Enchanted Forest: A Short Prose

Summary: A little girl trapped in a bizarre forest and made new friends with the mysterious creatures.

We all have been busy unpacking stuffs for our new house. The house was pretty big. It was old, but still looks classy. The garden is full of beautiful flowers and it has a bench and a swing and also a small pond. It is the kind of house you’ll always find in a story book. Amelia said it was like Cinderella’s house.

The new house is lovely, I admitted. However, I’d rather live in my old house. Now, I live in the suburb, and I have known since the first day that it would be so boring. It’s all Dad’s fault. Every bad thing that happened in my life is his fault. He kicked us out of the house, well not literally, he betrayed Mom, and they got divorced. Now, Dad brought his new sweetheart to the house, the woman who barely wants to look us in the eye.


I heard mom called me from distance.

“Stop daydreaming and take your sister to look around!”

“I don’t want to, Mom! Just give her cough syrup so that she falls asleep!”

“Gio! Don’t you dare to talk like that! Now help me, won’t you?” My mom yelled at me even louder.

“Okay..Okay!” I surrendered.

I really hate to take my sister for a walk. She’s so chatty. All she ever talked about is nonsense. She’s still six years old, and a girl of her age still busy dreaming about how beautiful her life is going to be, and how she wanted to become a princess. But, I think that’s just too much.

“Where will we go, Gio?” She grinned.

“I don’t know. Mom told me to take you for a walk.”

“Sweet! Let’s go there!” she pointed out at an empty field.

I guess that place used to be a playground, because I could find rusty junks which I assumed was once a swing.

“Hey, Gio! There’s a forest in there! Let’s go there!” She pulled my hand and kept nagging. No matter how many times I said no, and making up things to scare her, she will always win every time she started to burst her fake tears.

I walked her into the forest. The wind blows softly when suddenly a cracking voice stopped us.

“Hey kids! What are you doing there?” It was an old man with a weird mustache. He approached us and swung his stick.

“What are you doing here? It’s so dangerous!”

His eyes looked scary.

“Exploring the forest..I guess.” I answered him nervously.

His face was so frigid.

“Well, you know nothing about that forest, don’t you?”

“Umm. We’re new here, sir. So…” I didn’t continue my words because I guessed the old man has understood.

“You listen good. If you want to live in peace, you will never ever come to that forest. A witch, who was expelled from this town hundred years ago, had spelled her evil magic into that forest. She even put her invented monsters in that forest. All the things in that forest are damned. The trees can even choke you to death. They usually make horrifying sounds in the night..”

“But, sir, it looks beautiful in there..” my sister said.

“Sshh! I have been living here for over than twenty years. Now, you dare to doubt me? Ask everyone in this town and you’ll get the same answer.”

I don’t know why I kind of believed in what he said. But, that thing didn’t happen to Amelia. She still looked excited about the forest. Without any specific reason, she smiled.

“What was with that smile?” I confronted her.


“Promise me you won’t go there.”

“Okay.” She said plainly.

We went back to home afterwards. Amelia didn’t talk too much now, which surprised me. I guessed she’s now afraid and won’t do anything with that forest.

“Gio, can you give me some money to buy an ice cream?”

“Sure, here you go. But, make it quick okay? Mom will mad at me if you don’t come back quickly.”

It was almost two hours and Amelia had not come back yet. Mom started to blame me and insisted me to search for her.

I started to worry that maybe she was being kidnapped. But then again, I’m afraid she came back to that forest. I rushed into that forest and what I saw once I come there was really surprising. Amelia was lying on a pile of leaves. My heart beats so fast. I don’t want anything bad happened to her. I tried to wake her up. I touch her cheek, almost slapped her. She woke up after that.

“Gio, where’s Sparky?”

“Who’s Sparky?” I asked her.

“The cute brown huge bear that lives behind this tree”

What did she say? A bear? And it’s cute?

“What are you talking about? I don’t see anything behind that tree. Why were you sleeping?”

“I was playing with Sparky, frog prince, and everyone here. They said I have to lay here and close my eyes. And after they whistled, I have to open my eyes and look for them. Now where are they?”

“Listen to me, you’re just dreaming. There’s no such thing in this forest. Now let’s go home!”

“No, I’m not dreaming! And I won’t come home until I finished the game! I will stay here until Sparky and everyone else come out!” She screamed at me.

“Shut up! You’re being crazy, Amelia. Let’s go home! Mom might be worried sick!”

Suddenly, a heavy wind blows. The leaves started to slap my face, and there appears a very bright light coming out of the bushes. I almost passed out seeing what was behind the bushes. There was a scary huge brown monster with mouth covered in blood. I didn’t see anything after that. My head felt so heavy and pain.

I woke up the next day with a strange feeling. My head still felt so heavy. My eyes hurt seeing the bright light that came out of my window. I didn’t know why for the first time in my entire life, I felt so scared that I almost cried. I called out my mom.

“What happened, dear?”

“How long have I been sleeping?” I asked my mom anxiously.

“A night. What happened to you? Did you have a bad dream?”

I fell silent, and then shook my head.

“Well, I’m going back to the kitchen. Do you want something for breakfast?”

I shook my head for the second time.

Amelia sneaked to my room after mom left. She smiled at me for no reason.

“You’re so good. Sparky loves you. He said you’re really good to play with them. But, they made me promise not to go to see them anymore. He said they don’t want to make you scared.”

So after this, I might never go out of my house anymore.


My Neighbor Totoro (Media notes). Hayao Miyazaki. Walt Disney Home Entertainment. 2006 [1998].

Word count: 1.144

Link for work dramatization:


4 thoughts on “Enchanted Forest: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120030/B

    This short story is quiet interesting. When I read the summary of this story, I thought it would tell about the girl and the creatures playing together, yet it told about the beginning how they met; a little bit disappointed, for the summary made me think that the plot would be mostly about the girl and the creatures, not her brother. Maybe the story would be more interesting if the writer described the forest and the creatures more clearly, so I could imagine it while I read the story because it was fun to imagine something from a fiction story.

    Word count: 100


  2. 180410120041/B

    From its title, I thought that this short story will tell about a beautiful forest with its incredible flora and fauna just like said by the main character’s sister, Amelia, that in it live a cute brown huge bear named Sparky. However, on the other hand, from the main character point of view, it looks like a creepy forest and the bear that live in the forest is a scary one as he said so. So, I think that it is not sure whether it is enchanted or a scary forest since it is seen from two perspectives who deliver opposite impression. (Word count: 102)


  3. 180410120001/A

    In my opinion, your short prose: Enchanted Forest is very interesting. It is interesting because the character that you write is clearly and strongly. Sparky is the one (example) character that makes your short prose interesting. Besides that, you not forget to write and describe about how Sparky is. ‘’The cute brown huge bear’’ is a noun modifier that make your short prose becomes clearly and strongly. In the other hand, I think Sparky is the one character that makes your short prose becomes fictional. In short, I think the character in your short prose: Enchanted Forest is building the plot. (101)


  4. 180410120037 B

    Based on its summary, i think you’ll be tells us the story about Amelia, but here Gio was more dominate the story than Amelia with its new friends from the enchanted forest like what you wrote on the story summary. The things that makes me wonder here is the difference perspective between Gio where saw Sparky as a scary creature whereas Amelia saw sparky as a cute brown huge bear. If it was because Gio is already grown up, not like Amelia who was still a little child with a lot of imagination in her mind, i think it was not quite enough to make the reason makes sense. But overall, i enjoy reading this story.

    word count 116


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