Guild Battle : A Short Prose


Summary: The fallen angel lived in the wicked world.

Shrine and Sanctuary is the strongest kingdom in the Fallen Country. The Shrine’s master is a Queen; we called her “Queen of Mystery” because she never once showed her face to anybody. And the Sanctuary’s master is a King; they called him “Lord of Darkness”. There was once a legend story about them, people said that Lord of Darkness kidnap the Queen when she was asleep and they begin the war known as “Guild Battle”. Let me tell you the truth behind the Guild Battle story.

“My Queen, Prince Adrian is here, he wants to meet you,” said Harold, Bellvania’s personal guardian.

“Let him in.”

Harold went to the outside and came back again with Adrian behind him. Bellvania just smile under her black veil. She told Harold to leave her and Adrian alone, and when he’s gone, Bellvania invited him to sit.

“My Queen, my apologies, but I cannot marry the princess.”

“Why can’t you?”

“I love another lady. You, My Queen,” said Adrian frankly.


Adrian was silent. Bellvania knew that she cannot force him to marry Hannah, her step-sister. Hannah personality was worse than a moll. Still she cannot take Adrian’s felling. Bellvania cleared her throat. After a few days, Adrian went back to Hope kingdom. But he said that after he got the throne, he would be back for her.

“That blue eyes and black hair man always said that he loves you. But he never sees your face, neither do I. Do you think you can hide your ugly face forever, sister? Be more confidence with it,” said Hannah, proud.

“Princess Kiana, I’m a Queen, not a moll. I will keep it hidden than show it off to a random man.”

After that Bellvania went to the living room for her underlings was waiting. They talked about gold for battle supply. Shrine kingdom was a rich kingdom before Sanctuary started to take over every gold mine. Bellvania told the miners and knights to go to the Mist Nightmare to collect gold. Bellvania told Harold to prepare her horse. She always disguises as a knight and no one knew that, except for Harold.

When they arrived, the miners began to work, while the knights kept oversee around. They didn’t know that another kingdom tried to attack them. And when they finished collecting the gold, those people appear before them.

Reflect, Harold protecting Bellvania. Bellvania said that she’s fine and Harold tried to negotiate with those people, but it didn’t work. Bellvania and her underlings was surprise to see a handsome man with a Griffin as his ride. That man has red and black wings on his back.

“Royce?” she whispered.

“Ah… look, its Shrine’s knights and miners. What should we do with them, take their offer?” asked Brian.

“No need of small talk; this is part of my land. No one can take that gold without my approval!”

“You hear that?! Attack them!” shouted Brian.

His knights began to attack Bellvania’s knights and Harold told the miners to run. Bellvania knew how to fight, so she tried to attack Royce. Harold told Bellvania to retreat but she didn’t. When Harold tried to hold Bellvania, Brian appeared in front of him.

“Let them be,” said Brian.

“Get out of my way!”

Bellvania drew her sword and run toward Royce. Royce drew his sword and they began to fight. That was a long fight between two strongest sword and master in history.

“So strong, but that’s not enough!”

In one blow, Royce defeated Bellvania until she fell from her horse and her helmet was off. Then he stabbed Bellvania’s shoulder with his sword. But when he saw Bellvania’s face, he was shock.


When Royce was about to hold her, Harold came and protected Bellvania. Bellvania tried to awake, but she can’t. Royce sword is too powerful and her new body can’t handle it. After that everything around her was pitch black. After a while, Bellvania tried to open her eyes, but she just heard voices.

“That is not just an ordinary sword; that sword belongs to Lord of Darkness.”

“Then why didn’t you protect her! If you told her not to go, such thing like this won’t happen to her!” said Adrian, angry.

“Indeed, an angel,” said Hannah sarcastic.

Bellvania didn’t have energy to make them calm, and then she was unconscious again. When she opened her eyes, she saw a paired of wings in front of her.

“Are you here to attack me?” asked Bellvania.

Royce smile, but his eyes are teary. “I’m not, love. I swear I’ll protect you.”

Bellvania gently rubbed his cheek. “I don’t know why, but my heart’s beating so fast when I’m around you. As always your green eyes are beautiful, it fit with your golden hair.”

“Silly, your violet eyes more beautiful.”

Bellvania stared at him. “You were intending to kill me, what if you want to kill me again?”

Royce stared at her pale face. And he rubbed her cheek and softly cherishes her brown hair, and then kissed her. “See, I didn’t attack you even though you’re in front of me.”

Bellvania just smile. She started to feel chilly, so Royce hugged her tightly.

He carried her in his arms and when he was going to jump from the window, Adrian saw him and told the guards to save the Queen. Royce spread his wings and jump. After that no one knew where they went. But we knew. He took her to a place far from human world. A lovely place, called Guild Battle. The truth is, the Queen was the fallen angel.

In order to restrain Royce’s soul from becoming evil, she made a deal with evil itself and become the fallen angel. But that evil gave Royce a sword and power that can be used to kill an angel, the fallen one and he unintentionally stabbed his beloved with that. And now, he must wait for another 300 years until Bellvania is reborn as an angel.

Thank you to Novianti Siswandini, Antya Catra Denira, Rizqy Aulia Gifari and Linda Zandue Breazzeal.


Wartune Game

Word Count: (1000)

3 thoughts on “Guild Battle : A Short Prose

  1. 180410120003/A

    I love your story. Your story is complex, dense, detailed, and clear although it is summed up in one short story. You show the details of things that happened in for example during the war. In times of war you show little by little like the movements that they made during the war. But, this story is too many characters are involved so that makes me as a reader confused and wondering what the relationship of this character with other character, etc. Something I can get from this story that love can bring about peace. But, what is the meaning of ‘random man’ on this story?

    106 words


  2. 180410120007/A

    I really like your short story, you explain each occurrence with very trace and neatly, you explain every piece of information at the beginning of the sentence, mid-sentence and end sentences. So I can easily find out who it is Belvania, Harold and all the characters in the story. Although the story has an element that you created war, but you do not forget to give a romantic impression among Belvania and Royce. Especially when you said “Royce smile, but his eyes are teary.” I’m not, love. I swear I’ll protect you” I think the sentence is very romantic, because previously they were going to fight but it ended up. Overall, this is a very creative short stories and interesting, good job!

    Word count: 122


  3. 180410110082

    I think this is a complicated story. I hardly can follow the plot. I think the problem is in the too many characters taking part of this story – Adrian, Harold, Bellvania, Hannah, Kiana, Royce, Brian and others. For a thousand-word short story, I think it is too many characters. I cannot understand ‘who has a problem to whom’. All of the characters almost has same portion in developing the plot. Finally there no enough space to the main character control reader focus following the plot to the story conclusion/ the end of story. May be it is only easier to understand for readers who firstly knowing the game that you referred. I fully appreciate your great imaginations to create the place, situation and condition of this short story. Keep writing!

    130 words


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