Bed, Boarding House, and My Dog: Flash Fictions


Summary: There are three (very) short stories about bed, boarding house, and a dog; each story has a “hidden” message, and probably you can guess it. J


1. Bed

Agus is entering his room, and suddenly he looks dumbfounded for seeing his bed is totally in mess. Anto, his roommate who was playing PlayStation when Agus came, gets up from his chair immediately and now he looks pretty nervous and shocked.

“Dude! What the hell just happened here? Why is my bed totally in mess like this? Damn it, I’m sure that you’ve done something disgusting on my bed, because who else is staying in this room besides you?”

“Ugh, forgive me, Gus. My girlfriend, Uti, came here about three hours ago. And we…” Anto’s words are interrupted.

“You Jerk, Anto!” Agus snapped on him, “I know what you’ve done with your bitchy partner, dude. I’m not that stupid, I can smell the scent of your nasty sperm here!”

Anto is now freezing; he cannot even blink his eyes. He stands stiffly in front of Agus.

“How dare you bring that goddamn slut here, To. Do you think that our dorm is a brothel?”

Anto is still acting like a stone. He bows his head, does not dare to look at Agus’s face.

“And why you did it on my bed? Why didn’t you use yours? You don’t want to hurt your palms by washing your bed sheet, right? Bastard!”

“For the sake of God, at first I want to clean up your bed, Gus, but you’re home earlier than I thought. Trust me!” Anto is begging.

Agus is now sighing and looking at Anto’s face sarcastically, and then he says:

“But, oh God, why-should-be-my-bed?”

“Because on your bed, I can smell the scent of your body, Gus. I can feel you.”

2. Boarding House

When I was going to sleep, I suddenly heard a woman screaming outside my room. I was spontaneously turning on the lights and went out from my room for seeing what was happening outside. Apparently, that screaming voice was coming out from the occupant who lives on the upstairs room; she yelled because she had seen a ghost, she said. Ridiculous, I thought. But indeed, many people believe that the boarding house where I live at now is a hideous house, but I do not really give a damn. I’ve lived here for 3 years, and I never feel anything wrong.

After that screaming-girl could control her emotions, I could only laugh and then left that silly girl alone. I went back into my room, turned on the light, and then hit my bed with my entire body to sleep in my cozy room. But right before I shut my eyes, I felt that something strange happened when I came back to my room. I thought about it and then I realized something, but I did not really care. Then, I tried to shut my eyes again.

3. My Dog

I love my dog so much; I will never let my dog to sleep outside my bedroom. I treat my lovely dog like I treat a human. I always let my dog to sleep upon my bed, and I like the way of my dog when it tries to wake me up: it loves to lick my feet—until yesterday. Yesterday, in the middle of the night, I felt that my dog was licking on my feet when I was sleeping, continuously. That is strange, I thought. My dog never licks my feet in the midnight and continuously like that. That was really disturbing and I opened my eyes, but I found that my dog was sleeping next to my waist. I could only put the “poker face” expression on my face, and then I tried to continue my sleep again.


Thank you to:

  • Anandyaz Anantama Nugraha. Thanks for giving me several inspirations when I tried to arrange these stories.
  • Mr. “KamenRideDragon”, the creator of a thread titled “Kumpulan Cerita yang Memiliki Makna Tersembunyi” in Kaskus.
  • The founder of


Word Count: (610)

Link for work dramatization: click here

2 thoughts on “Bed, Boarding House, and My Dog: Flash Fictions

  1. 180410120007/A

    Your short story which you created is very simple, but has a hidden meaning which would not be unthinkable by anyone else. For example, in the first text I get the hidden meaning the form of a homosexual couple. The second meaning is hidden in the text is about a lamp, before she goes to bed, she turned on the lights, but when she returned to her room and going to sleep, the lights were already turned off. Finally, in the third text are not her dogs that licked her feet. I can easily figure out the hidden meaning of the story, good job!, I love your short stories.

    Word count: 109.


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