Summary: A Group who will go to village for improve education, and research how the habits in there. Many hindrance in the forest they face, take a bath in the river, eating insect, until meet a predator. Two people in the group are in love, they have a dream about marry and stay in the borneo island after they completed the expedition. But the destiny changes their dreams.

There is 4 people on the way to borneo island for improve education and research habits in there

Suci: arggh… borneo is too far from my home why we should research borneo? Wait wait… where is my wallet?

Fidika&imam: (just chuckle)

Anthea: its here, you leave your wallet at the store.

Suci: aaaah thankyou, when we arrive? I’m so tired

Imam: yeaaa, we are lucky that my uncle lives in borneo.

Fidhika: we just have 3 days, so we should do some research from now, we should go the forest when we arrived there.

Finally they have arrived and are now preparing to go to the forest

Suci: let’s go to the forest guys

Anthea: don’t walk away too far, I don’t want to lose a friend here.

Fidhika: cieee I know its just for suci.

Anthea: hahahha of course not. Look, there, there are sago worms on that tree, want to try to eat that thing?

Suci: no, it so disgusting. I’m researching plants in here.

Fidhika: oh my god! It Tastes like peanuts, but its as soft as a butter.

Suci: guys look! There is river, let’s play in the river.

Anthea: Suci stop, there is phyton in front of you. Don’t move!

Suci: thanks for remind me anthea, if you not see I might be bitten.

Anthea: I have told you before not to go far away from me

Fidhika: this river is so clear; the water is very fresh, maybe the locals are keeping it clean.

Suci: anthea why don’t you come here play water with us.

Anthea: no, don’t play in the river for too long, we should go back home.

Fidhika: its 4 o’clock now, lets get back home before the night comes.

After arriving in home

Fidhika: want some coffee?

Suci: no, thanks. Where is anthea and imam?

Fidhika: they are in the kitchen cooking for dinner; tomorrow we will go back to the forest and research for more plants.

Suci: I’m still here, I want know about education and culture in here.

Fidhika: ok, suci let me tell you something, anthea likes you.

Suci: I know that, he told me he loves me and he will marry me after we finished research in here.

Fidhika: why didn’t you tell me and imam about that

Suci: cause, I’m going to tell you after we back from here. But no problems I already told you.

Fidhika: ok, let’s sleep, tomorrow we should go to forest.

Suci: fidika tell to anthea if I love him. Take care there you are.

Fidhika: oke.

In the morning

Suci: hai good morning! I just got back from headman house. He told me all about culture in here. But I’m so miserable because lack of education in here.

Anthea: we can put it on our research paper too.

Suci: why you not go to forest?

Anthea: I’m waiting for you. Now you should just wait for us here.

Suci: ok I will wait.

Anthea: okay, I’ll see you later.

Suci: it already afternoon why they are not yet to come.

Fidhika: suci suci !!!!!! let’s go to headman house, anthea has fallen from the cliff, his head is bleeding

Suci: oh my god where are anthea now

Fidhika: in the headman house.

Suci: we have to go there.

After they arrive in headman house

Imam: I’m sorry, but Anthea is no longer with us anymore.

-The end-

Word count: 644

Reference: 5cm

Thanks to: Fidhika and Anthea for helping me for recording and edit my assignment.

Dramatization link: https://soundcloud.com/cyntia-valerina/cyntia-valerina-creative-writing-final-assignment

One thought on “FALLING FROM CLIFF

  1. 180410110193/A

    When I heard your radio drama, it’s like a horror radio drama. Well, I think your radio drama is interesting. The story is simple. Between every scenes there are narratives to connect every scene so that people will not get confused, but you should explain the narratives to make the narrative more interesting. I think the character “Anthea” should have more dialogues because he is the one of important characters, besides Suci. In my opinion, the conflict should be developed more. The dramatization should be more expressive with your voice. There are some parts in the dramatization that sound plain for me. (102)


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