Journey to the Dark World: A Short Prose

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Summary: A girl is trying to understand the dream that she had last night.

I had a nightmare last night. I am scared to recall that, but I want you to hear me because I do not know what it means. There was a tall man with a tall pitchfork and dark cloak. He woke me up from my sleep, but I could not see his face because he was dark all over. He greeted me in front of the door.

“Come with me.”

“Who are you?”

I was afraid, but I had to be brave although my heart beat very fast, and cold sweat soaked my body. He went through the door and disappeared. I opened the door, but suddenly, I saw a dark world. I took my feet to it fearfully, but I only heard a hiss of wind. I did not know actually where I was.

“Where am I?”

“What kind of place is this?”

“Hello, is anybody here? Please, could you tell me where I am?”

I tried again asking for help, but there was no answer. Suddenly, there was a hurricane that threw and took me away to another place. I was drawn by it, and I fell. In a distant, I saw a vague red light with a smoke puffed in the air. The air turned stuffy that I could not breathe. Besides, I smelled a decayed corpse there! It was horrible! I could not help it! I walked faster to follow the light without looking what was behind and beside me. Suddenly, I heard a Gregorian music. It made me thrilled, but I was curious about it. I just kept walking. It turned out to be a fireplace, but I could not see it clearly because it was blocked by a fine black curtain; and the music came from that place as well. I peeked at it and saw people with the same dress and tall pitchfork. “It was a ritual!” I exclaimed.

A minute later, I did not hear that music anymore, but I saw something tangible. I saw a hanged corpse with a burnt skin. There were maggots in her eyes and her skin; many poisonous snakes bite her body too. I could not stand to see her, but I felt someone stood behind me. He patted my shoulder. I looked back in fear.

“What are you doing in here?” He asked.

“I see a woman. She is on fire.” I replied. I was stunned because I guessed he was one of those guys.

“Why do you come here?” He asked.

“I was sleeping, but then this black-cloaked man woke me up and invited me to the place that I don’t recognize either. Wait, are you one of them?”

“No I’m not! I’m lost. ”

“Are we in our dream?”

“Yes. We even cannot find a way home, but don’t you see that this place is hell?”

“Why do you say so?”

“You see, the people are very strange. They sing a weird song and wear a black outfit. They burn everyone!” He explained.

“What makes them do that?” I asked.

“What do you think? It’s because of a sin! We are all here because we have done a sin.”

“So, you meant that this “black” guy was the angel of the death?”

“Yes! You cannot get out because you are in your dream, unless if there is someone who wakes you up.”

“I hope so.”

“You know, I killed a cat last night.” He said. I could see his frustrated face.


“I was driving my car on the darkest street. I crossed the cat which then died tragically.”

“Oh my god! You didn’t bury it, did you?”

“I was shaking at that time because it haunted me. Its cry keeps buzzing my ear.”

“We have the same problem.” I said.

“Tell me.” He replied.

“Well, I was mad at my mother this morning because she didn’t lend me money. I really needed it, so I said an F word to her. She became furious because of my word.” I confessed my fault, but honestly I regret what I had done to her.

“So, was that what made you fed up with her?”


“But, she is your mother, and you were out of the line!”

“She ruined my plan! Well, you’re right. I was like an idiot.”

“Listen, you should forgive her and of course, yourself before it’s too late.” He said. I hated this man, but frankly he was right.

We did not realize what was behind us. The black-cloaked man stood behind us while we were about to confess our faults. They dragged us to the fireplace while they sang the Gregorian song. We could not resist his hands until they tied and burned us in the fireplace. We held our hands each other when the flame devoured our body. I closed my eyes and heard someone called my name. My heart beat very fast. I slowly began to open my eyes. Suddenly, I saw my hands and my legs. I touched my face and my hair. “I am in my bed.” I said.

I saw my mother stood in front of me. “Wake up! Do you know what time it is? Don’t you wanna go to school? You even don’t eat your breakfast yet! Wake up and take a bath!” She said. “Thank God! It was a dream!” I said. My mother had just saved me from my nightmare. I jumped from my bed to kiss her cheek, hugged her tight, and said “I love you”. She raised her eyebrows before I walked off from my room. I swore to myself not to go back to the dark world anymore because I was not ready to die. Even if I were ready, it might be my time. But, I still do not get it yet. I mean why this dream keeps haunting me? Do you think that it was a dream? Have you ever dreamed the same thing?

