Degree: A Poem


Summary: This poem tells about a student who is fighting to graduate and has a dream to get a degree in the last semester and make her parents proud of her.


The last semester is peak of load

It is like determiner of our dream and our future

Everybody fight for it like a racer on the road

They have to keep straight on although they feel insecure

All of that is for a college degree

Yes this is the last semester

Time for fight and get a proof… a degree

Although they feel their feet are so heavy to walk

And although they feel their finger is very weak to write their thesis

I can see their face seems so tired

And their body seems so weak

Because every night their finger has to arrange a lot of words

Every word is always dancing and rounding on their mind

But they have to do it to get college degree

Word by word is gathered to be a beautiful arrangement

A beautiful arrangement is gathered on a paper

They won’t to know a sentence ‘ I am so tired’

They just wanna know a sentence ‘let’s finish it as fast as you can!’

Because it can be paid by a college degree they will get

Sometimes they feel so desperate and wanna give up

Because their mind can not think anything

It is like there is a big stone cover their mind up

But whatever must be proven

Yes this is the last semester

How many times they can finish it?

It depends on their effort

Because just praying without an effort, it will useless

Praying and fighting are a good combination they need

They just need a support, hug, and smile from around

Because all of that can blow their weary like wind blows leaves

And when others judge and humiliate their ability

They will try to forget it or do a sigh

If they can, maybe they want erase this scene of their life

Or I think everybody want to skip that scene

But it is impossible because life must be balanced

Eventhough they will certainly get a happiness

All of statements I ever heard

Nothing free in this world and it is a fact

People have to feel pain before feel happiness

It applies equally to get a college degree

Although I know that life doesn’t depend on a degree

But there is a rule for a standard

And people always need a rule to organize their life

And they have to be ready to endure a responsibility and suffering

Yes this is the last semester

Your parents are waiting for your graduation

Yes they will be loyal and patient waiting for it

Sooner or later you get a degree they will still proud of you

When your parents know your graduation day

Before that they will be busy to prepare what will you wear for your graduation

They will try to give you their best

So that just fighting.. fighting for your degree

Because this is the last semester

Word count: 490 words

Reference: Angelou, Maya. Poem “Alone”. (

Thanks to Nur Aini Masri as proofreader who correcting my grammar, and Prilly Rucita as proofreader too.

Link of work dramatization:

One thought on “Degree: A Poem

  1. 180410100160 / A

    I was very moved to read this poem. Probably because I was in the same place at the moment, which is waiting for a graduation. This poem is very beautiful, I think the author really put all his feelings into this poem. Where very heavy pursuit of a word that is “scholar” that must be achieved. Of some sentences contained in this poem I think the selection of his beautiful sentence and touching each of his readers. I as a reader can feel the purpose of the sentences in this poem. This poem is filled with meaning, purpose, feelings, bitterness, passion, struggle, and certainty. (word count : 104)


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