Cold-Hearted Truth: The Poem


Summary: the story of the poem is about the truth that character “I” doesn’t want.

They keep asking,

Without knowing how it feels

Yes or no they want to hear,

But I just remain silent.

I know, know the law requests it,

But why? Why they want?

They, as polices I respect, just don’t feel what I feel,

But why it must? Why they must feel?

They just need the answer.

My legs can’t move like something binds it,

The stiff in my body spreads until my tongue,

What it’s like the truth they need,

Is it important!

I beg, think of my feeling once.

Just stop, stop now;

If not, my ears explode taking all the questions,

It can’t stop, have to answer them.

Almost falls, my tears should fall,

But I can’t.

Finally my mouth is very brave,

But it takes slowly, very slowly;

What should I do? Should I tell them?

Please don’t warn me,

Just wait, wait until I’m ready

Ready for what!;

Someone interrupts me.

Again, again, and again

They insist me to tell the truth,

The truth, the truth is…

This place is very safe that I want to stay longer;

The winds fling my body

The sun warms me

The grass tickles on me

Then, her beautiful voice guards me

Her voice is like angel singing for me,

Makes me like in the heaven,

Makes me like such a lucky person because I have her,

Having her in my world is very needed to be saved,

Save me from him.

I swear it saves me

But I can’t save her

I can’t,

Why I can’t save her!

Tell me why!

Yes Why? I shout

My mind plays with me again,

I know it’s just to build memory about her

But it just makes me doesn’t want to tell the truth.

Tell! Tell! They insist again

Okay, find, I tell them now

But wait!

I have to recover memory first

Because I’ve to tell them everything, right?

Yes, tell them everything.

Everything about him,

It is a definitely must, I insist.

My mouth is not hesitant to tell them about him,

It is interesting,

Let’s start

First I tell them, he is my father

My father that I don’t want;

His face always getting red

Red because the alcohol makes it,

Then red because of anger he makes

I hate, I hate him;

He always makes my angel hurt,

Remain scars all over my angel body,

Remain the tears in my angel face,

Remain bad memories in my angel mind, but she loves him

I always see he drags my angel,

Then my angel follows him,

The door blocks me to see what’s happened inside,

But I know he does bad thing because the scars in my angel body shows it;

Sometimes the blood doesn’t want to stop.

Stop! Stop!;

They stop my story, why?

I’m just telling about the truth,

It is not the truth, they insist;

They say I should tell about yesterday night.

What! Nothing is happened in yesterday night,

My body starts trembling,

My breath takes very slowly,

They say, they say to take a deep breath

Then tell the truth, definitely the truth they want

That night, the sound of thunder woke me up,

The rains played bad music,

The clocks supported it,

I was scared,

Just my angel voice I needed.

Slowly, I took a step

To hear her voice singing for me,

But I heard her voice getting weak,

I took a step faster,

Trying getting closer.

I saw;

He kept screaming,

He kept hitting,

To my angel,

I hate him,

I couldn’t let him,

Suddenly my mind insisted me to do my plan,

My plan I had a long time,

I was not alone to do my plan,

The gun helped me.

I held it tightly in my hands,

Pointed it straightly at him,

The trigger pulled itself,

I heard,

The gun did it.

I opened my eyes,

I saw the blood,

Many bloods fell on the floor,

But suddenly I couldn’t breathe,

And my foot couldn’t stand anymore.

That night I want to die,

Because the death take my angel,

The gun did it!

I tell them the gun did it.

Yes, the bullet did it.

My tears finally come out,

I’m sorry Mom,

I love you but why?,

Tell me why Mom!

You sacrifice yourself for him!

It hurts me Mom,

This truth hurts me,

Makes me dying,

Dying for the rest of my life.

References: Grahamfoust and Jennifer Tamayo poems.

Word Count: 738

Dramatization link:

One thought on “Cold-Hearted Truth: The Poem

  1. 1801410120084 / B

    In the beginning of this poem, I keep asking to myself “who is the angel?”. Is it ghost or something but when I know that The Angel is stand for Mom, I really surprised. I love the way you describe The Angel as a mom, this poem become so deep because for me when someone talks about her mom or talk about the goodness of a mom and even describe a mother is an angel, it is really a good thing. In my opinion, you should put more some poetic or beautiful words to make this poem become more perfect.

    Word Count: (100)


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