Thank you to Yuli Triastuti for being my proofreader and correcting my grammar.


– My imagination.

– My twin sister’s nightmare.

– Gans, C. (2006). Silent Hill. United States: Universal Pictures.

Word count: (988)

Dramatization Link: (audio) (visual)

9 thoughts on “Journey to the Dark World: A Short Prose

  1. Rizki Puji Gustian

    Journey to the Dark World is a short story founded by several ways making the story becomes a horror one. The dark, terrifying setting of the dream helps the story, or the dream, to make the protagonist feels anxious and thinks as if it were a real experience. Furthermore, the label “hell” for the place of the dream which is given by an anonym male character makes the girl becomes more frightened. The “sin” concept also helps the plot to move backward by making the girl recalls her memory about what she has done to her mother which brings horror about what the past.

    Words: 104


      • Thank you for leaving a comment, Rizki. Anyway, I like all of your correct statements, such as the title, the label “hell” and the “sin concept” because it helps me to review these three things that appear in the story. I also am glad that you understand what the story is about, and you even can analyze it. Thank you very much, Rizki. :)


  2. 180410120055/F

    What I see striking from your short story is the way you construct the thrill of your plot and your characters. The fact that you introduce the plot at the beginning of the story without telling “I” was actually a sinner, really twisted the plot. The first I scheme out it, I have come to my thoughts that the story would be more dibbling with an innocent girl being kidnapped by unknown creature and does really make a “journey” in the world of her dream. However, soon I realize that the journey was actually a warning for things the characters have done in their life. Furthermore, the part when both “strange man” and “I” start telling the reason why they were there really astonished me. In addition, as plot goes down to the resolution, the character “I” also wake up, not only from her ferocious dream, but also from her previous bad attitude.
    words: 146


    • wow, what a correct comment, Zulfikar! You know, I even cannot say a word about this, but I totally agree with the who-is-“I”-actually and the definition of “journey” that you have mentioned. The “I” actually does not realized why she is there (in the dark world) until she meets a man who realizes her. So, “I” is the sinner. It is also true that “journey” is a warning about what “I” has done to herself. So, “I” has to figure out what she would get if she were being out of line to her mother. Thank you very much, zulfikar. :)


  3. 180410120062/B

    Your work really got me to the dark world as I frowned read all those creepy details about the dream. It is so interesting and you really have this high and spectacular imagination. But I found it very unusual about asking your own mother to lend you her money. Maybe what you mean is giving you money. Somehow this story brings moral value; not to do bad things, or else bad things will happen to you as happen to this dream. Is this short story based on real experience that happened to you and your parents? a short story can be a very suitable medium to pour what we have experienced (like a diary) and can also be a medium of education as you do to the man who had killed the cat who must bear the bad things he had done. Good job, Evira! (words: 147)


    • It is a tough question, but I will tell you the truth. Yes, but there was not a black-cloaked man in my own dream. I only saw my father died and my upper front teeth fell out. My friend told me that it was a sign about the death of people around us which made me realized the bad things I had done to my parents. So, this short story is inspirited by my own dream, and I try to imagine it with a scary sensation based on my own dream. Thank you for leaving a comment, Rae. It helps me a lot to review my work. :)


  4. 180410120092/E

    I like the way you tell story in a story. Even though you already said “I had a nightmare last night” at the first, the plot still keeps me going on the main point of your story, which is your dream “journey”. I am interested as well in the way you describe the setting and its condition which are the most related things to your “journey”. I think the word “hell” clearly explains the “dark world” that you mean on the title. The conversation between the woman and man also leads to the resolution which gives the reader some insights that refer to your dream. In the end, the last three questions are your way to strengthen your story value.


    • Thank you Intan (I know that ‘cdefgh iap’ is you, Intan.)for sharing an opinion and reminding me about “I had a nightmare last night” (underline the ‘last night’). It is my mistake because I reveal what the story is about. I was at the blind alley beforehand because I did not have any word or idea how to begin with. So, I made it predictable. This also will be my review about how to create an unpredictable short story so that readers are difficult to guess what the story is about. I also agree with “the last three questions” you have mentioned. These questions help me to develop the story so that readers can get the point of the story. Thank you very much, Intan. :)


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