Ferris Wheel: A Short Prose


Summary: a girl meets a stranger whom she never expects to meet before during her ride on a ferris wheel.


The shimmering sunshine ran through my skin. It burnt my skin till I could see a clear tan line around my wrist. However, it did not take my concern at all. This huge ferris wheel before my very eyes was too tempting that I consumed my mind with the thought of seeing the whole amusement park from its height. I had spent 15 minutes standing here to get to ride this vehicle, so I could only hope the ride would be worth waiting for. I silently cursed myself for wearing my favorite ‘One of a Kind’ black sweater. It was indeed pretty cool because I could proudly show that I was a big fan of G-Dragon. But then I realized wearing it in this hot weather was surely a big mistake. I could feel drop of sweat flew down on my back.

A loud bell rang from the terminal control of the ferris wheel. I let out a deep breath. This very tiring waiting finally had come to its end. I stepped my feet into the capsule. A refreshing breeze from the air-conditioner greeted me and dried all the sweat away. “This is relieving,” I thought to myself. The door opened, giving enough space for two people to enter the capsule at the same time. A man wearing a simple black tee with a pair of jeans entered. He looked panting as if he ran to catch this capsule before it closed. I expected a girl or at least someone to follow him, but no one came until the door closed and I felt the vehicle started to lift us up. The casual-styled guy sat in front of me. I smiled slightly and surprisingly, he did the same, only with more sincerity.

“Got no companion with you?” He asked.

“Yes. The same goes to you, I suppose.”

He chuckled. “Actually, I waited for someone here, but seems like that person cannot make it.”

I only nodded. The beautiful view outside distracted my attention from Mr. Actually-not-alone. I stared blankly at the view of this amusement park showed from this very point of ferris wheel. My eyes catched a fancy carousel that I rode earlier. A little girl was crying while staring at the spinning carousel. She must desperately want to get a ride. How long had she been standing there? Just hung on, you needed to wait just a little more, little girl. A little boy came to her aid. He held out a pink balloon to the little girl. She still would not stop crying. He then offered her a piggyback ride which replaced her sour face into a bright, cheerful grin.

“Is this your first time?” Mr. Actually-not-alone suddenly spoke.

“Riding a ferris wheel? No. Riding it alone? Yes.”

He chuckled. Again. “What does bring you here–sorry that I have to emphasize this word–alone then?”

“I don’t know either. To be honest I’ve just moved here. This morning, I was driving around the city without any direction and voila! Here I am now.”

“That’s interesting. Well, at least you don’t have to bear the disappointment of getting turned down over and over again.”

I was about to respond but he continued, “I’m Brian, by the way.” said Mr. Conversationalist while offering his hand.

“Abigail. But I prefer people to call me Abby.” I took his hand while looking at his eyes to show my sincerity. He had a pair of sparking brown eyes that catched me off guard. I turned my face from him, hoping not to get busted.

The view out there had changed from the amusement park to wide landscape of the city. The capsule reached its highest point right now. I felt like gazing a miniature of Short Island from here. I was higher than the highest skyscraper in the city. I remembered when I was a kid, I would spent hours constructing a skyscraper made of lego. I would glare at it and talked as if I was a giant who was ready to destroy the very big skyscraper.

“I am giant. I have power to destroy you. Though I am a girl, I am not weak. Here comes my punch, human!” I anticipated my hand to punch the ‘skyscraper’, but suddenly my hand was blocked by another hand. I looked at the owner.

“I won’t let it happen! I will protect the human kind!” Exclaim the little boy.

“Wow, so this is how a giant sees things.” Mr. Brown Eyes mumbled.

“Excuse me?” I startled.

All of a sudden, a dazzling light from the the sun blinded my eyes. I blinked my eyes several times only to find myself seeing things I did today as if watching a movie projected from my mind: from the random drive, the roller coaster ride, the car bumper, the twist, the parade, the giant destroying skyscrapers, to the failed carousel ride. Wait–I rode the carousel today. Yes, I was sure I did. But I knew that girl. I once had the same dress, long time ago.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and fought the overwhelming sensation. Brian came to my aid. He had done this before, had not he?

“B…Brian?” I said softly.

He grinned while lifting his left hand, showing a silver bracelet with a letter ‘A’ chained on it. “It’s me, Ab. I’ve been waiting for so long.”


Thank you to Amanda Alifia and Monica Maulidia Anilza for proofreading my work

– A film Before Sunrise (1995) for giving the idea of the setting
– A Korean TV series Dream High (2011)
– Personal imagination and experience

Word count: 895

Work dramatization: https://soundcloud.com/amanda-alifia/ferris-wheel-a-short-prose

One thought on “Ferris Wheel: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120089/E

    All of the pleasant details that the writer included make the setting feels really simple and normal for a girl meets a stranger. Some readers might get a notion that this is just a kind of a story about teenagers in an amusement park who fall in love at the first sight. As a reader, I did not exactly expect that they already knew each other. However, the ferries wheel is a powerful image of the story as it gives the readers a hint to connect with the ending. The writer delivers an effectual clue; as a result, the readers do not feel betrayed.

    (104 words)


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