BE(LIE)VE : A short prose


summary : This short story tells about somebody who steals her bestfriend’s writing ideas for her own benefits, starts from Nina who lost her book which she treasures—a book in which she writes her ideas, The book has been her loyal companion since high school, and has been kept as secret, No suspicion about who took her book, Not until Rani tells her that Tasya has won a short story writing competition.

Almost an hour Nina stayed in her room. With eyes wide open, staring at her laptop, with fingers dancing on the keyboard, typing replies for someone on Facebook. For a couple times, her thin lips formed simple smiles as the boy whom she chatting with tells her a joke. She did not feel like moving although the clock in her wall showed that it is already five past ten. At least a couple times for a week, Nina cut her bed time just to talk with him. Angga: How’s your study? Any probs?
Nina hisses, a mandatory question. Yes, she knew exactly what he was going to ask. And she already had a same old reply. Nina: It’s great. No probs. How’s yours?
Angga: Me too :D As clear as a highway.
Nina: A highway? Yeah, right.
For a couple moments, there was no reply. Nina could only stare at the screen with confusions. Maybe they were running out of topics after chatting for a while
Just as Nina started to type again, Angga’s profile showed is typing a new message. She stopped. Angga: Have you found your treasure, Na?
Nina almost choked reading that question. She remembered her little notebook which she had treasured. That book was where she put her every little thought and idea. It was missing since two months ago. It was not just an ordinary book. It had witnessed how Nina spent her time with her writings. Containing poems, short stories, and her rants, everything is there.
Without knowing why, Nina missed that book so much. That book had accompanied her since she was in high school. Until now, in her second year of college. That book was always with her before. And there was only a person who knew what was inside the book, what was inside the writings. There was only one person whom she trusted to share with. It was Rani, her friends in college. Altough Angga also knew about the book, he did not know what was inside. He only knew Nina’s hobby to write in that book, just as he had remembered from his time with her since high school. Angga: What is it? Why don’t you reply my message?
Hearing notification sound from her laptop speaker, and a new message from Angga, Nina trampled. Nina: Sorry. No, I haven’t found it yet.
Angga: Oh. But you didn’t stop writing, did you?
Nina: No, I didn’t. But I don’t write too often now, as there is also a lot of tasks that I need to finish.
Angga: Glad to hear that. I thought you’d quit writing because you lose your treasure book. That’d be a shame. You know, I thought you have it in you. You’re a good writer. Nina: Woah. Really?
Angga: Yes you are. I read your short stories in the schools’ bulletin board. That was cool.
Again, she smiled. That simple smile rose without her knowing. This was what she had been thinking for a while. She did not know why, every single support from Angga was something she always waited for. It was like having extra energy in her mind. Nina: Thank you, Ngga.
Angga: Just teach me how to write when I’m in Bandung, alright? Nina: Bandung? You’re coming here?
Angga: Right, I’ll be there soon, Na.
Nina: Wh…
Her fingers froze for a moment as she heard somebody opening her door. Nina turned her head and found a stranger standing on her doorway, blinking her eyes ridiculously. Nina rushed to minimize her chatbox with Angga straight away. While that stranger just giggled as she went into the room and sit on the bed.
“Whew, you don’t have to hide it, Na, I knew it. Hihi,” she said, commenting with suspicious eyes. “You knew what?”
“I knew you were chatting with Angga, right?” Her question made Nina sighed. “Then, ask him to come over. Don’t you miss your boyfriend?” “Yeah right, my boyfriend. Get real.”
“Oh so you’re not seein each other yet huh? Come on date him. So you won’t be lonely anymore. Haha”
Before commenting on Rani’s joke, Nina turned her sight to the laptop monitor again to reply Angga’s chat. NINA: I got to go with my dorm mate. Talk to you later, Ngga.
Without waiting his reply, Nina closed the chat and focused to the stranger in her room.
“Err, come on, Ran, stop it already. Now, tell me why do you come to my room this late. What happened?” She laughed. “Aw, you don’t need to be so rude, Na. I know you’re in love. Haha”
Nina wouldn’t respond to her joke and keeping it to herself. While Rani laughed even harder seeing Nina’s expression and blushing face. ∞
It was so hot. It was so hot that even the roof of the canteen building could not block the heat of Bandung’s sunny weather.
After her second class was over, Rani chose to sit in the college cafeteria while having her food, with Tasya, her classmate. While Nina, was not there, seeing her professor.
Accompanied by the buzzes of the students who were also enjoying their break, they sit in silent chewing their own foods. They utter a few word only for a couple times.
“Where’s Nina, Ran? Is she with Pak Agus?” Tasya asked after she put a spoonful of her food in her mouth.
Before answering, Rani gulped water from her glass. “She said Pak Agus asked her to help folks from Drama Club to work on their script. You know, Culture Week is about to come.” Tasya nodded. “Why did he asked Nina?”
“Ah, you know right. Nina is so fond of writing. What’s more, Nina submit her writings for college’s magazine, and people thought that her writings were great. That’s why they recommended her to Pak Agus.” Tasya choked hearing what Rani just said. She straightly gulped her water. “Swallow your food first before you start talking, you reckless.” Then she stared at Rani, and grinned. “I got bone stuck in my throat.” “Bone?” Rani was confused. “Hey, you know there’s no bone in meatballs.” “Uh right. I don’t know, there was something in my food”
Rani just shook her head.
There was no words from there on. While finishing their snacks, they sometimes turned their head to the stairs that lead to professor’s room. Then Nina came.
Just as Tasya finished her last bite, she was startled by a tall boy who came over her, smiling. Tasya raised her head confused by the boy.
“Congratulations, Sya.” Said that boy, making Tasya more confused. “I didn’t know that you are so good at writing.”
While Rani were as confused as her. What? Writing? Tasya? No way, she denied in her mind. “What do you mean, Mo?” Tasya asked for an explaination.
“You just won that competition right? In that publisher? I stumbled upon that announcement on the web yesterday.”
Tasya’s eyes open wide, while her mouth a gawked after Bimo said that. While for Rani, the perfect link on her eye brow tightened as she stared at Tasya beside her. She never knew that Tasya was interested in writing. She never even saw Tasya writing. And she could not believe Tasya had just won a writing competition.
But what she just said from Tasya, the most fashionable girl between the three of them, was denial. “You might be wrong, Mo.”
Bimo shook his head. “No way, Sya. I know exactly that was your name that I saw.”
“There might be other person with a same name,” she replied as she stood. “Nevermind, I’m checking my bill.”
Seeing Tasya’s back as she walked away, Rani and Bimo were just as confused. In Rani’s mind, she still could not believe that Tasya had won the competition, just like Bimo said. Although Tasya had denied that, but Bimo’s expression made her believe his words.

