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Summary: Everything was fine until Sam found the secret room in Mark’s workshop.

“I have found another job. In Rockstones.”

“Rockstones? What kind of job you get in there? Sam, listen, we have moved three times this year, you keep doing nothing with your job! You never do well!”

“I promise you this time Rockstones would be our last town.”

“Sam, I’m tired. Every time we moved from one town to another I also have to find a new job. We just moved to this town for 7 months but you have ruined it all. I have to work to pay your debt, this house, our daily needs…”

“Sandra please stop! I promise you, I will do better. Please give me another chance,” while lit up a cigarette, Sam went to the backyard of their house contemplating all what he has done that made him and his sister trapped in hard time like this. Sandra followed him. With a deep breathe, Sam said…

“Look. I’m sorry for all of this. It should be me who take care this responsibility. Just give me one more chance. I’ll fix it all.”

No matter how mad she was to her brother, Sandra would always go with him everywhere. Their parents died when they were just 13 and 10, shot by a drug kingpin who tried to escape from the police, forced to enter to their house and hostage all of them. Their father tried to save them, but he got shot, so did their mother. Lived for 14 years without parents made Sam’s life uncontrolled, fortunately Sandra still kept her eyes on her brother.

A few days later, they have moved to Rockstones, a little town with only a few people lived in. In this town, almost everybody knew each other. Sam got a job as a car mechanic in “X-Ride” workshop owning by Mark, 29 years old, who also had a sister 5 years old younger than him named Joanne. Joanne had a boyfriend named Bill. Bill was also one of Mark’s workers, but when Mark was not in workshop, Bill was the one who took over the charge. Joanne fell in love with Sam on the first sight, she kept trying to attract Sam’s attention. Bill knew it and he started to threaten Sam, but Sam never mind it. For the first three month he worked there, Sam felt nothing was fishy, until one day he was asked to put some cans of oil in the storage room. Once he was walking to the storage room, he found a room which he had never entered before. Sam entered the room and found that it was full of boxes, one big machine, chemicals and had odor. Sam was curious so he checked what was inside the box and he was so surprised when he knew that the boxes were full of drugs. Accidentally, Bill came into that room and found Sam. Bill was threatening Sam, if he and Sandra wanted to stay alive he must not tell anybody about his business. Sam who had a trauma with a drug kingpin called the police, because he did not want to face the same situation like 14 years ago.

Mark and Bill knew that Sam called the police. Bill was so angry and he started to terrorize Sam’s house. He put a bomb on Sam’s car and blew it up. A few days later, Mark knew about what Bill had done and he came to Sam’s house. He told Sam not to make any contact with Bill, because he was too dangerous but Sam did not listen to Mark, he went to Mark’s workshop and blew up the room where Bill and Mark were making drugs. Bill, who wanted to take revenge of what Sam’s did, planned to put another bomb on Sam’s house and kidnap Sandra. Mark told Sam about Bill’s planned and after he knew this secret, Sam went home to take Sandra out of the town.

“Pack your stuff, we’re leaving tonight.”

“What have you done, Sam? … Sam? Answer me!”

“Just packing your stuff, we don’t have much time,”

Sam went upstairs to take his guns, but then he heard Sandra screamed. As fast as possible he went downstairs to rescue Sandra, but the car that took Sandra has went away and his house blew up. Sam followed the car, shooting occured along the road, then they arrived on an empty huge warehouse. The fought was horrible, gunshot, blood, beating are envitable. Bill and Sam fought and Sandra got shot. Knew that Sandra was shot, Bill tried to escape by a chopper, but Sam shot him right on his head. The chopper lost control, crashed into the ground and exploded. Bill died, Sam saved Sandra. The police came to Mark’s workshop and sealed it. Mark and Joanne went to jail.

Thank-you notes:

· Nita Bonita Rahman and Sartika Juwitasari as the proof reader and checking my grammatical errors.


· Cohen’s film: Fast and Furious 1, 2001

· Bartkowiak’s film: Cradle to the Grave, 2003

· Fleder’s film: Homefront, 2013

Word Count: 797


One thought on “Home: Short Prose

  1. 180410120020/C

    Overall I like your neat writing. The plot of the story is also interesting. Only the title a bit confused me for it does not really fit the story in my opinion. This work has many characters in it, but unfortunately you do not take advantage in developing the characterization. The plot feels too fast. Maybe it will take more of readers’ curiosity if you add more description. But I understand if it is the matter of word limitation. Keep the good work up!

    (84 words)


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