Believer: Radio Drama


Summary: A girl learns about a new region.

Ana: Nothing has been harvested today. Do I have to sell my land to the employer?

Piko: Meooow

Ana: Hey you! Where have you been? You must have stolen a fish from the store! If that woman came and asked me to pay it, I will not let you eat for 3 days.

Piko: Meooow

Ana: Huft.. Come here!

Ana: God, I thought you’d always be there for me. At a time like this, you leave me.

Piko: Meooow

Ana: What? You do not agree with me? I’m the one who feeds you. He just sees us being miserable. Well, I’ll bet you. Tomorrow, if all my plants grow, I’ll give you a big fish! I promise. Well let’s go to sleep!

The sun rises.

Karmen: Ana! Ana!

Ana: Ah… It must be Karmen, she wants to collect the fish that you’ve stolen!

Cats: meoowww

Ana: Um… Karmen, I was in the shower.

Karmen: You think I’m stupid? Your bathroom is located right outside your house.

Ana: Um… I was bathing my cat.

Karmen: That cat! Just get him out!

(Door opens)

Ana: ….Good morning, Karmen!

Karmen: You definitely know why I’m here. Your cat stole 6 fish, that’ll be 200.000 rupiahs.

Ana: Well… as you can see, there’s nothing to harvest. So… If you’re willing to be more patient..

Karmen: What are you talking about! I came here because I saw that your plants have completely grown!

Ana: What? It’s impossible…

She steps outside the house and looks at her garden.

Ana: … This is unbelievable.

Karmen: Hurry up! Sell all your crops. I’ll see you at the shop! Bye

Piko: Meooww

Ana: Y…yea I know but… am I dreaming?

At night.

Ana: Today is truly staggering. But also fun. No, no, it was creepy! You really came through. But… thank God.

Karmen: Ana! Ana! Open the door! Help me..

Ana: What else does she want now? WHAT?

Ana opens the door.

Karmen: Gill, He hasn’t come home, I’ve been looking to his friend’s house, but they told me that he had gone earlier!

Ana: What? I’ll help you find him. You do not have to panic.

Karmen: Help me…

While Karmen was looking for the boy, Ana went to the woods.

Ana: GILL! GILL! Where are you! That boy. GILL!!! It’s been an hour…

Gill: Ana! Ana! I’m here!

Ana: Gill? Where are you? Heyyy where have you been? People are looking for you! Mom is looking for you!

Gill: Come here…

Ana: Hey… What’s wrong?

Gill: Please help him.

Ana: Oh God. What is this?

Gill: Can you help him?

Ana: Maybe… But I didn’t bring a scissor. This trap is made of very strong rope. Why is this so hard?

Gill: I’ve tried opening it but failed.

Ana: Why don’t you just ask someone for help?

Gill: I’m afraid this dog would be taken by hunters. God, why are they so nasty?

Ana: That hunters from the village of Tutakhamun? They are unfriendly. Wait, it’s their trap. Moreover, if they come, how are you going to deal with them? You’re a coward. Right?

Gill: Shut up, now help me remove this.

Ana: You are trouble, kid.

Suddenly a group of people came.

Tutakhamun 1: Woi kai!

Ana: Oh no..

Tutakhamun 2: Wo keu wa wa ta mei mei ta kaw kaw maw maw

Ana: Do you understand him?

Gill: No

Ana: It looks like this will be a big problem! Um… can you speak English?

The Tutakhamun were silent. After that, one of them spoke to his friend

Tutakhamun 3: Nak mak nak kay mei Gogo.

Tutakhamun 1 and 4: Yey

Ana: Hey two people left.

Gill: Should we run away?

Ana: Then what about the dog?

Gill: Maybe they want to keep him.

Ana: You…

Tutakhamun 3: WAAAI

Ana: Okay… stay cool!

Not long after came another Tutakhamun

Gogo: Ni cai ma?

Tutakhamun 3: Nei tai nao juk Yukai key.

Ana: Hello you must be Gogo?

Gogo: You must be from the cross village?

Ana: Yes

Gogo: What are you doing here?

Ana: I was looking for this kid.

Gill: Hi!

Ana: …He hasn’t come home and his mother was worried. She asked me to look for him. Then I met him here, and see this. What is this? Did you do this?

Gogo: Yes

Ana: Why did you do it? This animal should be protected.

Gogo: Because this animal is the one who will save our citizens.

Ana: What do you mean?

Gogo: I do not need to explain it to you. You better go.

Gill: Okay… Let’s go. Thank you, Sir!

Ana: But…

At Gill’s home

Karmen: You little punk! You made me worry! Where have you been?

Gill: Awww

Karmen: Thank you very much, Ana. Are you thirsty? I’ll make you some tea.

Ana: Yes… Thank you

Karmen: Why do you look so sad?

Ana: I met them, The Tutakhamun.

Karmen: What? When looking for Gill?

Ana: Yes

Karmen: Well I’d love to see them. They rarely leave the house.

Ana: Why are you so eager to meet them? They are ruthless killers!

Karmen: You must see the dog trap.

Ana: How do you know it?

Karmen: Do not get it wrong. They will not eat the dog.

Ana: What do you mean?

Karmen: They will make the dog as their God. Funny, isn’t it?

Ana: What? Their God is a Dog?

Karmen: I do not understand, but it is so unique.

Ana: Unique? They are crazy. We should report this problem.

Karmen: Problems? What problem? I think we should not report it. We do not need to interfere with their activities. It is clear that the dog would be fine. They will protect him. The most important thing is that they believe that God exists. We have to respect them.

Ana: But…

Karmen: Instead of taking care of someone else, it’s better if you take care of your garden! Now go home!


Thank you to Sky Sucahyo, Viera Cattleya, and Achlisia Lestari Putri for proofreading and helping me with dramatization.

Word Count: 991

Link for Dramatization: will be sent later.

2 thoughts on “Believer: Radio Drama

  1. Actually I was curious the time I read the summary of this work. But honestly, I did know what was the connection between the title, the summary, and the plot itself. I hardly find the climax in this story, the story seemed just running flat. But, I appreciated the imagination and the idea of the story. Making a dog as God in a religion? That was unbelivably out of the box to have such an idea. The explanation about the religion should be longer, and the writer should put more detail about that. This could be an interesting story if the detail was there, indeed.

    Word count: 116


  2. I like how the story of the new religion is found. Usually a religion is introduced by someone or being shown how the ritual’s working but no, it’s found accidentally. The setting of place is also unique where the tribal, who I sense use Thailand language, live near by the rural people who is quite modern because they speak English. I think the climax of the story is when Ana thinks the dog is going to be sacrificed and The Tutakhamun don’t give any explanation about their catch. I also agree with the comment above me about dog as God is very unusual. I love the ending though that we don’t need to mind people’s problems while we have our own which still unsolved, it’s one of God’s teachings. So even though Ana don’t believe with The Tutakhamun’s God but she learns about his doctrine.

    (145 words)


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