“Ah, Na, listen to me first,” there was a rant that made Nina continuously sighing because her friend forced her to listen.
Nina was forced to stop her routine, as a script writer. For a while she turned her chair where she was sitting, toward Rani with hands on her lap. “There’s nothing wrong, Tasya is a good writer.”
Rani shooked her head. “No way, Na. Since the first time we are together, I never saw her writing or reading anything. You never saw her writing too, right? In fact what she can do is hanging out. “Ran, come on. Your friend just won a competition.”
“I’d be happy for her if she really wrote her story, Na. I just…” “You’re being negative, Ran,” Nina interjects.
“My guts never fails.”
Nina immediately turned her chair, did not want to respond. Knowing Nina did not believe her, Rani took her cellphone in the pocket of her jeans and text somebody.
“Here it is,” she murmured as it vibrated, showing a reply. Immediately, Rani came over to Nina, taking the laptop before Nina stop her. “Bimo shared the link of the announcement through a mention on Twitter. Here, take a loot at Tasya’s name.”
It did not take a second after Rani took over her laptop, Nina popped her eyes seeing the name Tasya Kamelia in front of her, entitled the winner of short story competition held by a publisher.
“See, Na. It is almost impossible that this Tasya is Tasya that we know. It’s her,” Rani continued, responded by a confused stare from Nina. But without knowing, she smiled. “That’s big. Four million Rupiahs plus a certificate.” “That’s good for her, no? I’ll congratulate her.”
Rani was confused. “How can you be so happy? I smell something fishy here.”
Nina immediately closed the publisher’s website which showed the announcement, and replaced it with Microsoft Words, where she wrote her script. “Get over it, I don’t want to be suspicious to my own friend.”
Rani sighed while raising one of her eye brows, hearing what Nina said. Her heart can’t stand to uncover the truth, you’ll see, Na. I’ll show you that this is really wrong.

