Jude’s Lost Paradise: A Short Prose


Summary: It has never been so easy to be put in the middle of uncomfortable and insecure place in which it is supposed to be a comfy paradise to lean everything on.

Having a very happy family is a dream of everyone’s including a very tough person, Jude. He is the one who is experiencing bitter and sweet moments being a grown human for going through God’s examinations in recently. Having parents such his mother and his father who are incredibly sanguine and stubborn is a challenge for him to put out the flame among his parents’ fraud. In the middle of unsure, he keeps on going to convince everyone in surroundings including his two brothers that it will be end sooner or later.

At the beginning, Jude disguises him self by pretending that he is fine in front of his parents. In fact, he is fighting in finding which way is the best to talk with both of them together in order to finish their problem together because day by day the problem is getting massive and a lot of people get involved into it. It is not healthy atmosphere in his house especially for his little brother who is sitting in the second grade of Junior High School, Aldo. On the other side, Daniel is Jude’s older brother seems to be cold and hands off in facing this problem.

One afternoon, Jude has an idea to talk to his parents one by one. It starts from his mother. He approaches his mother in the living room and he asks her to move to his bedroom because there is something important that he wants to discuss.

“Hi mom, are you busy?” Jude opens the conversation.

“I am absolutely not busy. I am enjoying my tea. What is going on?” His mother says.

“Oh, I need to talk to you, but I want to talk in my room. Is it okay?” Jude asks.

“Is it really important so you ask me to move to your room, son?” His mother wonders.

“It is beyond important, mom. So that’s why we need a private room because I do not want Aldo knowing this problem. Let’s move mom!” Jude insists.

They move to Jude’s room. Besides, Jude’s heart is pounding because he is afraid enough to talk with regards to this issue. They start to talk.

“Well, this is your son who is talking. You need to listen to me. Lately, I know what is going on behind you and dad. Actually, I know that you suffer a lot of things because dad cheats on you. I can feel what you have been feeling until know. Yet why is it getting worst day by day?” Jude explains.

“Honestly, I do not like that you get involved in our problem because personally as your mother, I do not want to bother your life because of this. You are in college and your task is to study hard in order to make us so proud of you.” Mother answers.

“How can I make a pride if there is a fraud in a place in which I study? Mom, you need to think your sons that the fraud is not healthy for our mental especially Aldo. He is still kid.” Jude emphasizes.

“I think you are overreacted. Just get over it! I get to go!” Mother leaves.

Jude is out of his mind to figure out what else that he can do to make the thing gets done. Fortunately, he has a best buddy who can be a person to lean on, Julian. Jude talks to Julian regarding the conversation with his mother. Julian only gives a suggestion that Jude needs to talk to his father to make sure that he will be fair after all. He is afraid as death to talk to his father knowing that his father is a tough one.

Jude is overstressed because of his parents’ fraud so that he looks for impingement. He goes to somewhere in which nobody can find him and it has been done for many times. He takes cigarettes to get down his stress and being alone in a dark place. His parents are overwhelming every night to find where Jude is. He actually gets loads of messages, but he does not want to open it. It’s 2 o’clock already. He comes back home.

“You are such a rude boy going home in the wrong time like this. What is happening to you?” Father is angry as hell.

“You said what was happening to me, hah? Go asking your self why did I do this? I am messed up!” Jude tries to leave his father.

“Jude!!! Do not go anywhere! I am talking to you. Give me a concrete reason why it can be happened. Look at you! You are not like my son who I used to know.” His father explains.

“I am nothing in this house. Nobody hears me. You know what? I am sick and tired of pretending that I do not know your fraud with mom. It kills me slowly. I cannot study intensely, I cannot stand in this house for a long time, and it is like I want to escape from this house. It is not different like a hell, dad.” Jude cries.

“Oh, I got it. This is the reason why you did that over time? Hah? It is our business. So don’t even try to get involved in our problem. It is all about your mom and I. You are just kid who doesn’t know about marriage’s problem.” Father shouts Jude.

“I am just telling what I feel as your son. No matter what it is, I will stay in love for both of you. That’s all, dad!” Jude starts to leave his father’s room.

Jude has given up on what his mother and his father’s responds upcoming. If they will want to take it for grant it, he just does not care at all. At least, he has done something right for his family’s future. Day by day there is no change in the house. Jude is like a victim of unfair love. His parents are truly stubborn. He tries to get used to the environment like this.

Thank you to:

Nadira Natasya, for checking my grammar and picking the right song background

Maulia Sefriani, for giving me an inspiration in naming the characters and story’s plot

Ghina Alifia Qonitah, for suggesting me about the story’s main issue


My own life’s experience

Word Count: (1000)

Link for work dramatization: https://soundcloud.com/nikko-hermawan/creative-writing

One thought on “Jude’s Lost Paradise: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120084 / B

    I really know it is not easy to write a good short prose with 1000 words only but you did it! I love the story line, you make it so complicated but not so complicated. I mean, there are a lot of complicated problems but you used the simple words in this short story and make the readers feels easy to read and understand about this story. Jude is a character who is representing the characters of teenagers in this era who has problems with their parents and made them depressed and you inspired me through this story. In my opinion, you should put the mother’s point of view, I am so curious but this is a good work, buddy!

    Word Count: (120)


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