Stop crying. If
you cry, we will not understand your story, honey,” her soft voice made me
feels safe. I try to stop the tears. Even though I stop cry, I still look down.
I start my story. She sits beside me caress my head while he sits in the other
sofa. At first, I told them about my family.


“My father is a governor and my mother is a housewife,
but my mother left us after gave birth to me. Because of that, I raised by a
babysitter. I have two older brothers. They all have the same hair and the same
eyes. My father and my mother too, their hair and eyes color are brown, while
mine different. I have a blond hair and blue eyes, so my father hates me and
told me that I am not his child,” my tears are coming out and I wipe them. “Go
on, honey,” she still caresses me. “One day, I asked my father why I am
different and why I am not his child. He was angry. He shouted at me that I
have to ask it to my mother. At that time he called my mother a b*tch. I cried
and went to my room. After that, I left my house because there is nobody loves
me. After three days wandered, I met you two,” she hugs me. “Oh honey, you had
a terrible experience. Now, you do not need to be afraid. We will take care of
you like our own daughter,” she kisses my head and still hugs me.


After that, they raised me and taught me to be an
independent girl. I changed my hair color into brown and I always wear brown
lenses. When I was a 16, I decided to transfer into a high school in my
hometown. I wanted to find my true identity. My step parent agreed with my decision
even though at first my step mother did not want to let me go. After promised
that I will come back after I satisfy with the truth.

“Are you my daughter?” he drops his files and look at
me. Finally the governor recognizes me. “Oh my, you are growing up into a
beautiful girl!” wait, what? Why did not he get angry? “Where have you been?
Finally, I meet you my daughter,” he cries and hugs me. Why did he call me
daughter? Did not he hate me?

Finally I met my father when my friends and I went to
the governor house to interview him. At first he did not recognize me. When I
told him a story about a little girl who is different from her family, he
recognized me and hugged me. He told me that my mother came back two month
after I left the house. My mother told him that I am their daughter. I am a
blonde because my mother. She was born as a blonde. In her hometown blondes are
a prostitute, so her friends called her a whore. When she was in high school,
she changed her appearance and moved into a town where she met my father.

“Why did you leave?” I asked my mother. “I was shocked
after saw your blond hair, I did not want your father knows about my past,” so,
it is because her trauma. “I am sorry darling, I left you alone, but now I will
always take care of you.” After that I was confused whether I am going to stay
or come back to my step parent.

The weather is nice. My father said that if the sun is
in a good mood, he will take me to fish in the lake. I wear my favorite shirt
and jeans and find my father to demand the promise, and suddenly my mother
calls me, “Honey, please help me with the laundry!”]

List of references:

– Sam: A Short Film About Gender Identity and LGBTQ Bullying

– Cynthia – Her images inspire my dramatization.


word count: 999

Dramatization link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4526928188136&set=a.3729336608845.1073741843.1738883722&type=1

2 thoughts on “Leave the true self: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120022/B
    I think the end of the story a bit too imposing to become a happy ending story. Precisely, when ‘I’ was reunited with her real parents and when ‘I’ just accept her parents’ reason why they leave her, I just feels something missing when I read this part because I could not feel the happiness when ‘I’ met her real parents.
    The lack of detail in the story may be because of the limited word count that is specified. But overall I like the story because there is moral value like never judge others from their appearance and before you judge others, at least you should be close to them, who know if they can give you a precious lesson of life.


  2. 180410120024/E

    I find it difficult to grasp the sequence of events of your short story. I get confused to determine which event happens first than the others due to the mixed use of present tense and past tense in your work. I do not know whether you indeed did a typo on the grammar or you did it on purpose. In several parts you typed in present tense, but then you continued the story by using the past tense. You did so in several times. I am still confused, even though I have read your work more than 3 times to understand the sequence.

    Liked by 1 person

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