Bittersweet Love: A Poem


Summary: A bittersweet feeling of a girl who falls in love.



The shop is running out of coffee,

We shall prepare for another new hot batch,

Remember, don’t add too much sugar,

Nor too much coffee,

They should be a perfect mix, for it shall taste delightful.

Coffees, huh?

But, can we be a cup of coffee too?

So that we can please people with how warm we are;

And how perfect we are where the cold days come by, saying hi;

You know, we can be a cup of something to keep one up;

Exactly, what are we?


I would say, if I may,

I will take the job of a spoonful of sugar,

You know, I like sweet things,

Maybe, I am a strong type of sugar,

Adding a whole level to a simple cup of coffee,

You know, I have this strong thing inside going on,

I tend to add more without even thinking about how you would feel about it,

I add a little something while wishing for the one who drinks to like it,

While in this case, you are exactly the coffee,

Others may think that you are adding what they called bitterness into our cup of awake-ness,

But really, I am nothing without you. For real. Literally.

What’s a cup of sugar without coffee?

Who wants to drink a cup of me alone, without you?

There is no ‘hot sugar’ in the list,

But there definitely is ‘hot coffee’ there,

Listed beautifully.


Have you ever imagine?

If someone tastes our coffee, and they think it has too much sweet taste,

They might spit it out?

They might be sick?

See, I don’t want it.

I am normal, you know,

I might say I am a little, just a little, bit selfish.

I don’t want to be the one to blame.

But, if I add less of myself,

Then you will be the one to blame.

“This coffee is too bitter!” they might say.

If that day comes,

I broke down,

And the story continues until people start blaming you,

I will show up.

I will not let you down.

I will show my ability to sweeten you.

Sweeten a cup of you.

Change the title into ‘a cup of us’.

I don’t want people to blame you, my dear bitterness,

There is nothing in my life sadder than you are getting blamed.


I don’t want to be the strong one.

I don’t want to be the only one who’s strong.

I don’t want us to produce a cup of too sugary coffee.

I might add more, but,

Don’t you want to add a bit more from yourself too?

So that, we’ll be a perfect mix together,

Together, we awake people,

We warm people,

We are this one thing people order from our little coffee shop.

My dear bitterness,

There is no ‘hot sugar’ in the list,

But there definitely is ‘hot coffee’ there,

Listed beautifully.

Your color may be the one that shows up,

But I’ll complete you with my ability.

Just so you know,

We have the damn key in us, dear.

Thank you to:

Deden Kurnia Syam, Jasmin Zarasani, Tasha Rizka Putri, Tiara Fariza, Radisti Dwikalisti and Alifia Nugrahani Permana for proofread-ing my work,

plus Demitha Rinjani and Meis Dina Santika.


[1] The damn key in us, dear,

[2] Most fan-fictions in general that use coffee shops as their setting,

[3] Michelle Phan for inspiring me through YouTube.

Word count: 513

Dramatization Link:

2 thoughts on “Bittersweet Love: A Poem

  1. Tasha Rizka Putri
    180410130071 / A

    One of the points that really attracts me from your poem is the analogies. I personally like how you use coffee and sugar as the representation of the guy and the girl. My favorite lines would be “There is no ‘hot sugar’ in the list, but there definitely is ‘hot coffee’ there, listed beautifully”. I think they are really sweet. Even though your poem has a cliché story, the fact that you use those analogies somehow makes it more poetic and more beautiful. In addition, while some analogies in other poems often make me confused, those in yours aren’t. I was still able to understand what the story is about easily.

    (111 words)


  2. Jasmin Zarasani

    This poem is very intriguing for me because it has such a simple plot but complicated in the same time. I can clearly understand most of the part especially about the bitterness of the coffee and how the sugar can complete it, but in some parts like “I am normal, you know,” I find it a little hard to know what “normal” refers to. But overall, I love the simplicity of this poem and how you analogized it with two familiar things around us, and you can make it very easy for the reader to understand even the hidden meaning in it.

    Word count: 102


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