Emily: A Short Prose


 Once upon a time, there lived the king and the queen and also their daughter Emily and Spencer. They lived in the Rosewood Kingdom. They loved music very much and lived happily in the beautiful castle. No one loved music more than the king’s beloved queen, Aria. They filled their life with joy and song. But even the brightest days can be darkened by an unseen tempest. One day, the queen was getting sick and died. The king was so sad and from that moment on, the king’s heart stayed dark and music was banned in their kingdom.

Fifteen years later…

“Hey! Raise and shine!” said Alison. She is a babysitter.

“Why so early?” said Emily.

“Mustn’t be late” Alison answered.

“Alison, I was dreaming about a boy” Spencer smiled happily.

“Yes, come on girls” said Alison.

“But, I need my beauty sleep Alison” said Spencer.

“Can we meet father later?” said Emily.

“Emily, Spencer, this is our special time with your father” said Alison.

“Special? It’s the same every morning” said Emily.

“I don’t get to make those kinds of decisions” said Alison.

“GET UP!” said Alison.

“Ok, we heard you. We’re going as fast as we can.” Said Emily

Emily and Spencer wake up and meet their father.

“Good morning, my girls” said the king.

“Good morning, father” said Emily and Spencer.


“Good morning, your majesty.”

“Well, I presume you’ve all been attending to your royal duties this week” said the king.

“Yes father. We’ve been working diligently. We are always done early” Emily replied.

“Can we do something different?” asked Emily. “Maybe we can play music everyday father”.

“I don’t have the time.” Said the king.

“But it could be fun father” said Spencer.

“I said no!”


“Enough! You have to learn to respect the way I run this kingdom” the king become angry.

“I hate this place”.

Emily went outside the castle to the garden. The garden was a beautiful place and there was many types of beautiful flowers which will make you feel fresh, but that was a forbidden place. There are poisonous mulberry and music there. The animals in there played the music every day. Emily really loved that place. She stayed there until night.

“Emily, wake up!” said Spencer.


“You were humming” said Spencer.

“I was?” She gasped. “It was just a dream”

“Emily, I will tell you it was not a dream. I woke up and your bed was still empty”

“Really?” asked Emily.

“Yeah” Spencer replied. “Was it a boy?” she asked. “If it’s a boy I’m going to die”

“Well, it was not a boy” Emily replied.

“This is serious Emily”. “Where were you?”

“I was just listening to music in the garden. There was a beautiful place”

“Listening to music?” Spencer surprised. “No way. What was it like? Come on. Spill it.”

“It was amazing Spencer. The music, the dancing just makes you feel like…”

“Like what?” Spencer asked.

“Like when mom was here”

“Emily, I want to hear it too, please”

“We’ll go tonight” said Emily.

At night, Emily and her sister go to that beautiful place that there was a beautiful music. But the babysitter knew what Emily and Spencer did and told to the king. The king became angry and told to the guards to find them. After the guards catched them…

“Father, you cannot do this” Emily cried.

“It’s already done, Emily. You are confined to the place.”

“Why do not you just lock us in jail?” Emily sobbed.

“Emily! You are confined to the place until you understand what you have done” said her father.

“What did I do? Tell me father. I have not done anything wrong. All I did was listening to music”

“Which you know is forbidden!” said the king.

“But why? Why can’t we have music?”

“This discussion is over, Emily”

“Just tell me, father.”

“I do not have to explain myself to you.”

“I do not understand. I love music” she cried.

“I will not have music in my kingdom.”

“I may not remember much about my mother, but I know she wouldn’t have wanted this.”

Emily goes to her room followed by Spencer. It was not just about the music but it was also about that place. There were poisonous mulberries in there. The king afraid if something bad happened to his girls. But Emily was not going to her room. She run to the place that there were poisonous mulberries. Spencer knew that and told to her father.

“Father, Emily is not in her room. Maybe she goes to that forbidden place.”

The king run to that place and saw Emily eat the poisonous mulberries.

“What have I done?” He sobbed.

Emily slept forever.


Work consulted:

All Disney princess stories

Pretty Little Liars

Thanks to Regina, Nadindra and Dina for being a proof-readers.

Word Count: 818

4 thoughts on “Emily: A Short Prose

  1. 180410120143/G

    I found this story very confusing and empty. In the beginning of the story, it seems like music has a very important role. But at the end, it was hard for me to find the connection between music and the death of Emily. Also, Emily is the title character, so I was hoping that Emily becomes “the hero” of the story. Although she died tragically in the end, I don’t feel like Emily gave an important role and impact towards the story. There is no explanation about the correlation between the king’s rage, the mother’s death, and the mulberries (if there is any). I think this story still needs a lot of work.

    (113 words)


  2. 180410120146/ G

    After I read this story, I understood what the core and the plot of the story is, but what makes me still confused is which is the climax of the story? Is it when Emily eats the poisonous mulberry and sleep forever? Or what? If it is, I think that the climax is a little flat and too short, so the story doesn’t have resolution because the climax is in the end of the story. Maybe it will be better if the climax is more dramatic, such as there’s details when Emily eat the mulberries and then fall and then how the sad expression of the king, etc. But those are just my suggestions. Overall the story is good enough and the plot is clear and easy to understand.

    (129 words)


  3. Pretty good idea for a short prose. It’s just, I do not quite understand why Emily ate that poisonous mulberries in the garden and also why her father prefer to banned music than to banned his child to eat the mulberries in that garden. I think, to make the prohibition of music and the garden where the music was played more assertive, poisonous mulberries can be replaced with poisonous haze or maybe poisonous snakes, things that can cause death, but because of accidents. So the reason of the king prohibit Emily and Spencer not to play music will seem more logical because of its dangerous place not because of the carelessness of the people in the place (To eat the poisonous mulberries). Overall, it’s a good job!

    Word Count : 127


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