Bullet in My Pocket: Radio Drama


Summary: a story about a robbery in a bank.

(A couple is in a way to bank to save their money)

Anna : (sounds of road) Where are we going, honey?

Harry : We want to go to bank; I would like to save my money that I got yesterday.

Anna : Why do you save all of your money? It is better if you give a half of it to me. (laughing)

Harry : Oh you can get it honey, if you want to use the money you can just take it from ATM, but I think it is safer to save the money in the bank than in our house.

Anna : Oh okay, I’m just kidding.

(Harry and Anna arrived in dynamic bank)

Harry : (sounds of the bank doors opened and closed and footsteps) Good morning, I want to put my money in my savings account (Sounds of people chattering in the bank)

Stephanie : Good morning, of course sir, first, may I check your saving account book.

Harry : Oh sure, here it is. (sounds of giving a book)

Stephanie : Wait a minute (sounds of turning pages of the book)

Stephanie : How much money do you want to put in your account?

Harry : 500 dollars.

Robber 1 : (sounds of machine gun) Put your hands in the air, motherfuckers! (Sounds of chaos)

Robber 2 : Don’t be afraid, we are not going to hurt you if you do what we want!

(Sounds of people screaming)

Robber 3 : Don’t move or I will kill you all! (Sounds of gunshot and people screaming)

Anna : Harry I’m afraid, help me. (sobbing)

Harry : Don’t be afraid baby, I will protect you, stand behind me.

Robber 3 : Hey, what are you doing, don’t move, don’t do anything stupid!

Robber 2 : Get over there! Over there, bitch! Get on your knees!

Harry : Okay, I move, I move. Please don’t hurt my wife.

Anna : Don’t hurt me sir, please, I beg you.

Robber 3 : Shut the fuck up!

Robber 2 : Get away from the teller now! Now! Hurry up!

Harry : (whispering) Oh,it’s terrible, what dream I have got last night, Anna, just follow his shit instructions, I have a plan. (sounds of footsteps)

Anna : (whispering) Okay honey, I trust you. (sounds of footsteps)

Harry : (whispering) Keep quiet. (sounds of footsteps)

Robber 3 : Okay nice, don’t move a little bit or I will shoot your head!

Harry : Yes, yes sir, I understand. Don’t hurt me and my wife please.

Anna : Don’t.

Robber 3 : (pointing a gun to Stephanie) Hey bitch! Give us all of your money here! If you want to still alive, follow my instruction!

Stephanie : You can’t! You cannot take all of the money in this bank!

Robber 2 : Oh baby, if you don’t give us the all of money in this bank or I will kill this girl! (cocking a gun)

Hostage : Oh no! Please don’t hurt me!

Robber 1 : Hurry up! You suck dick!

Robber 3 : You are very stubborn! I will kill you!

Robber 2 : (sounds of gunshot)

Hostage : (screaming)

Robber 2 : I don’t want to wait any more longer! Give us the money now! (sounds of cocking a gun)

Stephanie : Okay, okay, don’t shoot me too, the money is in the safe, It’s in the room behind me.

Robber 3 : Take us there!

Stephanie : Okay, okay follow me. (sobbing) (sound of footsteps)

Robber 3 : (sound of footsteps)

Robber2 : (sound of footsteps) Bro, take the bag in the trunk.

Robber 1 : All right. (sound of footsteps)

Harry : It is the time. I will call my friend, Peter , the police.(whispering)

Anna : Come on. (whispering)

Harry : (sounds of pressing and dialing number on phone and picking up cell phone) Peter, where are you? Please help me, go to Dynamic Bank, Robbery in progress. There are three guys here, carrying heavy machine guns! Now!

Peter : (on the phone) Oh, okay, okay, stay there. I will get there in as soon as possible. Don’t be panic

Harry : (whispering) Hurry up! (sounds of hang up cell phone)

Robber 1 : (sounds of door opened and closed and footsteps) I have the bag, come on, and put all the money, here.

Robber 3 : (from the safe room) Wait a minute.

Robber 2 : (sound of footsteps) You all don’t move and don’t do anything! (sounds of cocking a gun)

Robber 3 : (sounds of footsteps) Hey, bring the bag here.

Robber 1 : All right (Sounds of footsteps)

((Sounds of siren of police car) Some polices come)

Peter : (sound of footsteps and door opened and closed ) Don’t move! You are surrounded! (sounds of cocking a gun)

Polices : (Sounds of footsteps)

Robber 1 : Whoaaaa whooaa whooawhoo.

Robber 2 : No, no, forgive me (screaming) nooo.

Robber 3 : Spare me.

Peter : Get in the police car!

Thanks to:

Rhandy Verizarie as Harry

Ferlanti Nailasuffa as Anna

Sky Sucahyo as Stephanie and Hostage

Muhammad Rizky Harahap as Robber 1

Dimas Arbrianto as Robber 2

Oky Arfianto Agustian as Peter

Alesana – Third Temptation of Paris (for the intro song)


My Imagination

(word count 836)

Link for dramatization: https://soundcloud.com/ismail-kamal-1/bullet-in-my-pocket-radio-drama

2 thoughts on “Bullet in My Pocket: Radio Drama

  1. 180410120140/G

    Wow! Actually I really like your work. The best moment that I love is when the teller shout. It gives more tension and goosebumps to me. The plot itself flows quite quickly. Unfortunately, the end of the story goes too fast, so I cannot find the climax of the story. At the beginning, I think that there will be resistance which is made by the robbers to the police, which can be the climax of this radio drama, but in fact it is not. What I love from this radio drama is the different accent of each character which can be an interested thing in it. Somehow, I laughed when I was listening to this radio drama because of the characters’ voices which are various.

    (124 words)


  2. 180410120103/E

    I find your radio drama very shocking, because you take an event that if turned into a movie would be quite mainstream and make it into an interesting radio drama. What interests me most is how you can put the precise sounds and voices in the precise moments to make the drama more tense.
    One character that caught my attention most from your radio drama is the character Harry. You portray him as the protective hero, because if he had not called his friend, Peter the police, no one in the bank would be saved.
    I also liked how you make the robbers turn into such cowards when the police showed up.

    (112 words)


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