Can’t Stop Thinking About You: A Poem


Summary: This poem is about a girl who loves a perfect boy but she does not want to tell her feelings to the boy, the girl just wants to be a secret admire for the boy, she feels that he is so perfect and she afraid her feelings toward him just one side love.

On a beautiful day I was standing alone

Standing alone in front of my classroom window

That was the day that I first saw you

My heart beats so fast just by looking at you

You, who are a stranger suddenly appear

Just looking at your smile makes me nervous

I never feel this feeling before

This feeling that makes my heart jumping

I know nothing about you
I don’t know what to do
Standing like an idiot while peeping at you
Oh God I think I am falling in love with you

Day by day I miss you so
We never know each other
You are just a stranger
But I am afraid to know you

I am afraid of your smile
I am afraid of your face
I am afraid to hear your voice
I am afraid if you know me
I am afraid I will lose you

One day you do not appear
I am looking for you like a crazy person
I am looking for you in everywhere
I realize that I know nothing about you

Oh boy,
Why you are so charming?
Why I like your smile?
Why you are so fancy?
I don’t know why I adore you

I think the answer is love
But what is love?
I can’t define anything about love

One thing that I know about Love
Love is your smile
Love is your voice
Love is your face
Love is everything about you

Words cannot define this feeling
Oh boy let me pour out my feeling into my poem
Coz I don’t have the courage to face you
By this poem I gain some strength
Although I am still unable to see you

For you my boy, I wrote this poem
to say the things I need to say
to pour out my feeling towards you
that I hope someday
I will be brave to see you

This poem that represents my feeling
I write it with all of my heart
while standing alone in front of the window
to see you from a distance

Dear my boy,
You look so adorable in your casual shirt
Looking at you through the window
Thinking of you whom I have never met
It seems like eternal happiness

I want to see you every day
This feeling hurts myself
I wonder do you realize my existence?
I know that I am fool coz I keep this feeling alone
Should I tell you that I love you?

I never speak what I feel
But I’m getting tired of hiding what I feel
I can’t sleep because of you
I can’t stop thinking of you
I want nothing but you

What should I do now?
I’m sick of this feeling
But I still don’t know why I love you
I don’t know the reason why I love you
I think the reason is because it is you

Every day I am waiting for you
I’m sick of this feeling
But I could not reveal my feeling to you
I don’t have the power to face you
I am afraid of losing you

Thank you to:

· Nurina Azyyati, Fristisa Indah Pratiwi, and Intan Artika as proofreaders.





Word Count: (519)

Link for work dramatization:

One thought on “Can’t Stop Thinking About You: A Poem

  1. 180410120087/ E
    I think this poem is really consistent in the relationship between the title and the content. You put a suitable title on your poem because it represents the content of your poem. As the title “Can’t Stop Thinking about You”, each verse shows that the character is always thinking about someone that he/she loves. Instead of the idea which is familiar and happens among teenagers like us, the consistency also helps this poem to create a sense of being sick of falling in love. Furthermore, you show the feeling of the character consistently too, which is good because it shows how sick the character because of hiding her/his true feeling.
    Words: 110


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