∞ Angga: Hey, Na. What’s up?
The boy sent a message through Facebook, turning Nina’s attention from Microsoft Words and stoping her afternoon routines. Immediately, her fingers dance on the keyboard, replying him. Nina: Hey. I’m typing my scripts. What about you?
Angga: I’m browsing the web. Aw, alright dear writer. Am I interrupting?
Nina: No. Not at all. Easy. I’m just writing for a play in my college. A few days ago I was asked to write it by one of my professors. Assisting the guys from drama club. Angga: Wow. That’s cool.
Nina: I don’t know. I don’t even think that I’m good at writing. My writings suck.
Angga: What actually sucks is the fact that you don’t know you’re a good writer. Nina: What do you mean?
Angga: It sucks. You know, your writings were regularly published in our bulletin board back when we were in high school. And our school mates said that your writings are cool. And now, your friends and professor, asked you to write a script. Isn’t it cool?
Nina: You know, what sucks is, if I were really that good, my writings would be in every bookstores or win competitions. But you know, I never were.
Angga: Then, you should show your writings to someone else sometimes. And let them think about it. Hmn. For example, I’m sure what you write on that treasure book are great writings. Maybe some of it would have a chance to be published or to win a competition.
Half true. Her heart unconsciously agreed to what Angga just said. If only she had a little bit more gut to show her ideas, if only she had not write for herself, and if only the book had not gone.
Nina: By the way, about winning a competition. My friend just won a competition for a publisher few days ago. Angga: Really? You see, now your friend beats you.
Nina: Hehe. Do you want to see it? Here’s the link.
Angga: Please…
After copying the link, and just as she would paste it to Angga’s chatbox, she saw something which distracted her. Curious. Nina checked that thing first before she handed the link to Angga.
Gulp. Nina was choked by her own saliva. Her eyes popped, and her mouth gawked. “This is…”
“Help me, Ran. Pleeaseee. I don’t understand this assignment,” said Tasya, pleading, as soon as she arrived in her dorm.
Rani sighed. “See, finish your assignment first, then you can go hangout. So you won’t be troubled like this.” “Come on, Ran. If only Nina weren’t busy with her script, I’d ask her instead.” “No!” Rani interjected her. “She’s to busy for that.”
“That’s why I ask you.”
Rani finally gave up. “Alright, alright,” she said, inviting a smile on Tasya’s face. “I’ll try to help you. But I won’t promise that I’ll help you again later.”
“Aye aye, Capt’n.” Tasya stood. “I’ll take a shower first, Ran. It was so hot outside”
After Tasya rushed to the bathroom and pulled the tower behind its door, Rani shooked her head in awe. Same old Tasya.
Immediately Rani went straight to Tasya’s desk, taking over the chair, and focusing herself on Tasya’s assignment on the laptop.
Accompanied by the water sound from the bathroom, Rani’s fingers danced as her mind every detail of the assignment. Knowing that Tasya would take her time in the bathroom, Rani understood that what Tasya really asked was to finish the assignment, not only to help. Luckily, the assignment was pretty easy for her. Rani did not take it hard. She thought this is the last time she did this. She would not do it again.
It did not take 20 minutes. Her fingers suddenly stopped as she saw something peculiar. She saw something in the drawer. She did not mean to be impolite. If it were not for this pink book, she would not dare to touch the drawer.
Her eyes popped as she saw a very familiar book, a book which were always in Nina’s drawer. “Isn’t it…” She could not stand not to take the book. She stared at it for a while. “How can it be here?”
Still curious, her eyes once again saw something peculiar. In that same drawer, there was a paper with special look. She took it too.
Her jaw dropped knowing that they were Nina’s treasure book and a certificate from the publisher with the name Tasya Kamelia embossed.
She froze for a moment. Until she was startled by the sound from the bathroom. The door was open. Immediately Rani put that things to where they were before. After that, she stared strangely to Tasya who just came out from the bathroom.
