I’ve Learned What Love is About (by Loving You Through the Years): A Poem

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Summary: A couple learns what love is about by loving each other through the years.
Love is when you sincerely give your most favorite candy in the world to the cute girl sitting across you at class just to see her smile.

Love is when you feel your cheeks turn hot and red whenever your parents mention her name.

It’s when you are willing to share your crayons with her so that you can sit closely to each other;

because the feeling when your knee brushes with hers is really nice.

It’s when you overcome your fear to save her from those big boys who make her cry;

because Daddy always tells that we have to protect the weak,

and because, somehow, your chest feels weird when you see her cry.

Love is when you are six and you know you want to marry her once you get older—even you have no idea what marrying is;

but if it’s something that makes Daddy and Mommy look happy together, you definitely don’t mind.

Love is when you sit in front of your laptop every night, waiting for her to go online so that you can say hi and have a little conversation.

It’s when you surprisingly feel really excited when your biology teacher pairs you with her for the next project; because you’ve always hated biology.

It’s when you smile like an idiot every time she does something or talks to you;

because no matter how simple the things she does or the words she says, to you, it matters a lot.

Love is when you are fifteen and she’s all you think about;

the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up and the last thing you think about when you’re going to sleep.

Love is when you listen to the songs he loves and look for the lyrics because the words might represent his thoughts, and his feelings.

It’s when you are in a restaurant which has the best spaghetti and you immediately wish he was there because you know how much he likes it.

It’s when you spot him on campus on Monday and it hits you how much you’ve missed him during the weekend.

It’s when you’re in the room full of people and you can still find him easily;

because, really, he shines the brightest in your eyes.

It’s when your heart aches when you see him standing beside a girl at the party, smiling;

and you realize it hurts because you wish you were the reason behind his smile.

Love is when you are nineteen and you think that, as cliché as it sounds, it doesn’t matter whether you’re with him or not; because as long as he is happy, then you are too.

Love is when you get stressed due to a pile of work but immediately feel a lot better after he calls and says “I’ll pick you up later.”

It’s when you’re content with watching romantic comedies and cuddling with him at the couch on Saturday night.

It’s when you see your Dad playing chess with him enthusiastically and you know that you have chosen the right person.

It’s when you shed tears of happiness when you come to his house and find him making a candle light dinner by himself.

It’s when you feel something weird and hard in your steak, and all of sudden you realize what it is;

a ring. A beautiful, silver ring.

and it’s when you look at the man in front of you, feeling your heart beats like crazy as he asks “Marry me?”

Love is when you are twenty five and you say “Yes” without a second thought;

because you know you have never been this sure before in your life.

Love is when you wake up to the woman you love the most and think that she’s still very beautiful, even with her bare face and messy hair;

and you know you wouldn’t mind waking up to it every morning for the rest of your life.

It’s when you left your tie untied, not because you can’t do it yourself;

but because it’s much nicer when she does it for you.

It’s when you come home after working overtime but the exhaustion magically disappears as she opens the door with the smile that always melts your heart;

It’s when you bring her to the hospital because she’s been vomiting for days;

and you couldn’t be happier when the doctor says she’s bearing your baby.

Love is when you are thirty and you sit in your living room, looking at your beautiful wife and little baby playing and then you smile;

because your life is complete and you couldn’t ask for more.

Love is when you still talk to him even when he doesn’t respond; not because he doesn’t want to, but because the sickness has taken him under control.

It’s when you feed him, give him the medicines, bath him, and change his clothes everyday;

because he has lost the ability to do them by himself.

Love is when you are fifty eight and you do all those things wholeheartedly,

and still think that being with him is the best thing that ever happened to your life.

Love is when you tell your grandchildren about an amazing man that once made your heart beat really fast;

and it surprises you how your heart still does as you do so.

It’s when you look at the photo album of your wedding day; you can still remember how blissful that day is, and how much wonderful things have come to you since then.

It’s when you replay the memories about him; the day you both first met, how you fell for him, and all the moments you’ve spent together,

Love is when you are seventy five and you realize that after all these years, you still love him as much as you used to,

and even when he’s not here with you anymore, that doesn’t make you love him any less,

not even a slightest bit.


– Thank you to Radisti Dwikalisti, Jasmin Zarasani, Noviyanti Katerina, and Deden Kurnia Syam for proofreading my work, giving some suggestions here and there, and correcting my grammar.

– Thank you to my sister for helping me with the dramatization.

– Thank you to jgmb829 and Reynah on YouTube for the beautiful piano covers that I could use for the background music of my dramatization.


1. http://thoughtcatalog.com/stephanie-georgopulos/2011/11/love-someone-like-youre-six/

2. Ginsberg, Allen. 1956. Howl.

3. Junger, G (Dir.). 1999. 10 Things I Hate About You.


Word Count: (999)

Link for Dramatization: https://soundcloud.com/blissfulwarmth/ive-learned-what-love-is-about

3 thoughts on “I’ve Learned What Love is About (by Loving You Through the Years): A Poem

  1. Noviyanti Katerina
    180410130039 / A

    How can I even begin my comment? When I proof-read your work, I was captivated. Your beautiful and simple poem drives me mad! You chose your words and arranged it amazingly and it somehow does not give anything too hard or distracting for the reader to understand your poem’s plot. It was not very hard for me to get the basic idea of the character’s perspectives. The stories are just so cute and also simple enough for your readers to enjoy. For me, you have written a good poem about how pure love actually is, and how we should understand about it.


  2. 180410130044/A

    What a beautiful poem. I really like plot in this poem because it puts how fascinating this poem. From the beginning of the story, every event is described orderly, clearly, and truly meaningful. I can imagine how the story flows and how each character explains what happens with the chronology in cascading time. In addition, every detail in this poem allows us to see clearly what is happened, what is felt by the characters, and where the events take place that related with their daily activities. So, the reader will easily get the essence of the story of this poem. Furthermore, repetition in this poem which is marked by ‘Love is when you ….’ is not only as a complement of the poem, but it shows theme of the poem: how the characters learn about love that are represented in their life through the years.

    Word count: 144


  3. Jasmin Zarasani

    First of all, I hope you understand how much I LOVE this poem. Everything about it is just perfect. The idea is amazing and very well executed, the plot is very understandable, and your words are able to capture the beautiful-ness of your definition of love, but if I may give my opinion, I think it would be a perfect poem if you can strengthen the character. You started the poem with “Love is when you sincerely give your most favorite candy in the world to the cute girl sitting across you” And you ended it with “and even when he’s not here with you anymore”. The inconsistence is a little bit disturbing. I had pictured this little boy giving candy to this little girl and along the way I have to change the image in my head to another character. Overall, great job!

    Word count: 144


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