I Knew Nothing of It: Short prose


I Knew Nothing of It: Short Prose

I still remember clearly what happen that day. That evening the five of us were planning to gathered up in Lily House. That was actually our first meeting since our graduation from senior high school. The reason of our meeting was simple though, that is because the five of us were making the promise that we will gathered up again in this house after five years no matter what happen. We planned to stay over in the house for three days, but since somethings happened we couldn’t.

That day I planned to be the first one who arrived at the inn, since I was really looking forward to see what kind of person my friends would become. I went from my house around eight o’clock in the morning and end up at the inn around nine o’clock. When I arrive at the inn I thought that it was empty since I couldn’t hear any sound, but suddenly a man approached me and asked me whether this was Lily House. At first I’m quite surprised, seeing his look which liked a thug I thought that he wanted to take my money, but there was something familiar with the man, so I tried to ask him. “I’m sorry sir can I have your name” “Toni, that’s what my friends used to call me” he answered. Tony ha, this time I looked at him more closely. “Perhaps are you Tony Bons?” I back to ask him“ Yeah, how do you know”. “Tony, this is me, Rick, your best friend” “Are you Rick Nedder? ”Yeah” I said. Look at your self now man. You used to be a short person, but how tall you are know, I’m quite surprised” “Not really. The same I can say to you, I can’t believe what kind of person you have become now. I mean, recalling that you used to be like a nerd” “Forget about it man, how about we looked for some food now, I’m quite hungry you know” “Well then, how about we go to that cafe, we can continue our conversation in there while waiting for the others. “Alright”.

In the cafe, we spent quite a lot of time talking about our old time in high school, which were almost all the good memory. We talked about how fun it was playing with our friend, and how fun it was when we were playing a trick to the security guard of our school as a paid back for hitting one of our classmate. It was almost 12 Am at the time when we were trying to get back to the inn, but suddenly I overheard someone said that an inn is on fire. I felt curious about it so I ask the man about whose inn it was. After hearing that man information, it occured to me that the inn whose that man described was may the same inn my friend and I promised to meet. So I said to Rick to paid right away so that we could get back as soon as we can.

When we got back, we were quite surprised to find the house was already on fire and many people already gathered all around the inn. Rick and I asked some people around the inn about what happened, but no one really know what exactly happened. They said that all of a sudden they saw a smoke came from the house, and when they tried to came near the house the fire was already quite big. They also tell me that they saved a woman in the house , which came to surprised us that the fact that woman is one of our friend we planned to meet today. After knowing that Rick and I decide to divide the task; Rick would go and see Marsya’s condition, while I would notify the other about this matter and join him later.

After notified the others, I went to the hospital to see Marsya, but when I got there I found the room which Marsya in was really quite. I didn’t know what happened at that time, but that silence was really bothered me. I saw Rick sat with a miserable face, sitting in his chair as if something bad happened. I wanted to ask him about it but I felt like I shouldn’t bothered him. I looked around at the patient’s bed, but all I saw was the same sight; the sight of Marsya who also looked like she was in distress. “Please, someone say something to me” I said. But, they remain silent. “Come on Rick, what is actually happen here” “I don’t know, maybe you can ask Marsya” Rick said to me. I also tried to ask Marsya about the same question, but she also remaint silent. Because at that time I thought that she might still felt shocked after what happen to her, I decided to stop questioning it. The next day, Marsya got out from the hospital and we continued our reunion as if there were never any incident in the first place. I didn’t know why, but at that time I felt a little curious to Marsya, knowing that she only got an accident yesterday but suggesting the idea to meet again in the next day. At first I refused to her idea, but because she kept on begging me, I decided to accept it. Something strange was also happened at the day of our reunion, everyone else except me, didn’t even care to ask her about the incident.

Until now, the same questions still appear in my mind, about what actually happen to Marsya, what they talked about when Rick went after Marsya, the reason why Marsha could be caught up in that accident, and especially the reason why everyone else never asking the same question.

Special thanks to Bagja and Heru for helping me get this work done.

Reference: 3 Idiot

Word count: 979

Link For Dramatization: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=728934297164450&set=a.662970363760844.1073741827.100001436584231&type=1&theater

Picture’s Source:http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee44/ismail_caca2006/kartun-1-72-1.jpg

Link For Dramatization ‘I Knew Nothing of It’:http://www.mediafire.com/view/9vktlz64k3y3tth/I_Knew_Nothing_of_It.jpg

3 thoughts on “I Knew Nothing of It: Short prose

  1. Felicia. M. Y

    When I read the beginning of the story, I was remembered with Indonesian movie. I conclude in the first and second paragraph the narrator is Rick, but that other paragraphs make me being curious who truly the narrator is. Although the story is simple but the plot is clearly to make me understand. The story is success to make me to be curious as like narrator with the incident of Marsya. Then I can get the curiosity of narrator in the picture of dramatization. The sign of question represents the curiosity of narrator, but I cannot get the point with the others sign in the picture. Ways or crossroads which are described does not try to help me get the point what ways or crossroads represent about. In fact it makes me get the other curiosities with the meaning of ways or crossroads. (143)


  2. 180410110193/A

    I think your short prose is interesting. The story makes the reader curious because of the secret conversation between Marsya and Tony. The simple story makes a good combination with a good conflict of the story. The changing of the narrator makes me a little bit confused. In the beginning the narrator is Rick, but in the middle until the end the narrator becomes Tony. My suggestion is you should add some informations that the narrator is changed in the story so that it can not make the reader confused. Then the dramatization. I am very curious with the crossroad in the picture. (103)


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