“Sya, I need to go to my room,” said Rani while Tasya was drying her haid with a towel. “Woah. You finished it already, Ran?”
“Nah, I just need to take my book. I’m a little bit confused,” she continued and rose, taking her bag and going out. “Be right back.”
Not giving a single thought about Tasya’s confused gaze, Rani rushed outside. She could not stand it anymore. She needed to make this thing straight.
“Na,” said Rani as she arrived in Nina’s room. “You need to come with me. Hurry.” Rani came over Nina who just froze in front of her laptop.
Knowing Nina did not respond, Rani insisted. “Come on, Na.” Rani reached Nina’s arm, while Nina seemed like holding back. “There’s a big problem, Na. You need to take care of this. Come on!” For Nina did not respond, Rani asked her once again. “Na?”
Slowly Nina raised her head, looking at Rani in sorrow. “Ran, take a look at this.”
Rani turned her eyes to the thing which Nina just showed. She was in rage. “You see, Tasya has crossed the line, Na.” “I… I…”
“Enough, now you better come with me. I have a proof that Tasya is the one who took your book, your ideas. We’ll give her a lesson.”
Nina still shut her mouth. But Rani’s hand were getting stronger, pulling her. Finally forcing her to go.
Just as they opened the door, they saw Tasya tinkering with her laptop. They went inside just like that, making Tasya almost shocked.
“What a shame, Sya. You don’t steal ideas from your friend!” Rani shouted before Tasya said anything. “You know, that book is Nina’s private thing. And you took it. And you stole her idea to win the competition. For yourself. You bloody thief!” Hearing that, Tasya denied. “What do you mean, Ran?”
“Show Nina that you took her book. Now!”
“What book?”
Knowing Tasya tried to deny, Rani took her own step, opening the drawer in which the book was stored. But Tasya hold her. “What are you doing, Ran?”
“Shut up,” said Rani while pushing her to the bed. Did not take a second, Rani showed the pink-covered book. “What is this?”
Nina shut her mouth, popped her eyes, seeing that book in Rani’s hand. The book where she used to write along.
Caught in hand, Tasya gave up. She looked at Nina with sorrow. She kneeled. “Na, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to steal your book and idea. I know I am wrong. Sorry.” Nina froze. Did not know how to respond to Tasya’s plea.
“I’m sorry Na. I have no other options. I needed money. I accidentaly read that book while I was in your room, and I thought your writings are great. I was to let you know that there was a writing competition, but seeing your short stories in that book, I changed my mind. I was sure that your short stories would win the competition. And I needed money. I’m sorry, Na. I betrayed you, our friendship. I was wrong,” she said, explaining with shaky intonation.
Of course you’re wrong. Don’t ever say the word friendship again. You don’t deserve to be called friend,” Rani replied angrily. “Come on, Na. She’s no longer our friend”
Rani pulled Nina again. With the book in her other hand. Nina could not say anything. While Tasya, she was about to cry. It was just about time for her to break down.

Thank you to : Abi syah putra and Rinaldy Fakri for correcting my grammar and proofreading my story. and also thanks to faia for help with the dramatization picture.

Reference : movie ‘The Social Network’

word count : 3.053

dramatization link :

2 thoughts on “BE(LIE)VE : A short prose

  1. 180410090141/B

    After reading this short story completely, I was interested in the setting you created, the characterization you built, and the conflict you set. The setting doesn’t take many places, even it supports completely the storyline understood well for the readers. In addition, the characterization you built is not far from daily friendship among people, especially in students’ life. I thought it’s good. And for the conflict, I saw it’s like a principle conflict among the contrast character of two students. I thought the conflict presented the personality problems in this story. For the evidence is Nina as a quite closed person, contrasted with Tasya as a fashionable woman. May be, if the conflict were more dramatically maintained, it would have been more interested. (123)


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