It’s time to say goodbye: short story

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Summary: It’s time to say goodbye to you. People can change, that’s obvious. I always accepted that truth.

she came here just to forget him, but her heart never listened to her, forget completely about him and find her soul mate. For some reason, she couldn’t even understand her heart; she just couldn’t imagine dating a guy, She took a deep breath,it just as the biggest problem in her live.

I know how your feelings are. Love and likes…those emotions always need freedom, I supposed… before love convert to the hate, before the likes convert to the dislikes, they need the freedom; I understand your necessity.

she hoped god would also prepare a plan for her,but at the end god had his way to let us meet once again before we decided to choose another person in our life. For many reasons I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t met that day? I know I would have regretted it the rest of my life.”

I never had hard feelings for you, though. It’s true…I really liked to stay with you. It’s not a lie. You always kept me alive; gave me a hope to go through. But, I knew that some day or another that I was going loose you. It was meant to be. But, I didn’t think it would come this soon.

After three hours of waiting, you came finally, for the last meeting.

We went inside a coffee shop.

You ordered burgers and coffee and we moved to a table. We sat side by side. It was so uncomfortable for me to sit that way. It was because, I could not see your face directly.

Suddenly, it began to rain again. During the whole day, it was pouring and gloomy. I already got enough wet to catch a cold, while standing outside of the pavements of the shop waiting for you. This time it was a heavy shower. Nobody could not go in or out of the café. I kind of liked it because now , I can spend much time with you, at least for the one last time. I just want to look at your face, but it’s so difficult to see your face sitting right next to you. I squeezed my own fingers and palm to be relaxed.

You began to blame the rain,

“You see…this miserable rain is not gonna stop, today…gosh…my whole day is going to be ruined”

“Only two options you can choose, one is to let him go and the second is to go after him.”

But you don’t know that how much I love the rain, now. It’s sad. She hated how she always gave herself a hope to be with him.she couldn’t imagine how her heart would ache feeling the regret of her decision in love.

A waitress brought the cheese burgers and hot coffee to the table, I didn’t feel any hunger or appetite to eat or drink. You picked a burger instantly like a ravening wolf and began eat greedily. After having finished almost one burger… you asked me to eat too, while picking the second burger.

“Hey…don’t you eat? mmmmm…these burgers are amazing”

It made me pretty nervous and surprised. You were cursing the rain, while I was wishing the rain. You were tasting the burger, while I was refusing the burger.

I thought to myself, someone’s likes are someone’s dislikes. Someone’s dislikes are someone’s likes. Likes and dislikes are depending on the state of the mind of the poeple. If we are happy on the very same thing, we may never say good bye to each other!

“You gonna call me? After I leave here?”

“I don’t know, maybe, I love to do so…but sometimes my calls will make you uncomfortable”

“No…way…I’m always happy to stay in touch with you…You can call or Skype me…Whenever you want”

But, I know how you tried to ignore me for last few weeks, even when I tried to call or Skype, you were ignoring my calls. But honestly…I’m ok with that, it’s because if I cannot make any happiness or comfort in your mind, what else you are hoping from me?

“lia…Shall I come to drop you to the air port, tomorrow?”

“Oh…Thanks…how kind of you, Jo…?…But…Rio…will come tonight here, to pick me up from home, early in the morning…”


“Oh…Yeah…you know?…. he is a good guy, one day you should meet him…he even found me a good place to stay there until I finish my studies”

I looked outside through the large glass window. Still… it’s raining outside. I really wanted to go outside and I wanted to get wet again. It’s fine to fall sick, it’s because I was sick anyway.

Again she broke the silence….

“Look Jo…I must go now…I got a lot to do for tomorrow…I must get ready”

“Mmmm..Yeah…yeah…you should” I spoke with a shaking voice.

“Eh…Anyway I call you…Jo…I call you from time to time…we can stay touch…You know?”

But, I knew for sure you would never call me. Both of us knew that it was a lie. You don’t have any reason to call me. But, you just wanted to tell me something, just to kill the silence.

She stood up…And I too…then you gave me a one last hug. That hug almost made me cry…Because I knew…it was the last. I didn’t want to let you go. You patted on my shoulder. I moved away from you. Then… Both of us went to the door step…it was still pouring outside.

“May be I should call a cab Jo…otherwise…I have to stay in this boring café for all day long”

She called a taxi cab near by the parking lot. Then, she said final “Goodbye” to me and left.

I really didn’t know what do next. So… I just came out from the café and walked along the street,while everyone was laughing at me…


Word count :999

Link dramatization :

2 thoughts on “It’s time to say goodbye: short story

  1. 180410090146/B

    For the first you must showing the introduction well. In there too haven’t characterizations. About an introduction of characters that exist in the story. The plot was need to be considered. This is a nice story if you give the details for elements of this story. However I listens the dramatization, it’s like a poem. The back sound too can’t build the imagine and doesn’t describe this story. At the end of this story doesn’t unclear. This story tells about a girl who left his girlfriend or a lonely girl. You must more details for give the imagine to the reader well.

    Word Count : 102


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